Over the past few years, the range of chainsaws has expanded significantly and today users are offered a huge number of a wide variety of models that differ in appearance and technical characteristics. But among this large selection, it is easy for the buyer to get lost. To avoid this, consider which brand of chainsaw to choose and what characteristics you need to pay attention to first.

What brand of chainsaw to choose: a review of the best modern models

When choosing a chainsaw, you must take into account the intended purpose of the tool

What brand of chainsaw to choose: characteristics and features of models

When choosing a chainsaw for personal use, it is necessary to take into account a number of characteristics that are decisive for a device of this type. Here are the main ones:

  • device power;
For stable and efficient operation of the chainsaw, you must use high quality consumables

For stable and efficient operation of the chainsaw, you must use high quality consumables

  • the weight of the device (do not forget about the fuel tank, which will also increase the total weight);
  • the type of fuel that is required for the operation of the chainsaw;
  • the length of the bus (the main working element);
  • availability of protection and additional functions, for example, emergency target catcher, soft start.

Useful advice! If you plan to use your chainsaw quite often, it will be better if the device has vibration protection.

Chainsaw classification: features of the use of each type

Depending on the combination of all these characteristics, the devices were divided into classes. In order to understand which chainsaw to choose, you need to figure out which class this or that device belongs to.

Household chainsaws use much less fuel than professional chainsaws

Household chainsaws use much less fuel than professional chainsaws

Household chainsaws (entry level) - devices intended for home use. Such devices have the lowest engine power, and at the same time consume a small amount of fuel. In addition, they are characterized by their small size, which greatly facilitates storage and operation.

The main purpose of such a device is harvesting a small amount of firewood, cutting dry tree branches, and building small objects. As a rule, the length of the working part of a household chainsaw does not exceed 35 cm, and the engine power is not more than 2 kW.

Such a device is quite capable of coping with most everyday tasks, even if you have to make several approaches. The only drawback is the time of using such low-power devices. To avoid breakage, manufacturers recommend using them for no more than 1 hour a day.

Farm-grade chainsaw designed for daily and regular use

Farm-grade chainsaw designed for daily and regular use

Farm chainsaws (semi-professional level) - such devices can cope with more complex tasks than household ones. For example, they can be used to build a wooden house or prepare the amount of firewood needed for constant heating. The motor power of such devices ranges from 2-3 kW.

Unlike household appliances, semi-professional chainsaws are able to withstand significant loads, working 8-10 hours a day. The length of the bar in this case is 40-45 cm, so it will be easier to cut large diameter logs.
The main applications are deforestation, large-scale logging, and individual construction.

Useful advice!It is not worth buying a semi-professional chainsaw if there is no real need for it. This is due to the high cost of the tool and the possible unjustification of such serious expenses.

A professional-grade chainsaw designed for logging jobs

A professional-grade chainsaw designed for logging jobs

Professional chainsaws - tools that are designed for regular use in difficult conditions. Typically, such devices are used in sawmills to harvest wood on a large scale. For home use, such devices are not purchased.

To figure out which chainsaw is better, you need to consider the characteristics of all the most widely known models, paying attention to the advantages and disadvantages of each. Let's pay attention to the products of the most popular manufacturers, comparing their pricing policy and the quality of the products offered.

Chainsaws Calm: prices and specifications

You can buy a Stihl 180 chainsaw almost everywhere, because this particular model is one of the most popular among users. Its multifunctional design allows you to work quickly and safely, completing the assigned tasks in the shortest possible time.

The STIHL chainsaw is the best choice for working in the country and at home

The STIHL chainsaw is the best choice for working in the country and at home

Developed by German specialists, this chainsaw has taken one of the leading positions in the modern market and has become a worthy competitor to many modern devices in this category.

For all technical characteristics and price, the Stihl MS 180 chainsaw belongs to the class of household devices that are used for household use. For this reason, the device is quite lightweight and very easy to operate and maintain. One of its main features is a translucent fuel tank.

The model was developed and produced in two modifications, which differ from each other in the length of the working tire. In the first case 35 cm, and in the second - 40 cm. The power of the devices is the same. Also, in both versions, an automatic lubrication function and an inertial brake are available.

