The curb tape for garden beds is widely used in the household. From this article you can learn all the features of its use, get acquainted with the existing varieties of products, their advantages and disadvantages. The text contains recommendations for choosing a curb tape for a garden, prices for popular types of products, as well as instructions describing the process of making fences for garden beds with your own hands.

Garden curb tape: beautiful framing of garden elements

Landscaping with corrugated border tape

Curb tape for beds: features and scope

With the arrival of the warm season, many summer residents are striving to improve their personal plot, creating neat and even beds with vegetables, well-groomed flower beds and flower beds, beautiful paths and lawns, interesting plant compositions in the garden on the territory. Without the use of specialized devices for summer cottages, it is difficult to achieve ideal results. Fortunately, the wide offer of the market allows you to buy garden curb tapes of all sizes and modifications, allowing you to create effective landscaping.

Garden tape is a flexible PVC-based curb

Garden tape is a flexible PVC-based curb

Useful advice! The properties of the curb tape are useful in areas characterized by a low relief. Lifting up flower beds and vegetable beds, you can save vegetation from water that stagnates in low-lying areas.

Scope of application of garden curb tape

Garden belts have a wide range of applications. It will be profitable to buy borders for flower beds and other objects on the site for many reasons, because such products are universal and can be used for different purposes.

Scope of curbs:

  • design of garden paths - the tape allows you to delimit the space of the personal plot. It can be used to form paths and footpaths from rubble and other bulk material. In addition, the curb will prevent the growth of weeds and other plants that can violate the boundaries of the paths, contributing to the scattering of material beyond their boundaries;
Garden curbs can be used to effectively create paved paths

Garden curbs can be used to effectively create paved paths

  • the formation of near-trunk circles - the area around the trees will look neat and beautiful;
  • limiting the distribution zone of creeping rhizomes - creeping rhizomes of plants tend to cover as large an area as possible. In order to prevent their uncontrolled spread across the territory, it is enough to buy a border tape for flower beds, which will keep the plant within the required zone. The category of such plants includes raspberries and strawberries;
  • insulation of structures - curbs can be effectively used to protect the base of buildings from negative effects, because direct contact with the soil contributes to the appearance of dampness and decay, which can accelerate the destruction of the foundation;
  • raising the level of the beds is optimal for low-lying areas, where vegetable beds can suffer from an excess of moisture;
  • decorative design of flower beds and flower beds - ribbons are perfect for landscape design.
The metal structure has high corrosion resistance, light weight and excellent strength

The metal structure has high corrosion resistance, light weight and excellent strength

Note! The use of borders allows you to maintain the contour line of the decorative flower garden throughout the season. At the same time, the product perfectly tolerates winter, being in the ground.

Why is it profitable to buy borders for beds

In addition to aesthetic and decorative purposes, garden tapes also have practical benefits. Therefore, summer residents see many advantages in buying a border strip for the beds for their site.

Advantages of border products:

  • neat framing of flower beds and beds;
  • limiting the growth zone of weeds that cannot cross the border of the belt buried in the soil;
  • rationalization of the irrigation system;
Arrangement of flower beds with border tape

Arrangement of flower beds with border tape

  • keeping flowers and cultivated plants in a certain fenced area;
  • preservation of the fertile soil layer;
  • fixing the soil during watering;
  • blocking the paths of movement of creeping pests, whose path is shortened;
  • simplification of the plant care system, namely the removal of weeds, fertilizing the bud, weeding;
  • simplification of gardening procedures, such as covering plants with film, arrangement of high insulated beds;
  • for plantings that love warmth, installation of greenhouse arcs, etc.

Classification of decorative borders for flower beds

Garden fence manufacturers offer many options for similar products, which differ from each other in color, size, material of manufacture and other characteristics.

Durable and environmentally friendly stone curb

Durable and environmentally friendly stone curb

The following materials are used for the manufacture of fences:

  • plastic;
  • metal;
  • wood;
  • brick;
  • natural stone;
  • pergons;
  • concrete.

Useful advice! You can buy a plastic bed curb to prevent dogs and cats from accessing the area from the bottom of the fence. To do this, it is enough to stretch it along the structure.

Characteristics of plastic borders for flower beds

The plastic curb is a flexible tape. Many variations of similar products can be found on sale.

Plastic curb is easy to install

Plastic curb is easy to install

The advantages of plastic products:

  • easy installation system. If necessary, the tape can be quickly dismantled; this does not require additional tools;
  • an extensive assortment allows you to buy borders for plastic beds in 15 different colors, which allows you to create a unique landscape design on your personal plot;
  • due to its flexibility, the tape can be used for creating beds and flower beds of an unusual shape, clear geometric lines or wavy;
  • the material is not subject to deterioration due to corrosion, direct exposure to sunlight. At the same time, the products retain their desired shape well;
  • low price;
  • light weight for easy transportation and installation;
  • long service life;
  • versatility, increased safety margin;
  • multiple use is allowed, the material is easy to cut.
Plastic tapes can have a variety of textures: smooth, curly, wavy, corrugated

Plastic tapes can have a variety of textures: smooth, curly, wavy, corrugated

Plastic products also have disadvantages:

  • some types of tapes are made on the basis of plastic, which does not tolerate low temperatures;
  • thin walls of products can stretch under the weight of the soil, especially for high beds;
  • despite the low cost of most tapes, high quality material is present in expensive products.

