In an effort to create favorable conditions for their child for a sound and restful sleep, many parents install soft sides and a canopy on the crib. In stores, these sets are usually offered complete with a berth. Such an acquisition may not always be successful, especially if it stands out from the overall interior design. This article will help you choose the best option for a fabric canopy or make it yourself.

Canopy on a crib: how to create a fabulous atmosphere in the room
The canopy over the children's bed is not only a useful detail, but also an addition to the design of the room

Do I need a canopy on a crib: all the pros and cons of using it

The feasibility of using a canopy in a children's room worries many parents. Opinions about the need for a fabric canopy over the crib differ greatly. Some parents consider the canopy solely as a collection of dust, while others leave positive feedback on the forums and describe all the benefits of such an acquisition.

The canopy above the bed has many positive aspects
The canopy above the bed has many positive aspects

Interesting fact! The canopies were invented by the ancient Persians, after which they migrated to Europe, where they were used outdoors as protection from the heat of the day. It was only later that awnings began to be used indoors to protect them from prying eyes.

Truth and fiction about canopy beds in the children's bedroom

Common opinions and misconceptions about the use of canopies for a crib:

If an air conditioner is placed in the nursery, then a canopy is required
If an air conditioner is placed in the nursery, then a canopy is required
  1. The canopy performs an exclusively decorative function. The fabric canopy over the crib really looks very attractive. A beautiful interior evokes aesthetic pleasure for adults and children and creates comfort, however, this is not the only purpose of the product.
  2. The comfort of an infant largely depends on the presence of a canopy.A newborn child is surrounded from all sides by extraneous sounds, movements and bright colors. In such an environment, the child can experience stress. Buying a canopy for a newborn completely solves this problem, because the thinnest curtain creates a secluded corner for the baby, protecting him from everything unfamiliar and alien.
  3. The fabric canopy helps you fall asleep quickly. If the crib is in a room with a TV or computer, lights and sounds can distract the baby. The canopy darkens the sleeping place (especially when it comes to models made of dense fabrics), thanks to which the child falls asleep peacefully.
  4. The canopy collects dust. This statement is true, as well as the fact that dust particles settle on all objects in the room. This problem can be effectively dealt with by timely cleaning the child's room. The veil over the bed protects the sleeping area from unnecessary dirt. To maintain hygiene, it is sufficient to wash the curtains once a week.
  5. The canopy is able to protect the child from the heat. Indeed, a thin curtain serves as an additional barrier, protecting the baby from the summer heat and midges.
  6. Fabric curtains are breathable. In fact, this statement only partially applies only to those baby bed curtains that are made of dense fabrics. Such materials protect the child from drafts, but it cannot be said that air does not penetrate through them at all. As for thin curtains, such materials do not create any obstacles to the free circulation of air flows.
The canopy in the nursery can be styled to match the concept of the room
The canopy in the nursery can be styled to match the concept of the room

Important! If a split system is installed in the children's room, then the presence of a canopy over the bed is required. In this case, the fabric canopy must be made of a very dense material, otherwise the child will constantly catch cold.

Canopy for a crib: is it really necessary

If we compare all the pros and cons, then in most cases the advantage remains with the installation of the canopy. Like any other piece of furniture, a fabric canopy has advantages and disadvantages. Comparing all the pros and cons of such products, you can come to the final conclusion.

A table containing information on the advantages and disadvantages of children's canopies:

pros Minuses
Protects your baby crib from street dust and dirt, pollen, and pet hair Dust collects and accumulates on the fabric. If the canopy is not washed in a timely manner, the child may develop an allergy.
The canopy on the baby bed protects the baby from the bright rays of the sun, as well as from artificial lighting in the room, which can disrupt the baby's sleep
Most of the canopy for newborns when unfolded completely covers the bed, providing protection from drafts and cold air currents that are formed by the air conditioner operating in the room If the installation of the canopy mount on the crib is not done correctly, there is a risk that the canopy will fall and cause fear in the child. In addition, children constantly pull the curtains, so the canopy is installed so that the fabric is out of reach of the baby.
The canopy is an aesthetically pleasing element of the interior. This aspect is just as important as the other qualities of awnings. The curtains above the crib impair the view, so from some corners of the room the baby will not be visible
The fabric veil keeps out flies and blood-sucking insects. This benefit is especially true for people living in hot climates.