Useful advice!The inertial brake circuit makes the saw much safer and minimizes the risk of losing control of the device during the sawing process.

Household model of the STIHL MS 180 chainsaw

Household model of the STIHL MS 180 chainsaw

In addition, for the convenience of users, the developers have provided an anti-vibration system. This allows you to significantly reduce the load on the muscles and makes the use of the tool convenient even for inexperienced users. Among other technical characteristics, it is worth noting:

  • device power 1.5 kW / 2 hp;
  • fuel tank volume - 143 cm³;
  • chain pitch for the Stihl chainsaw 180 - 6.5 mm;
  • weight - 3.9 kg.

With all these characteristics, the price of the Stihl 180 chainsaw is 13 thousand rubles or 16 thousand rubles, depending on the modification. However, in addition to the basic configuration, it is permissible to purchase add-ons designed to make working with the device easier and more convenient. For example, the most common addition is considered a quick chain tensioning system for the Stihl chainsaw. This makes the adjustment easier and more convenient and quick.

In addition to the Stihl chainsaw chain adjuster, the developers have offered users another useful addition called ElastoStart. It minimizes the shock that often accompanies starting a two-stroke engine, thereby reducing stress on muscles and joints.

STIHL chainsaws are characterized by state-of-the-art performance, ease of use and excellent quality.

STIHL chainsaws are characterized by state-of-the-art performance, ease of use and superior quality.

Other models from the Stihl chainsaw catalog: prices and features

It goes without saying that the Shtil MC 180 chainsaw, the price and characteristics of which were considered earlier, is not the only product presented by this company. There are several other models that are worthy of attention and can be considered by users as an excellent purchase option. But whatever model you choose, it is worth adhering to some of the manufacturer's recommendations in order to extend the operational life of the tool:

  • at first after purchase, the device must be run-in. For this purpose, the chainsaw must be used at moderate power, not reaching the maximum level. This should be done before the third tank filling;
  • also, some spare parts for the Stihl chainsaw also require running-in. In particular, this applies to the chain, which in the first few uses should be tightened as often and as tightly as possible. After the chain has cooled, it must be loosened.

Useful advice!After using the chainsaw, the manufacturer recommends leaving the device idling for a few minutes in operating mode.

Chainsaw model STIHL 250, consumes a small amount of fuel at a fairly high power

Chainsaw model STIHL 250, consumes little fuel at a fairly high power

Having familiarized yourself with the main characteristics of the Stihl 180 chainsaw, prices, reviews and features, you will see that this is almost an ideal device for household use. Lightweight and easy to operate, this chainsaw allows you to work quite productively while providing the right level of operator comfort.

Among the semi-professional devices, it is worth noting the Shtil 250 chainsaw, which, with a fairly high power, is lightweight and economical in fuel consumption. An excellent anti-vibration system is provided for it, which allows the operator to be much less tired during work. With a rail length of 35 cm, the device does an excellent job of delimbing and preparing firewood. At the same time, the engine power is 2.3 kW, and the weight is only 4.6 kg.

Another development of this company, certainly worthy of attention, is the Stihl MS 660 chainsaw. Its price is much higher, since the device has a significant power (7.1 hp) and a considerable weight - 7.3 kg. The working tire is 63 cm long and the fuel tank can hold up to 0.85 liters of gasoline. Despite the high cost (over 70 thousand rubles), this device is also popular among users who need a powerful and reliable device.

Many users note the high quality and convenience when working with the powerful model of the STIHL MS 660 chainsaw.

Many users note the high quality and convenience when working with the powerful model of the STIHL MS 660 chainsaw.

Chainsaw maintenance Calm

Chainsaw maintenance is carried out by performing three simple steps:

  1. Checking the functionality of the device.
  2. Assessment of the quality of fastening of all parts and their tightness.
  3. Cleaning.

Within the framework of these points, it is necessary to regularly check the proper functioning of all shift and control levers, chain brake and carburetor. With regard to the quality of the fasteners, this mainly refers to the locations of the spark plugs and splines.It is also worth paying attention to the quality of oil for the Stihl chainsaw, since this affects the duration of its operation.

