Perhaps everyone will agree that there is nothing more pleasant than sitting on an open terrace or in a gazebo with your favorite book, enjoying the fresh air and fragrant tea. However, this is possible only in the warm season, before the onset of cold weather, and in the cool season one can only dream of a comfortable outdoor recreation. This is exactly what happened before, until the moment when soft windows for gazebos, verandas and terraces appeared in the world of building materials.

Soft windows for gazebos, verandas and terraces: a tandem of aesthetics and functionality

Soft windows will make the gazebo more comfortable in the cool season

Soft windows for verandas, terraces and gazebos: main features and characteristics

Open gazebos, terraces and verandas are cozy, and therefore favorite resting places for the owners of the houses. However, in summer, these buildings are susceptible to insect attacks, and in the autumn-winter period, during leaf fall, prolonged rains, snowstorms, the owners have another problem - protection from snow, moisture and fallen leaves. Of course, the gazebo can be glazed, however, having calculated how much such a pleasure will cost, people are wondering what can be used to close the veranda, except for glass.

Flexible windows protect not only from the cold, but also from insects

Flexible windows protect not only from the cold, but also from insects

Flexible products will help to fulfill the dream of a magnificent panorama at any time of the year. They are characterized by a chic look and are also distinguished by reliability, durability and convenience in terms of use and maintenance. Protective curtains made of PVC are easily mounted, quickly removed and folded at any time. With such protection it will be comfortable even on slushy and cold days. Such products will provide comfort during family breakfasts, parties with friends, and also give the opportunity to enjoy solitude, completely dissolving in the natural landscape.

Soft windows are an excellent alternative to total glazing. While maintaining a panoramic view, they provide reliable protection against external influences. Unlike usual double-glazed windows, the presented products take up a minimum of space and do not create inconvenience.Calculating how much soft windows cost in comparison with sliding structures, we can conclude that they will cost much less.

Note! For flexible glasses, a special film of different thicknesses is used - from 500 to 2000 microns. Moreover, the thicker the film is, the stronger the product will be.

And yet, soft windows - what are they? This is a kind of film made of transparent PVC material, which is sealed with a high-strength awning fabric. The presented products are an excellent solution for decorating a veranda, terrace or gazebo of any configuration and size, which is not always possible using standard glass.

Soft windows can be easily and quickly removed and removed at any time as unnecessary

Soft windows can be easily and quickly removed and removed at any time as unnecessary

Soft PVC windows for gazebos: manufacturing features

If we are talking about what soft windows are made of, it is worth noting that these products are often made from transparent PVC, which is tightly connected to the awning material. The latter is used as an edging for transparent inserts and serves as a place for the location of fasteners. The thickness of the film for soft windows, which performs the function of replacing glass, is 0.4 mm, however, according to certain parameters, the material surpasses the noble analogue.

If we are talking about the method of making soft windows for terraces and gazebos, it should be said that today the following technologies are used:

  1. Sewing - occurs using specialized synthetic waterproof fabric and lavsan threads.
  2. Welding (soldering). In this case, polyvinyl chloride is used, the elements are joined using high-temperature air welding.

The first of these technologies is often used in the production of soft glasses in the private sector. This is due to the fact that the canvas, which is based on polyester, is characterized by a rich range of shades and excellent decorative qualities. At the same time, the windows to the gazebo, which are produced in accordance with this technology, are distinguished by elasticity, wear resistance and durability - on a par with lavsan thread. Thus, you can select any edging color or combination of shades in accordance with the style of the veranda or gazebo.

With regard to the welding method with PVC edging, it is popular for the production of massive products for public facilities, for example, for decorating cafes, outdoor areas and other similar establishments. Polyvinyl chloride sheet, which serves as a material for soft windows, is characterized by increased resistance to both wear and the influence of aggressive chemical substances. In addition, absolutely any dirt, including oily ones, is perfectly removed from it. This quality is especially valuable for places with high traffic.

Soft windows for gazebos and other structures are made by sewing or soldering

Soft windows for gazebos and other structures are made by sewing or soldering

Based on the functional features, manufacturers of roll-up soft windows divide them into two categories:

  1. If the film is not intended to be removed or tucked in, round eyelets are installed around the entire perimeter of the product, which are fastened with self-tapping screws or lacing.
  2. If there is a need to tuck the edges of the product, round eyelets must be fastened only in the upper part, and the sides are equipped with oval-shaped elements that are put on pivot brackets.

Note! In addition to eyelets, fittings for soft windows can be represented by carabiners, textile velcro fasteners, as well as zippers.