Design options for a crib: types and photos of canopies

The existing types of canopies designed for a children's room can be conditionally divided into several groups.

Products are classified according to the following criteria:

Bed canopies are characterized by a wide variety of types
Bed canopies are characterized by a wide variety of types
  1. By type of placement - depending on the design of the canopy holder on the crib, the canopy can be installed on the ceiling (tent-shaped structures are intended for newborns), above the headboard (option for young children) or along the perimeter (universal awnings for children of all ages).
  2. By the length of the fabric curtain, there are canopies that reach the middle of the bed or to its edge, short products, as well as awnings in the floor, which provide protection from drafts.
  3. By type of design - this category of products includes decorative mini-canopies, curtains in the form of a sail, canopies that are placed above the bed on a special ledge, as well as royal versions fixed on four supports.
Products are classified according to length, type of construction and type of placement.
Products are classified according to length, type of construction and type of placement.

Helpful advice! To prevent the child from getting bored with the monotonous design, you can purchase several canopies and update the appearance of the crib from time to time.

Types of Crib Canopy Holders

In the process of choosing a fabric canopy, parents face the question of how to hang a canopy on a crib. The stores offer a wide range of products, and each model has its own type of fastening:

  • cornice;
  • crown;
  • beam;
  • arc;
  • hooks;
  • frame in the form of a rack.
The crown-shaped canopy holder is suitable for a classic nursery
The crown-shaped canopy holder is suitable for a classic nursery

The curtain rods for canopies look like crossbars, similar to those used for hanging ordinary curtains. These mounts can be located in different areas of the bed.

How is a canopy attached to a crib with a cornice? There are several ways to do this:

  • along the edges of the crib;
  • across;
  • around the perimeter;
  • in the U-shaped zone.
The method of attaching the canopy with the help of a cornice is convenient and reliable
The method of attaching the canopy with the help of a cornice is convenient and reliable

Curtain rods greatly facilitate and simplify the process of closing / opening curtains. Moreover, such models are equipped with different control mechanisms that allow you to control the position of textile elements. Such mechanisms include French and Austrian scallops, eyelet rings, etc.

A bar mount is installed along the center line of the bed. The fabric thrown over it forms the letter "L". This solution is considered to be the simplest and most convenient. Moreover, at home, you can easily make such a mount for a newborn's crib with your own hands.

The crown is an improved version of the ring. Only in this case, instead of a circle, a wreath or diadem with lush decor is used. As for the arc, this mounting option has a semi-oval shape and is fixed on the wall. The product is mounted so that its protrusion looks outward. Cloth drapery is used exclusively for decorating the headboard and has no protective function.

Canopy ceiling holders create a lightweight and weightless look
Canopy ceiling holders create a lightweight and weightless look

The frame-rack belongs to the monumental design options. In this case, the top of the crib is covered with a cover. The remaining fabric is used to drape the column legs installed at the corners of the berth. The rack frame allows you to create a noble design and is often part of the bed structure.

The most popular mounts are the crib canopy brackets. They are easy to install, dismantle and, if desired, can be moved to another place. The holder brackets are universal and fit all cots.

Hooks are used to fix the fabric veil to the ceiling. For this, there is a special loop on the canopy.

With a frame version of the bed, the canopy can be thrown from above or hung on the crossbars
With a frame version of the bed, the canopy can be thrown from above or hung on the crossbars

Important! It is not recommended to pull the fabric of the canopy as the loop can be easily torn off.