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All containers that are provided in the chainsaw are cleaned. This includes the fuel tank, air filter and oil compartment. At the same time, the frequency of such cleaning directly depends on the schedule of using the saw: if you use the device on a daily basis, then a brief inspection is best done after each use.
It is recommended to clean the fuel tank at least once a month, provided that you use the chainsaw regularly.

STIHL chainsaw device diagram

STIHL chainsaw device diagram

It is possible that after a certain period of operation, you will have to face malfunctions in the operation of the tool. Of course, when it comes to serious malfunctions, you need to seek professional help. But if you had to deal with the trivial wear and tear of spare parts, then in most cases you can purchase and replace them yourself. For example, the price of a chain for a chainsaw calm 180 ranges from 400-500 rubles. In addition, it is quite possible to replace the saw chain catcher or individual parts of the anti-vibration system with your own hands.

Chainsaws Echo: overview and specifications of the best models

When deciding which chainsaw to choose for a summer residence, it is worth paying attention to the products of the Japanese company Echo, which is a world-famous manufacturer of garden equipment and spare parts for it. The best advertisement for these products was their quality, which invariably pleases even the most demanding customers.

ECHO chainsaws have proven themselves among users, thanks to high-quality Japanese assembly and ease of use

ECHO chainsaws have proven themselves among users, thanks to high-quality Japanese assembly and ease of use.

Chainsaw Echo CS-353ES

One of the most popular chainsaws of this company is the CS-353ES model. Equipped with a two-stroke, single-cylinder engine, this saw is capable of handling even the most demanding tasks. And although the power of this device is not great (only 1.59 kW / 2.16 hp), the manufacturer claims that this is more than enough for home use.

Among other technical characteristics, the following should be noted:

  • the saw chain speed can reach 13500 rpm;
  • fuel consumption is 0.74 kg / h;
  • an automatic supply of oil to the chain is provided, although the operator cannot regulate this process;
  • a primer is available, as well as a manual starter equipped with an "Easy Start" system;
  • body weight without tire, oil and gasoline is 4 kg;
  • a silencer is provided to suppress noise.

In addition to high productivity, developers demand a high level of safety from their products, as evidenced by the presence of a protective shield between the chain and the handle. In case of touching it, the chainsaw is automatically turned off. In addition, a protective shield is provided on the rear of the case, in case any equipment breaks.

Chainsaw model Echo CS-353ES

Chainsaw model Echo CS-353ES

Useful advice! To extend the life of your chainsaw, you need to pay attention to what kind of gasoline you use to operate it. The presence of methyl alcohol in it is strictly not allowed, and it is also undesirable for its octane number to be less than 89.

It is very convenient to take care of the Echo CS-353ES chainsaw, since the manufacturer has provided an easy-to-open cover above the air filter. So all you have to do in case of clogging is to open the lid and clean it. Moreover, it is easy to adjust or replace the chain: for this purpose, a special screw is provided in the side of the housing.

The basic set of the Echo CS-353ES chainsaw includes a bar, a saw chain, a cover for protecting the bar, an instruction manual and self-repair, as well as some tools (two keys of different shapes and a small screwdriver).

One of the main advantages of the Echo chainsaw is the high level of operator protection when working with the device.

One of the main advantages of the Echo chainsaw is the high level of operator protection when working with the device.

Chainsaw Echo CS-350WES

Echo CS-350WES is a more powerful device, which can be practically classified as a semi-professional device, because in addition to harvesting firewood, it can be used to cut building materials. Intelligent weight distribution allows the operator to work comfortably without overloading the muscles.

The chainsaw is equipped with a two-stroke engine with a working volume of 35.8 cm³ and an air cooling function. At the same time, its power is 1.48 kW, and the chain rotation speed can reach 13,500 rpm.

For a comfortable and quick start, the chainsaw is equipped with an electronic CDI ignition and an “Easy Start” system with a timer. In addition, there is a special handle on the body designed to start the saw with a cold engine, which is responsible for adjusting the flap for supplying the air-fuel mixture to the carburetor. The supply of oil to the chain is carried out automatically with the ability to adjust its intensity. If you use the chainsaw at maximum power, then the fuel consumption will be 1.12 l / h.