Through the use of eyelets and other fasteners, soft windows can be removed and replaced at any time in just a few minutes.By the way, there are many videos on the installation of soft windows on the Internet that will answer any questions about this process.

Soft glass for gazebos and other structures: a few words about the advantages of products

Buyers who at least once made a choice in favor of soft glasses, abandoning traditional windows to the veranda, do not regret their choice at all. This is not surprising, since these products are endowed with significant advantages, including:

Reviews from users of soft glasses are almost all positive

Reviews from users of soft glasses are almost all positive

  • attractive design;
  • efficiency of installation and assembly;
  • excellent protective properties;
  • resistance to the influence of sunlight;
  • lack of smell;
  • durability;
  • absolute safety for human health;
  • simplicity of products;
  • unpretentiousness in terms of care;
  • lack of pointed corners.

It is interesting! If you use soft windows for verandas and terraces of summer cafes, you can apply the institution's logo on them, which will become an excellent advertisement.

Considering the excellent compatibility of soft PVC windows with many other materials, some manufacturers prefer to make whole tents, which are very popular among cafe owners, in particular when equipping summer grounds for placing tables on them. Due to the fact that PVC film can withstand temperatures in the range from -70 to +35 ° C, tents will provide a comfortable outdoor activity in any weather.

Due to their aesthetic appearance, soft windows (photo is confirmation of this) will turn summer buildings into part of the landscape design of the site. Due to the transparency of the film, which is used for the manufacture of such products, the construction material is reliably protected from external influences, and the gazebo itself acquires a stylish and aesthetic appearance.

Flexible glasses are resistant to UV light and temperature changes

Flexible glasses are resistant to UV light and temperature changes

Wanting to make the lower part of the structure heavier, to create an imitation of a wall with windows, or just to feel more protected, it is proposed to combine a transparent fabric with an opaque material of the desired color. On the Internet, you can find many photos of soft PVC windows for gazebos, inspired by which, it is easy to choose the most acceptable option that will be the perfect complement to the exterior.

Another indisputable advantage of these products is also the fact that in combination with them a special mosquito net can be used, thanks to which fresh air can be admitted into the room during the cool period, while retaining insects that want to be inside.

Due to the ease of installation, it is absolutely not necessary to use the "turnkey soft windows" service. Installation can be done independently. To do this, it is enough just to have in stock a set of the simplest tools that are present in every home.

Note! For the production of soft windows, a non-combustible film is used. Therefore, the products can be safely used even when decorating buildings that have a barbecue oven or a heater.

Products are safe for people and do not have an unpleasant odor

Products are safe for people and do not have an unpleasant odor

Of course, the soft glazing of the veranda is not without its drawbacks, which you can easily come to terms with. The purpose of such products is reduced to certain goals and functions that the manufacturer has endowed them with. They cope with these tasks, and excellently.

Soft windows for gazebos and other buildings: subtleties of installation and fastening

A truly high-quality installation of soft windows for gazebos with your own hands presupposes certain knowledge regarding the intricacies of soldering and mounting methods. Armed with the necessary information, installation can be done quickly and easily.When ordering soft windows for a gazebo, you should pay special attention to certain points, thanks to which the installation process will become much easier, and the durability of the structure will increase.

Important! If you fasten soft windows with self-tapping screws through the fabric, it will inevitably be damaged and over time a tear will be noticeable at this place.

Eyelets are not a detail to save on. In order to save money, some specialist firms prefer to mount products by screwing them directly through the framing fabric, which becomes damaged. In order to avoid this, the fastening of the upper part of the canvas should be carried out using eyelets.

Most often, metal eyelets are used to fasten flexible windows.

Most often, metal eyelets are used to fasten flexible windows.

If it is planned to dismantle the windows of the building for the winter, then it is better to fasten the structure from above by means of a French lock or a swivel bracket.

Regardless of what exactly the owner of the house wants to install - soft doors or windows, you should start working in the warm season. Installation at a low temperature can lead to a violation of the integrity of the material and the accuracy of planning, and in the future will lead to a decrease in the flexibility of products.

Product installation process: where to start

The first and, perhaps, the most important stage of installing soft windows with your own hands is measuring the openings. The most common mistake is that the exact characteristics of the opening and the supporting structure as a whole are not taken into account when installing soft glasses. It is recommended to use proven technology that involves performing certain actions, such as:

  1. Clarification of the height and width of the openings.
  2. Marking at the place of fixing the fasteners of the location of the beams and pillars. The degree of width of that part of the window, on which the frame of the film will be located, directly depends on this.
  3. Pencil marks of all openings individually. This helps to avoid confusion in the future.
  4. Organization of a comfortable and functional window sill.
  5. Tidying up the openings.
  6. Purchase of high-quality eyelets, as a result of which you can prevent damage to the base.
  7. Using a swivel bracket or a French lock. These elements are great if the operation involves multiple removal of soft windows.
Before installation, it is necessary to unwind the roll of flexible windows and make markings

Before installation, it is necessary to unwind the roll of flexible windows and make markings

In addition, an equally important condition is the location of the eyelets on each side, as well as below. This will further avoid problems regarding trimming the framing fabric. As a result of comprehensive equipment, the properties of the product in terms of wear resistance and elasticity can be preserved.

