The armchair-bed without armrests is a popular piece of furniture in modern interiors, decorated in different styles: from minimalism to art deco. The main advantage of this piece of furniture is its compactness, so it will perfectly fit into the smallest room. A variety of models allows you to choose the most suitable option, and convenient transformation mechanisms make it possible to easily and quickly turn a cozy armchair into a comfortable sleeping place.

Armchair-bed without armrests: ideal ergonomics

The armchair bed is perfect for a small apartment

Folding chair-bed with and without armrests: comparative characteristics

The tandem of an armchair and a bed in one piece appeared in the last century. Its main task is the rational use of space in small apartments and hostels. It is thanks to the ergonomics that the great popularity of such a piece of furniture is explained. Chair-beds are divided into two types - models with and without armrests. It should be noted, however, that models without armrests are more popular. If you analyze the furniture market, then these are the chairs that are the sales leaders.

It will be more comfortable to sleep on a chair without armrests, in addition, it looks more concise.

It will be more comfortable to sleep on a chair without armrests, in addition, it looks more concise.

Fans of the classics and adherents of traditions, of course, will give preference to an imposing chair with armrests, considering this model more comfortable. If you plunge into the depths of this issue, having studied all the pros and cons, you can come to the conclusion that armrests are not at all necessary for the chair, and sometimes they are even unnecessary. At the same time, the disadvantages are both practical and aesthetic.

A chair with armrests is less compact, furniture looks more bulky, and its presence in the interior becomes dominant and sometimes intrusive. At the same time, a narrower armchair-bed without armrests is much more compact and fits perfectly into almost any interior.

Armrests on armchairs "hide" on average from 10 to 30 cm of space, both external and internal, that is, the berth decreases slightly. It is inconvenient to sleep on narrow furniture, moreover, the sides obstruct the view, and such "blinkers" create psychological and physical discomfort.In addition, the folded chair without sidewalls has a wider operating radius - up to 180º, so you can sit in it from any side, except for the back.

Useful advice! If the installation of the chair is supposed to be in the nursery (for the child's sleep), then it is definitely better to give preference to the model with armrests - for safety reasons.

The folding chair with armrests is large

The folding chair with armrests is large

Advantages of a folding chair without armrests

The armchair without armrests has many advantages. Several of them were discussed above, but this is not all. The main ones are compactness and ergonomics. The absence of armrests allows the chair to be installed in any corner, but this in no way affects the ability to sit comfortably in it.

Nowadays, furniture sets are quite popular, where a sofa without armrests is sold together with an armchair. Photos of such sets can be found a lot in furniture catalogs and on specialized sites. If you put these two items side by side, you get a wide and comfortable double bed.

The absence of side supports significantly reduces the weight of the furniture, by about a quarter, so the chair is much easier to move and carry. It is easier to choose covers for such furniture, and having basic sewing skills, it is easy and quick to sew them yourself. The presence of a cover, as you know, will increase the service life of furniture several times. With it, you can quickly make changes to the interior.

The armchair-bed without armrests is compact and lightweight

The armchair-bed without armrests is compact and lightweight

An armchair or sofa without sidewalls is considered safer when folded, therefore they are often purchased in children's rooms, which reduces the incidence of injury among the small inhabitants of an apartment or house.

The advantages of a chair bed also include the following characteristics:

  • fast transformation of the chair into a sleeping place;
  • availability of extra bed for sleeping;
  • stylish and modern appearance.

Disadvantages of a folding chair without armrests

There are also certain disadvantages to armchairs without armrests, in particular if the furniture is used for sleeping children. From a small chair-bed without armrests in the unfolded state, a child can simply fall. The unpleasantness of waking up on the floor can also happen with adults who toss and turn heavily in their sleep.

Personal preferences should also be considered, not just fashion trends. For example, for those who like to sit comfortably on an armchair with a laptop, this model is not the best option if there is no convenient coffee table nearby.