The advantage of the Echo CS-350WES chainsaw is the Easy start function, thanks to which the recoil is almost invisible

The advantage of the Echo CS-350WES chainsaw is the "Easy start" function, thanks to which the recoil is almost invisible

Among the safety measures that were applied to this chainsaw, it is worth noting:

  • saw chain inertia brake;
  • protective shield in front of the handle;
  • blocker from accidentally pressing the gas trigger;
  • chain catcher;
  • rear handle guard;
  • a special cover designed to protect the operator from burns as a result of touching the muffler.

The chainsaw kit includes a saw bar and a cover for it, as well as a small screwdriver, a pair of keys (10x19 mm) and an instruction manual.

Useful advice! If there is a need to replace any part, it is best to purchase it directly from the manufacturer. Of course, original Japanese-made spare parts will cost you much more than, say, spare parts for Chinese chainsaws, but in this case you can be sure of the quality of your purchase.

Thanks to the heated carburetor, the Echo CS-350WES chainsaw can be operated even in winter

Thanks to the heated carburetor, the Echo CS-350WES chainsaw can be operated even in winter

How to choose and buy a Husqvarna chainsaw: an overview of models

Husqvarna chainsaws and spare parts for chainsaws have been in demand for a very long time, as the company began its activities in 1687. Today, this Swedish company is able to offer customers the best garden equipment, which is famous for its high quality and extremely wide range. Let's consider the main advantages and features of several of the best models that can be used for everyday tasks.

Husqvarna chainsaws have a number of advantages that allow them to occupy a leading position in the market. The manufacturer made sure that working with the device was not only productive, but also comfortable. Each new development must be tested on professional equipment and only after that it is included in the configuration of amateur-grade chainsaws. For example, among such developments of the company it is worth noting:

  • economical X-Torq engine that provides the lowest possible emissions into the atmosphere;
  • Auto Tune system for automatically tuning the carburetor to the loads that it receives during operation;
  • Air Injection - centrifugal air purification, which allows you to change the filter much less often;
    system for easy start of the device;
  • anti-vibration system Low Vib;
  • in addition to automatic oil supply, there is the possibility of additional injection through a special hole.
Husqvarna offers customers a wide range of Swedish chainsaws for domestic and professional use

Husqvarna offers customers a wide range of Swedish chainsaws for domestic and professional use

In addition to these technical characteristics, the advantage of using Husqvarna chainsaws is the presence of a large number of service centers where you can turn for help in case of a device malfunction. In addition, you can always purchase the necessary spare parts via the Internet, having received them by mail or by courier delivery.

Chainsaw models of the Husqvarna catalog: prices and characteristics

Chainsaw Husqvarna 236 is a household appliance, the length of the tire of which can be 35 or 40 cm. With less fuel consumption, this device also boasts less emission of combustion products into the atmosphere. The technical characteristics include a power of 1.4 kW / 1.9 hp. The saw weighs 4.6 kg, which allows you to comfortably prune trees in the garden and saw branches.

The volume of the fuel tank of 0.3 liters allows one hour of trouble-free operation of the chainsaw. The chain is lubricated with oil forcibly, however, it is also possible to inject with a syringe through a special hole.

Chainsaw Husqvarna 142 is a semi-professional tool that stands out from other models with a comfortable curved handle that provides a secure grip. This allows you to work comfortably with the device, even at a height. Among other benefits, users note:

  • the presence of a starting spring for easy starting;
  • small recoil in the process of sawing wood thanks to the chain inertial brake;
  • the weight is evenly distributed due to the separation of the fuel block and the engine, which reduces the level of vibration;
  • the presence of a forged three-section crankshaft increases the power of the device.
Chainsaw model Husqvarna 142

Chainsaw model Husqvarna 142

It is always difficult to work with a chainsaw at height, but this particular model is best suited for this. Most of the reviews about this device are positive and indicate that even after prolonged use for several hours, the hands practically do not get tired. However, some users note the fact that oil may leak from the reservoir when working at an angle.