Thanks to preliminary calculations, the process of buying material of the required footage will become much easier. Rolled soft windows for the veranda are often produced with a width of 1400 mm. At the same time, to organize the edging, which serves as an amplifier, a material of standard width - 50 mm is suitable.

Note! To bring the sketch to life, you will need knowledge of the characteristics and features of the products, and it is also necessary to correctly perform the soldering and cutting of the elements.

Modern technologies for the manufacture of soft PVC windows for a terrace provide for well-calculated and thought-out stages of work.

For edging soft windows, a special material is used, which can be of any color.

For edging soft windows, a special material is used, which can be of any color.

The main secrets of successful DIY installation of soft windows

Observing a certain sequence, you can quite quickly perform an independent installation according to a simplified diagram. For clarity, do-it-yourself step-by-step photos of soft windows are presented, illustrating the installation process:

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  1. First of all, it is necessary to unfold the PVC roll on a flat surface, then make a marking and cut.
  2. Then you need to solder the edging around the perimeter of each blade with the standard installation of eyelets and accessories for pivot brackets.
  3. After that, you need to install the prepared canvas on the plane of the opening and attach the upper part using dowels or self-tapping screws through the eyelets. In this case, at the same time, the roll straps located at the top must be installed.
  4. It will take a certain amount of time to straighten the material and adapt it to the air temperature.
  5. Then you have to stretch the canvas on the sides and mark the side marks for the main fastening of the brackets.
  6. The next step is to install and fix the pivot brackets to the marks.
  7. The final step is the final assembly of the blade along the attachment points.

When it comes to complex structures, for example, cottages or large summer cottages, automatic soft windows will be the best solution. Such designs are characterized by improved tightness and a high degree of practicality.

An example of installing soft windows on a gazebo with a gable roof

An example of installing soft windows on a gazebo with a gable roof

Having decided to install soft PVC windows with your own hands, you should familiarize yourself with important information regarding fixing these products. There are several mounting methods:

  • eyelet-bracket-belt;
  • clamps-locks;
  • self-tapping zippers.

Eyelet-clip-belt is perhaps the most common and wear-resistant option. When removing the belt from several brackets, you have to roll up the flexible curtain and fix it against the upper beam.

Note! In this case, you can adjust the level of the lifting height of the product depending on the number of released brackets.

There is an opinion that in the presented mounting option, soft windows can hit the structure, since they are located freely. However, this is a myth. The degree of thickness of the material and the dimensions of the applied figure are selected in such a way that this is excluded.

There are several ways to fix soft windows on a building.

There are several ways to fix soft windows on a building.

As for the second option, clamps made of metal or plastic are characterized by a more attractive appearance. They look really elegant. However, moisture and cold air may be sucked into the gap between the curtain and the structure. In this case, the most rational solution in this case is to install a larger number of locks.

If we are talking about self-tapping zippers, it should be noted that this option is the easiest and most convenient in terms of use. However, in comparison with other methods, it is the least durable.

A few rules for proper care of soft windows

Each owner decides on the method of fastening products independently. Moreover, everything depends on the features and operating conditions of flexible structures. After reading the information on how to make the softest windows yourself (more precisely, install them), it will also be useful to learn about the features of caring for such products. First of all, they do not involve the use of special cleaning agents. It is enough just to wipe the windows from time to time with a sponge or a soft cloth soaked in water. If heavy contamination is present, you only need to add a couple of drops of standard household cleaning products.

During operation, there will be no need to remove and install flexible windows again for the autumn-winter season. They will perfectly tolerate even sudden changes in temperature. In addition, the products are not prone to deformation and deterioration.

Soft windows can be cleaned upright with a damp sponge

Soft windows can be cleaned upright with a damp sponge

Having decided to dismantle soft windows, you should take very seriously the issue of storing them.Having carefully rolled the product into a roll, it is recommended to put it in a secluded place, away from various piercing, cutting objects, as well as pets.