A folding chair without sidewalls has not only advantages but also disadvantages

A folding chair without sidewalls has not only advantages but also disadvantages

Another disadvantage is the structure of the mechanism. Usually, for furniture without armrests, it breaks down much faster, since the side supports help to strengthen the structure. Furniture without armrests may not fit into every interior. For example, for a classic style, it is better to choose products of the standard type.

On a chair without armrests, the bed cannot be fixed either, as a result of which the mattress and other bedding will simply move out during sleep. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account this feature and buy sheets with fixing elastic bands.

Useful advice! The appearance of a chair without armrests can be quickly changed, if desired, by replacing the cover, which is much easier to sew than a cover for a chair with sidewalls.

Chair-bed without armrests: types and modifications

Despite the absence of armrests, the range of such chairs is quite wide. Species diversity depends on the type of transformation or on additional functions. Quite often, such furniture is distinguished by the presence of a drawer. A chair-bed without armrests with a drawer will be especially relevant for one-room apartments or housing with a small area.The depth of the drawer most often ranges from 15 to 20 cm, so the furniture itself is not very bulky.

First of all, chair beds are distinguished by a transformation mechanism

First of all, chair beds are distinguished by a transformation mechanism

The only difference from conventional models is the height. Due to the presence of a drawer at the bottom of the furniture, such products are slightly higher than the rest of the chairs. At the same time, the volume of the box itself makes it possible to put the entire set of bedding in it, including a warm blanket and a large pillow. The armchair-bed with a box for linen is mainly equipped with a telescopic or roll-out mechanism, but they can also be found in the devices "Eurobook" and "Accordion".

As for the classification by the type of roll-out mechanism, the folding chair-beds without armrests are divided into types:

  • Eurobook models, which are considered the most reliable;
  • a product with a Dolphin roll-out system is a more complicated version.

According to the principle of unfolding, armchairs and sofa beds without armrests are also divided into two types:

Folding chairs can have such transformation mechanisms: Dolphin, Eurobook, Click-gag, Accordion

Folding chairs can have such transformation mechanisms: "Dolphin", "Eurobook", "Click-Klyak", "Accordion"

  • the "Accordion" system is a three-section transformation mechanism, where the sections have a serial connection, resembling an accordion;
  • the "Click-gag" mechanism, in comparison with the "Accordion" chair, is more complicated, although it has remained quite popular for the last half century, since the device itself has been tested by time and is considered more reliable.

Armchairs and sofas roll-out without armrests: design and application

Withdrawable and sliding mechanisms have their own characteristics. To make the right choice, you need to consider each of them. The roll-out mechanism assumes the presence of a block on wheels under the seat of a sofa or chair, which moves forward thanks to a special loop-strap.

The seat of the armchair of the Eurobook roll-out system is equipped with wheels that simply slide forward, and the back is located in the resulting empty space by lowering or removing it. Due to this simplicity of design, roll-out chair beds are considered the most reliable and fail very rarely. Usually, these models are produced with a linen drawer. A chair-bed of this type has one problem - in the form of a gap between the sections, which adversely affects a comfortable sleep.

Useful advice! When choosing a folding chair, you should take into account that almost all models with the "Accordion" system are equipped with special orthopedic mattresses.

Most often, roll-out chairs are purchased in case you need to place guests at night.

Most often, roll-out chairs are purchased in case you need to place guests at night.

The design of furniture with the Dolphin mechanism assumes the presence of a block under the seat, which moves forward. Thus, the roll-out part, as it were, "emerges" from under the seat, rising to the required height of the berth. The operation of such a system is a little complicated. To get a berth, it is necessary to pull out the drawer, after which a multi-section mechanism is used, which raises the support to the upper level. Usually such designs are considered less reliable.

Armchair-bed "Accordion" without armrests: features and benefits

Among the folding mechanisms, the armchair-bed "Accordion" without armrests justly takes the lead. You can buy it in any network of furniture stores, but it should be noted right away that such models are much more expensive. This is due to the more reliable folding mechanism.

The Accordion system is a folding mechanism consisting of three sections, which are interconnected in a certain sequence. In appearance and design, the design itself is simple, but at the same time quite reliable and lasts for a long time.