Types of canopies for a crib: photo of curtains of different lengths

The canopies with long floor-length curtains are designed to keep out drafts.In addition, they dim and diffuse bright lighting. Sometimes the use of products of this size is accompanied by certain inconveniences. The fact is that babies need to be handled often, while long curtains will constantly interfere. Material on long canopies can get tangled under the crib wheels. As a result, puffs and tears appear on the fabric.

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There are canopies for a crib that overlap the edge or reach the middle of the mattress. This curtain size is considered optimal. With such a canopy length, the cradle with the baby can be safely rocked without fear that the material will fall under the wheels. The weightless curtains will smoothly follow the crib, creating a slight refreshing breeze.

The short cot shelters do not impede natural air circulation. They do not block the view of the room, so that the child feels freedom and can observe what is happening in the room.

Note! The shortened version of the canopy is used for decorative purposes only. He is not able to protect the child from the negative influence of external factors.

Where to install a canopy bed for a newborn

The choice of fasteners for a canopy for a crib largely depends on the design and size of the room. The fabric canopy should not stand out from the general background and overload the interior. Most often, the baby's cradle is placed near the parent's bed, so that it is more convenient to monitor the child's actions during the game or monitor his well-being during sleep.

If the parents' bed is in the middle of the room, it is better to use a carrycot on wheels instead of a crib. This mobile version of the bed is easy to use. The carrycot is easy to move and can be positioned next to the mother. In this case, you should use a canopy, which is fixed to the headboard. This allows the carrycot to be installed on either side of the bed.

If there is enough space in the house, a separate room can be allocated for the baby's bedroom. In this case, it does not matter how to fix the canopy on the crib, because the range of design solutions is significantly expanding. However, there are limitations.

A canopy newborn crib is not recommended to be placed close to a window or a battery
A canopy newborn crib is not recommended to be placed close to a window or a battery

The bed must not be placed:

  • in places where it will be overheated by the sun;
  • near the battery;
  • near the window;
  • in potentially hazardous areas;
  • in places where there are drafts.

The optimal area for installing a baby cot is the walls facing the windows.

How to choose a material for a canopy on a crib

Tulle is mainly used for the manufacture of children's canopies. This type of fabric does not need difficult maintenance, it is very lightweight and breathable. If you need sun protection, tulle curtains will not work. For these purposes, it is better to purchase a canopy made of cotton, linen or satin.

The material for the canopy must be natural and breathable
The material for the canopy must be natural and breathable

Organza has excellent characteristics. This material does not interfere with natural air circulation, has excellent decorative qualities and is easy to maintain. Organza wears well. This fabric dries quickly and does not need to be ironed.

Sometimes parents use double canopies. One canopy in this case is made of light fabric, and the second is made of dense. Sheds made of dense fabrics are most often used as a decorative addition.

It is advisable to avoid heavy satin and velvet materials in the nursery. Such fabrics quickly accumulate dust and need careful care.Synthetic materials are also not the best option. These canopies are available for sale in a huge variety of colors and models, but they are poorly breathable and form a greenhouse effect. In addition, many babies are allergic to synthetic products.

Beautiful design of canopy beds for girls

Most often, parents of little girls decorate the nursery in the "princess" style. This design is based on the use of pink tones. According to psychologists, when choosing a canopy for a crib, one should give preference to fabrics of light shades. Excessively bright colors can be overwhelming and annoying.

A universal version of a canopy over the bed for a girl is a canopy made of translucent white fabric. These curtains wrap the bed beautifully and form slight folds. If the room has a wall-mounted canopy, it can be decorated to match the bedspread on the bed or the color of the curtains.

Important! You should not choose a bright-colored canopy for the nursery, especially if it completely covers the sleeping place. The child will feel uncomfortable as the canopy will create the feeling of a closed space. Moreover, bright and rich colors stimulate the activity of the baby, so it will be difficult for him to fall asleep.

Most often, the canopies in the girl's bedroom have light colors and a light texture.
Most often, the canopies in the girl's bedroom have light colors and a light texture.