Useful advice! Before using your chainsaw, be sure to read all safety instructions. For example, it is important to know that moving from one object to another with a working device is strictly prohibited. Before you start moving, you need to completely turn off the chainsaw and preferably put the device on a fuse.

Chainsaw Husqvarna 240 is a special model of the chainsaw, which, in addition to all the functions traditional for these devices, also has a special option - a broken chain catcher. Since it is this breakdown that most often causes injury to the operator, the manufacturer has done everything possible to eliminate this risk.

The Husqvarna 240 chainsaw is safer to use than other models as it has a broken chain catcher

The Husqvarna 240 chainsaw is safer to use than other models as it has a broken chain catcher

Also, it is worth noting the high level of power and performance of this chainsaw, which practically puts it on the same level with semi-professional devices. Moreover, the device is equipped with an effective noise and vibration suppression system.

Other models of Husqvarna chainsaws: prices and features

One of the lightest designs is the Husqvarna 135 chainsaw. The characteristics of this model are as follows:

  • weight - 4.4 kg excluding fuel and oil;
  • fuel tank volume - 0.37 l;
  • tire length from 36 to 38 cm;
  • the price is 13,990 rubles.

In addition, unlike other models, this chainsaw has a metal, rather than plastic, stop for cutting round logs. Reusable air filters are very easy to replace, and checking the condition of the candles is very easy thanks to the special cover.

Chainsaw model Husqvarna 135 has a metal stop for cutting round logs

Chainsaw model Husqvarna 135 has a metal stop for cutting round logs

Chainsaw Husqvarna 137 was introduced to the market more than 10 years ago as an amateur grade equipment. However, its powerful 2.2 hp engine. and a convenient ignition system with the "Easy Start" system allowed this model to bypass even some semi-professional models. The cost of this unit is 7400 rubles.

One of the features of this device - the chain for the Husqvarna 137 chainsaw should be used with the H30 brand with a link thickness of 1.3 cm.This model does not tolerate arbitrary handling and in order for it to function properly, several rules are considered mandatory at once:

  • it is important to correctly carry out the initial setting of the mechanism;
  • chain lubrication must be done at idle speed;
  • only a proprietary mixture can be poured into the carburetor.

Useful advice! Like many other models, this chainsaw requires a run-in, so it is not recommended to use it at maximum power for the first 10 hours of operation.

Husqvarna chainsaws are fuel efficient and have low emissions during operation

Husqvarna chainsaws are fuel efficient and have low emissions during operation

The Husqvarna 365 chainsaw is one of the lightest models developed by this company. Its weight is only 3.4 kg. At the same time, its crankcase, made of magnesium-aluminum alloy, copes well with even the most serious loads. And the forged compound crankshaft is so durable that it can regularly serve its owner for more than one year. The cost of this model is 36,990 rubles.

The service life of the device has been increased due to the use of the Air Injection system, designed for centrifugal air purification, which significantly reduces filter wear. In addition, the efficient LowVib vibration damping system was used for this model. The amount of oil supplied to the chain can be individually adjusted by the user, and the quick start system reduces the forces applied for this by 40%.

Useful advice!It is this model of a chainsaw that most often becomes a victim of Chinese fakes, so it is important to pay attention to the correct spelling of the brand and the accuracy of the image of the company's logo. In addition, the serial number plate must be made of metal and not any other material.

Chainsaw Husqvarna 365 is convenient for household use, because it is lightweight

Rating of the best chainsaws from other popular manufacturers

In addition to the devices of the most famous and popular companies considered before, you can find on sale the products of several more famous companies, which are famous for the high quality of their goods. Consider which chainsaw to choose in this case, and what features are typical for this or that model.

Features and price of the Makita DCS34 chainsaw

Many consumers recommend buying a Makita chainsaw, since it is one of the best budget options. With all the necessary functions, such as automatic chain lubrication, vibration absorption and an inertial brake, the cost of this device does not exceed 10 thousand rubles. High efficiency and ease of use are ensured by the presence of electronic ignition and the "Quick start" function.