Soft PVC curtains for gazebos and verandas: a guarantee of practicality and reliability

Providing unsurpassed comfort, gazebos and verandas are an excellent addition to country houses, cafes, dachas and restaurants. However, the weather realities of our country are a serious obstacle to the use of these cozy corners at any time of the year. Hosts and guests have to seek shelter from rain, gusts of wind and sun. Aesthetic and modern solutions have been developed to enable the use of gazebos, regardless of the season.

It is interesting! PVC is an artificial material produced on the basis of polyvinylchloride impregnated polyvinyl chloride fabric.

This material is able to keep warm perfectly, is not afraid of subzero temperatures, is characterized by resistance to ultraviolet light and meets absolutely all existing standards in terms of environmental safety. As for the thickness of PVC curtains for gazebos and other buildings, it is presented in the following variations (in microns):

High-quality PVC windows will easily last a long period

High-quality PVC windows will easily last a long period

  • 400;
  • 500;
  • 700;
  • 800;
  • 1000.

In this case, the best option is considered to be an indicator that is 500 microns. The advantages of the material, in comparison with denser analogues, are:

  • plasticity, flexibility during frost;
  • low weight per square meter for ease of use;
  • budget price;
  • softer fabric to the touch.

PVC curtains for verandas and terraces will not only become reliable protection against bad weather, but will also hide from prying eyes, reduce street noise, and protect from annoying insects, birds and animals.

The main advantages of soft windows for verandas, terraces and gazebos

Outdoor PVC curtains for verandas and gazebos are considered the most profitable and rational solution. Such products are endowed with quite significant advantages:

High strength is one of the main advantages of flexible windows

High strength is one of the main advantages of flexible windows

  • have an attractive appearance, being an excellent addition to the exterior;
  • presented in a huge variety of colors;
  • retain their original performance properties throughout the entire period of use;
  • characterized by excellent performance in terms of light transmission;
  • installation and dismantling of such products does not require the use of special professional tools;
  • PVC curtains can be used for room zoning.

Note! If you plan to hide soft flexible windows for storage, they must first be cleaned, dried and carefully rolled up. After this, the products must be placed in a dry room until they are useful again.

If you believe user reviews, soft windows are completely picky about care. This is due to the fact that they are endowed with the ability to repel dust from their surface. If the film was accidentally stained with oil or other stubborn stains, they can be washed off using special detergents. But it is better not to use abrasive substances, as they can roughen the surface of the film.

Soft windows for terraces and gazebos: rules for a good choice

In order for soft windows to please the owners, fulfill their functions and last a long time, you need to be able to choose a quality product.

Quality soft windows look uniform, they have the same thickness on all sides

Quality soft windows look uniform, they have the same thickness on all sides

When buying, it is necessary to take into account the technical parameters of soft windows. These include characteristics such as thickness and density. You should also pay attention to the company that makes the material for the canvases. It is important to choose the exact manufacturer that produces truly quality products. Only in this case will the windows last for a long time.

Note! When ordering, do not hesitate to request documents from the manufacturer for the material used for manufacturing. Otherwise, you may come across a cheap analogue, which is still very far from the branded product.

The title of the most reliable companies has been earned by Spanish, Korean and Japanese firms. Conscientious manufacturers offer buyers high-quality material options.

It is quite difficult to visually distinguish original products from fakes. Often, the negative aspects of the material appear only during the operation of the windows. For example, a budget film offered by a Chinese company can give in to sagging, lose plasticity, or become cloudy after a year.

It is recommended to buy flexible windows only from trusted manufacturers.

It is recommended to buy flexible windows only from trusted manufacturers.

When choosing soft windows for a gazebo live or from a photo, you need to pay special attention to the following points:

  1. The degree of transparency. Proprietary materials are characterized by a completely homogeneous structure.
    There should be no interlayers, foreign inclusions and sagging, different thicknesses are unacceptable.
  2. When choosing a tinted film, the criteria for determining the quality will be similar. However, it should be borne in mind that various defects are more noticeable on it than on a transparent product.

Thus, the gazebo with PVC windows will be reliably protected from wind, heat, rain, dust and insects. These products are easy to maintain and easy to install and store. They will certainly add originality and stylish look to the building. If there are window openings on the terrace or veranda, you can safely install soft windows.

The presented products are characterized by their versatility. In addition to gazebos, verandas and terraces, they can be used for many other objects. Nevertheless, the debate between opponents and supporters of soft windows has not subsided for quite some time. Despite the fact that some are categorically against such products and accuse them of unattractiveness, high cost and fragility, there are other, very positive reviews. Soft windows are the most rational and practical solution, thanks to which bad weather cannot become an obstacle for family meetings or friendly gatherings.