Traditional colors for girls:

  • pastel;
  • pink;
  • lilac;
  • peach;
  • lilac.

Unlike boys, who only need a canopy at an early age (before kindergarten), girls can sleep under a canopy much longer. These beds are popular with schoolgirls, including teenagers. The choice of a canopy on a bed for a teenage girl should primarily be based on her taste preferences.

The color palette expands, although the following shades remain dominant:

  • white;
  • pink;
  • beige;
  • Violet;
  • pistachio.

Design and photos of baby cots with a canopy for boys

It is much more difficult to choose a canopy for a boy's nursery. Many people prefer blue and blue colors. Although a green palette is also suitable for these purposes, the main thing is that the tones are cold. These shades bring freshness and harmony to the design of the room. Light green curtains will soothe your baby.

Brown, blue and green shades are suitable for canopies in the boy's room.
Brown, blue and green shades are suitable for canopies in the boy's room.

In order not to experience difficulties with the choice of a canopy in a baby cot for a boy, you can choose a universal color scheme, for example, pastel or white (milky). Orange and yellow are also suitable. Cream and beige curtains look attractive in the interior of a boy's bedroom. To accentuate the gender of the child, such awnings can be supplemented with toys, for example, a boat, a rocket, a toy car.

Sometimes the canopy is used to decorate a child's boy and in adolescence. In this case, the child can independently choose the design and color of the canopy.

The following topics are always in demand:

  • marine;
  • space;
  • geometric patterns;
  • cartoon characters.

So that the design of the nursery for the boy does not look girlish, you can install a canopy in the shape of a ship's sail. A good option would be curtains made of camouflage mesh.

Buying a canopy for a crib: product prices

The cost of a canopy depends on many factors. These include the material of manufacture and the length of the curtains, the equipment (the number of elements in the set), the type of canopy structure and the mounting option. Buying a canopy made of cotton fabric will cost about 1,000 rubles. The price of silk, organza and linen products will be slightly higher, as well as the cost of sets.

The canopy set may additionally include:

  • lambrequins;
  • ruffles;
  • soft sides;
  • storage pockets;
  • decorative soft pendants;
  • bows;
  • a complete set of bed linen.
A canopy with all the necessary parts in the kit can cost up to 10 thousand rubles
A canopy with all the necessary parts in the kit can cost up to 10 thousand rubles

The cost of the kits varies from 1.8 to 10 thousand rubles. Expensive fabrics, laces, ribbons, beautiful prints, which can be personalized, are used to make elite sets.

Note! Before buying a canopy, you need to make sure that the mount is available. Most often, the bracket is not included in the kit. In this case, you will have to buy it separately.

The bracket itself is inexpensive. The price of the floor version is about 400 rubles, and the bedside mount type will cost about 300 rubles. If you wish, you can sew a canopy for a crib with your own hands and not only save money, but also create a canopy that will fully meet personal requirements and tastes. To do this, you just need to buy all the materials necessary for the work and make a little effort.

How to sew a canopy on a crib with your own hands: patterns and step-by-step instructions

Most often, the canopy consists of two pieces of fabric that are worn over the holder ring. The pole mount itself is installed on the crib. This design is very easy to use. There is no need to think long about how to attach the canopy to the crib, since the location of the canopy can be changed if necessary. At the same time, access to the crib is preserved, as well as protection from bright light from all directions.

There are other canopy options. Some items are made from a solid piece of fabric. Sometimes curtains are made of several elements in the form of wide ribbons. In this case, they flow beautifully around the crib. Regardless of the design chosen, most awnings are made in the same way. The patterns of canopies for a crib mainly differ only in size.

Do-it-yourself pattern for making a canopy for a crib

The pattern should correspond to the size of the future canopy. For work, you need a large paper sheet. For these purposes, you can use an old newspaper. The size of standard models of canopies is 1.5x1.2 m.If the finished product has folds, it is necessary to increase the size of the fabric cut to 2x3 m.When creating a pattern, do not forget about seam allowances, so you must add 1-1.5 cm on each side.