Compact household chainsaw Makita DCS 34

Compact household chainsaw Makita DCS 34

The bar length of this saw is 35 cm, which is quite enough for pruning trees and other household chores in a small amount. In this case, the power of the device is 1.3 kW, which allows us to conclude that this device belongs to the household class. The weight of this chainsaw is 4.7 kg, despite the fact that the volume of the fuel tank is 0.37 liters, and the oil tank is 0.25 liters.

In addition to the device itself, the chainsaw kit includes a saw headset, as well as a combination wrench that can be used for maintenance of the unit.

Is it possible to buy a Ural chainsaw instead of foreign analogues

Looking through the catalog of Russian-made chainsaws, prices and characteristics, you will certainly find there a more powerful and lighter analogue of the legendary "Friendship".This device is difficult to classify as a household device, since with a weight of 11.7 kg and a motor power of 3.68 kW, it can cope with incredibly difficult tasks. Although we must admit that this requires a fair amount of skill from the operator.

Chainsaw Ural - the best choice for use both in the forest and at home

The Ural chainsaw is the best choice for use both in the forest and at home

The volume of the fuel tank is 2 liters, which also increases the weight of the device during use, however, it is worth noting some advantages, for example, the presence of an automatic chain lubrication function or the ability to turn the tire by 90 degrees.

Chainsaw Partner 350: price and device features

Those who are planning to buy a Partner 350 chainsaw probably know that this company is a subsidiary of the popular European company Husqvarna. Specializing in the production of amateur and semi-professional equipment, the Partner is known for the high quality of its products.

Initially, the prescribed tire size is 40 cm, however, some users install themselves on a chainsaw and 45 cm. The price of the Partner 350 chainsaw is relatively low - from 7.5 to 9 thousand rubles, depending on the store where you make the purchase.

Of course, Partner 350 is inferior to devices of more famous companies, and is rather a competitor for models produced by Champion and Hitachi, since spare parts for the Partner 350 chainsaw are initially of lower quality. Among the disadvantages of this device, users note not very convenient access to the air filter, as well as the absence of a sight glass for visual assessment of the oil level in the tank. This significantly complicates the process of troubleshooting the Partner 350 chainsaw and eliminating them.

Chainsaw Partner 350 is equipped with automatic lubrication of the chain

Chainsaw Partner 350 is equipped with automatic lubrication of the chain

Another important aspect that requires attention is the preparation of the fuel mixture. The proportions of oil and gasoline for a chainsaw should be as follows - for 5 liters of gasoline you need to add 100 grams of oil, that is, 1:50. Accordingly, the ratio of gasoline and oil for a chainsaw, provided that 1 liter of fuel is diluted, it will be 20/1 gram / liter.

Chainsaws Champion: owner reviews and device cost

If you read the reviews, which chainsaw is better to buy for the home, then quite often you can also find some models of the Champion brand. Most of the models belong to the price category up to 10 thousand rubles, and the cost of some models does not exceed 6 thousand rubles at all. For example, the price of the popular chainsaw Champion 250 is 7150 rubles, and Champion 137 is 5400 rubles.

Among the technical characteristics of these models, it is worth noting a high level of noise reduction and the presence of a chain brake. A 2.2 kW motor is provided for the Champion 250 model, and 1.5 kW for the Champion 137. Among the shortcomings can be noted the lack of an anti-vibration system in both the first and second options.

Chainsaws Champion have won a special place among users, thanks to their low noise level during operation and high safety standards

Chainsaws Champion have won a special place among users, thanks to their low noise level during operation and high safety standards

According to reviews, the technical characteristics of such chainsaws fully meet all the requirements, providing an adequate level of safety, although they cannot boast of very high power or productivity. With its advantages, this option is suitable for simple tasks that are not associated with serious loads.

“The champion is in no way inferior to the advertised brands. I got it 1.5 years ago and I'm very satisfied. And although there were some minor problems with the oil leaking, we managed to solve it very quickly and inexpensively. "

Semyon Timchenko, Saratov

"A great saw that can handle everything, but also uses a lot of gas."

Sergey Sukhoparov, Omsk

In order to understand how to choose a chainsaw for price and quality, you should consider as many models as possible, their characteristics, features, as well as user reviews, which can often note the practical aspects of use.But in any case, each of the models considered is worthy of attention, and you just have to decide on your requirements and financial capabilities.