Another significant advantage of the "Accordion" chair without armrests is that there are no breaks in the ready-made sleeping place, so it will be much more comfortable to sleep on such a bed.A few more advantages of such a mechanism should also be listed:

Armchair-bed with accordion mechanism consists of 3 sections that fold like an accordion

Chair-bed with the mechanism "Accordion" consists of 3 sections, which fold like an accordion

  • has a number of operational capabilities that allow rational use of free space in the room;
  • an assembled armchair-bed, a sofa with the Accordion system are very comfortable furniture for seating;
  • manufacturers offer the widest selection of shapes and colors of models that will easily fit into any interior;
  • the product has a simple and reliable design that transforms into a flat and comfortable place to sleep;
  • the armchair-bed "Accordion" with a box for linen is equipped with a special and rather spacious place for storing bedding and other things.

The main disadvantage of the "Accordion" is that during the transformation, the lower part of the chair, sliding along the floor, can leave marks on the surface or even damage it. This disadvantage can be eliminated by installing special rubberized wheels on the moving block. Then the sliding will be soft and safe.

Narrow or wide chair: which one is better to give preference

How comfortable a chair bed will be depends on its size. It should be noted that there are no exact standards in this regard, but there are certain recommendations. It is they who are guided by the leading manufacturers of furniture products.

The chair-bed for an adult must be no more than 60-70 cm

The chair-bed for an adult must be no more than 60-70 cm

Useful advice! The minimum width of the berth should be 60 cm. Sleeping on a narrower product will be simply unrealistic.

According to users and manufacturers, the width of the chair without armrests should be at least 600 mm. It is worth saying that the release of children's models with a width of 540 mm is allowed, but an adult cannot sleep on such a bed. Basically, these models are made to order.

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Choosing the right option, different types of chairs. Features of the back and seat, selection of upholstery material, adjustment mechanism. The choice of a child seat.

For adults, furniture should be selected based on their build. Comfortable for a person of average build is considered to be the width of the bed from 70 cm, but the best is a chair-bed without armrests 90 cm wide (or 80).

The bed of a chair-bed without armrests 100 cm wide is considered more comfortable. Models with dimensions of 100-120 cm in diameter are already referred to as baby sofas. A width of 110 cm, according to standards, is considered the size of a one-and-a-half bed.

For a more comfortable sleep, it is recommended to purchase a folding chair 100-120 cm wide

For a more comfortable sleep, it is recommended to purchase a folding chair 100-120 cm wide

Regarding the length, it should be noted that child seats have dimensions from 160 to 180 cm. Designs for adults have a length of 2 m, although serial models differ in size of 2.1 m. Longer beds are made to order.

Chair-bed for daily use: recommendations for choosing

Most often, chair beds serve as a guest option, but sometimes they are also used for everyday use. This is especially true for small apartments, where every square meter is worth its weight in gold. In such cases, certain selection standards should not be neglected. You need to take a responsible approach to the purchase of the product, and also not to save on the price of a chair-bed. First of all, you need to focus not on beauty, but on convenience and pay attention to certain nuances.

Layout mechanism. Here, the undisputed leaders are models of the "Accordion" type, since in the unfolded state a flat sleeping place is obtained. In addition, it is the simplest transformation mechanism. A chair with a Click-Klyak mechanism can compete with the Accordion, but on condition that there is a mattress on the sections.Further in the ranking are the roll-out models and the Eurobook.

The width of the bed is an important nuance for furniture designed for daily use. The wider the bed, the more comfortable it is to sleep. Therefore, the best option is an armchair-bed 90 cm wide. It should be noted that the width of the seat and bed of different models may not coincide. This, in particular, applies to almost all models, except for those equipped with the Accordion and Click-Klyak mechanisms.

For daily use, you need to buy chairs with a reliable mechanism and a high-quality frame.

For daily use, you need to buy chairs with a reliable mechanism and a high-quality frame.

The frame material is an important nuance, as it is responsible for the service life of the product. It is best if they are steel pipes, since aluminum is a less durable material. A wooden frame is also considered reliable, but it is necessary to take into account what kind of wood it is made of and in what conditions it is used.