Canopy pattern with dimensions for a newborn's crib
Canopy pattern with dimensions for a newborn's crib

The pattern can fully correspond to the size of the finished canopy, or it can be half. The halves of the pattern should be the same. Moreover, one of them is a mirror image of the other.

Helpful advice! For drawing lines on paper, it is better to use a pencil with a soft lead. Thanks to this, the marking of the canopy details will be clearly delineated.

You can get the parts necessary for making a canopy in different ways. In the first case, a paper pattern is applied to the material and outlined with a special marker, chalk or a piece of soap. It remains only to walk with sharp scissors along the marking lines. In the second case, the paper pattern is pinned to the material with pins, after which the excess fabric is carefully cut off.

When cutting out a product, it is very important to do everything right. Any mistake and extra incision off the line can ruin the appearance of the canopy. As a rule, children's awnings have a skirt. The maximum length of this decorative element is 60 cm.If the skirt is not provided in the canopy, add 10 cm on top.

Making a canopy for a crib with your own hands

To make a canopy with a short decorative skirt, you need a strip of fabric of large width. It must be folded in half and connected to the main part of the canopy. In the process of sewing these elements, you need to unfold the fabric so that neat folds are formed.You need to distribute the material evenly so that the finished product looks beautiful. To make a skirt, you can use a different type of fabric or material of a different color. Thanks to this, the canopy will look more interesting and original.

Next, you need to iron the fabric. This is done so that the seam where the main part is attached becomes closer to the top edge. Then it needs to be sewn on both sides. A distance is left between the lines so that you can thread the fasteners before installing the canopy on the cot. The skirt is about 10-15 cm wide, and its length can vary from 45-60 cm.

Then the fastener ring is threaded through this seam and secured. For this, ribbons or special ties can be used. In its finished form, such a canopy looks very attractive.

A canopy for a nursery can be sewn with your own hands on a sewing machine
A canopy for a nursery can be sewn with your own hands on a sewing machine

How to sew a canopy for a crib with a long skirt? You need to do the following:

  1. To make a skirt, a fabric folded in half is taken. When finished, the size of this element will be 42x138 cm.
  2. The main part of the canopy is sewn strictly in the middle. In this case, the line should not reach the upper edge by 25 cm. A cut is made in this area, and its edges are trimmed with a border.
  3. The main part of the canopy and the skirt must be connected by first bending the upper edge. The size of the fold is 12 cm. In the process, it is imperative to monitor the accurate distribution of folds.
  4. A double stitching is made on the crown so that you can put the canopy on the crib. As a rule, the first seam is made 8 cm from the top edge, and the second is 4 cm apart. The space between them is for the ring on the bracket.

Important! If the canopy is decorated with lace, it is sewn on before the skirt is connected to the main part.

How to assemble a canopy for a crib and fix it

If the canopy is made independently, the question arises of how to hang a canopy on a crib. For this, you can use the holding bracket. Such products are sold in specialized children's stores and are an aluminum tube curved at the top and equipped with a metal loop (ring).

To properly fix the canopy on the crib, you must:

  1. Determine the side of the bed where the structure will be fixed. It is better if it is a side, not a headboard.
  2. Put the canopy itself on the holder ring. For this, the material is put on a looped mustache, after which it is distributed in even folds.
  3. With a screw, the bracket is firmly fixed to the crib.
The canopy over the children's bed can be hung using the large hoop
The canopy over the children's bed can be hung using the large hoop

The fastener can be made independently on the basis of a very thick wire. It curls in the shape of the letter "P" or a circle. Then a hollow tube is fixed to the side of the crib, where the wire is inserted along with the canopy put on. All parts of the homemade mount must be securely fixed. You can also use other attachments to install the canopy, such as a large hoop that hangs from the ceiling hook.

If there is a desire to make the child's room more comfortable, and the bed comfortable, then purchasing and installing a canopy will be a good decision. The main thing is to study all the nuances in order to make the right choice.