Filler. For everyday use, a mixture of polyurethane foam and coconut coir is considered optimal. Latex is suitable for medium hard mattresses. The spring block is best suited to models with a withdrawable mechanism such as "Dolphin" or "Eurobook".

Chair-bed for children: selection criteria for models

It is especially scrupulous to select a model designed for children to sleep. In this case, it should be noted right away that it would be better if the child seats are equipped with armrests that will serve as support boards. Otherwise, the minimum width of the child seat-bed without armrests is 80 cm.

Interesting to know! In the Soviet industry, there were different dimensions of furniture. So, any furniture up to 140 cm wide was considered an armchair. The products were wider than current models. Chair-beds 80 cm wide without armrests began to be produced already in the post-Soviet era.

A child seat-bed should be of the highest quality and safety

A child seat-bed should be of the highest quality and safety

It is recommended to purchase pieces of furniture without armrests for a child over 10 years old, since children of a smaller age group may simply fall off him. It is better if the furniture will be equipped with drawers for linen, which, as it were, “recessed” in the middle of the model, thus being part of the bottom of the chair both in the folded and unfolded state.

Experts advise avoiding plastic models, as they are less reliable, and most importantly, they can harm the health of the child. In general, all component parts of the furniture must be safe. In addition, it is necessary to choose a simple and convenient transformation mechanism. It is better if the frame is made of metal or wood. The sleeping place itself should be as comfortable as possible. It is worth giving preference to a chair for children with a hygroscopic coating. It is also desirable to have an orthopedic mattress, and it is recommended that it be removable, since children should not constantly sleep on a hard surface either.

The transforming mechanism itself must work unquestioningly. An older child should easily fold or unfold a piece of furniture himself. An important component for children is the appearance of the chair-bed. Photos of a variety of bright children's models can be found on the Internet.

How to choose the right folding chair-bed without armrests: additional nuances

Folding furniture is much more difficult to choose than simple stationary beds and armchairs. First of all, do not pay attention to beautiful upholstery or fashionable prints. In order not to be mistaken in the choice, it is necessary to take into account a number of general recommendations:

Better to give preference to furniture filled with coconut coir and polyurethane foam

Better to give preference to furniture filled with coconut coir and polyurethane foam

  • a chair-bed without armrests should not be purchased for a child under 6 years old;
  • preferable would be a bed having an orthopedic mattress, and it can be spring or polyurethane foam;
  • when buying, you must check the presence of a quality certificate in the accompanying package with the exact address and full name of the manufacturer, the warranty period and the addresses of the nearest repair shops;
  • attention should be paid to the method of connecting movable assemblies that can be fastened by means of welding and rivets;
  • ease of transformation of the mechanism - an adult must do this even with one hand;
  • when laying out the structure, there must be no creaks, jamming or jerky movements;
  • personal preferences also play an important role - the model should be liked by the one to whom it is intended;
  • the presence of a box for storing bedding is an additional plus;
  • the upholstery should be durable and of high quality, have even and clear seams, without hanging threads.

Useful advice! A more reliable and practical material for the mattress of a chair-bed will be polyurethane foam. Such a mattress is much more reliable than a spring structure, since such sections quickly fail.

For permanent use, a chair-bed with an orthopedic mattress is optimal.

For permanent use, a chair-bed with an orthopedic mattress is optimal.

The aesthetic component is also important when choosing a product. Furniture should ideally fit into the overall interior, be combined in color and texture with other upholstered furniture, flooring and curtains.

Before purchasing, you should also make sure that there is warranty service from the manufacturer. Each self-respecting company gives a guarantee for its product for at least 2 years.

A chair-bed will help you easily and simply solve several problems at once in small apartments. Models without armrests are especially ergonomic, which take up a minimum of space. Given the importance of the product, you should carefully consider the choice of the model itself. To do this, you need to take the trouble and read the relevant articles or consult with experienced sales consultants. Furniture selected taking into account the recommendations described in the article will bring joy to the family and will serve for many years.