Useful advice! For ordinary flower beds and beds, it is better to use a green or brown ribbon border that will not stand out much against the background of vegetation. Colored products are suitable for multi-tiered flower beds and lawns with an unusual design.

The plastic border can be easily installed by hand

The plastic border can be easily installed by hand

The main types of borders for plastic beds

Most often, borders for forming beds are sold at hardware stores. The modern assortment includes several varieties of products.

Garden tapes - flexible PVC-based curbs. Used to separate flower beds, paths, lawns. These products allow you to form beds with a height of 20-50 cm. Plastic belts have medium rigidity, flexibility, and perfectly hold their shape. Supplied on sale in rolls.

Panel "Garden Board" - a beautiful border that is easy to install. The design imitates wooden boards with an increased margin of safety and rigidity. Products are widely used for the formation of multi-tiered flower beds, sandboxes and high beds... The length of the panels can reach 3 m, the maximum height is 15 cm. The products have a special design that allows the panels to be extended in length or height.

Plastic border with a pattern for natural wood

Plastic border with a pattern for natural wood

Labyrinth border - plastic borders for small beds, imitating a stone. The product has a textured surface with protrusions and holes that allow you to mow vegetation from the lawn using a lawn mower close to the curb. Well keeps lawn vegetation and weeds from penetrating the garden or flower bed.

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Decorative border - a special category of products of various shapes and colors. The design can realistically imitate a forged fence, picket fence. Often, such designs are decorated with patterns and ornaments.

Garden constructor - a fence with a flexible structure consisting of several elements. The products are designed to create unusual flower beds.

Note! Plastic tapes can have a variety of textures: smooth, curly, wavy, corrugated.

DIY garden constructor assembly

DIY garden constructor assembly

Price of border tape for garden beds, garden paths and flower beds

Hardware stores allow you to buy plastic flower bed borders of all sizes and colors. In addition, you can find on sale additional devices for mounting and fixing products.

Average prices for plastic products:

product name

Surface structure

Plastic thickness, mm

Dimensional parameters of the product, cm

Unit price (roll), rub.

Price, rub./m.




10x900 150 16,68
B-15/9 15x900 220 24,45
B-20/9 20x900 280 31,1



10x1000 225 25,5
B-15/10 15x1000 335 33,5
B-10/30 10x3000 655 21,85
B-15/30 15x3000 950 31,70
B-20/30 20x3000 1320 45
B-20/10 20x1000 440 45
B-50/10 50x1000 1120 112
B-30/30 30x3000 1940 65
B-30/10 30x1000 655 66

Features of galvanized borders for garden beds

In addition to plastic products, there are curbs made of steel on sale. In order to protect the structures, they are covered with galvanized coating, which can significantly extend their service life. In addition, another type of coating is used for protective purposes - polymer spraying.

Manufacturers warranties:

Item type Guaranteed service life, years
Galvanized curbs 15
Products with polymer coating 20
Polyurethane Coated Curbs 50


 The advantages of metal structures:

  • high resistance to corrosion;
  • light weight and excellent strength characteristics;
  • resistance to moisture, putrefactive processes, mold and fungi;
  • long service life;
  • simple assembly and installation system;
The flower bed is decorated with a galvanized border

The flower bed is decorated using galvanized border

  • the possibility of increasing the length and height;
  • attractive appearance;
  • safety.

Useful advice! Metal curbs are ideal for film-coated greenhouses.

Average prices for metal products:

Product size (length / height), cm

Price, rub / piece

Galvanized coating

Galvanized coating + polymer
100x25.5 900 1000
200x25.5 1200 1400
300x25.5 1700 2000
400x25.5 2300 2700
500x25.5 2700 3200
100x36 1600 1800
200x36 2300 2700
300x36 3000 3450
400x36 3600 4300
500x36 4300 5000

Features of the use of border tape for beds, consumer reviews

Garden curbs can be installed in two ways. The installation principle depends on the goal pursued. According to the type of installation, the installation of the tape can be ground or buried.

Ground vehicles used to create multi-tiered flower beds and raised beds. For fixation, special pegs made of polymers are used. To do this, the tape is cut in accordance with the size of the beds, closed in a ring, and the edges are connected with a stapler. After that, the ring is installed with its end part in the ground and fixed in the required position with the help of pegs located in 50 cm increments (no more). The mold is then filled with soil where the plants are planted.

Fencing for flower beds and beds is easily assembled from sections

Fencing for flower beds and beds is easily assembled from sections

In-depth technology it is used in cases where there is a need to limit space, for example, edging a lawn, creating clear path boundaries, forming near-trunk circles. To complete the installation, you will need to dig a ditch. Having placed a border in it, you should dig it in with earth. A small portion of the tape (about 2 cm high) will protrude above the soil surface.

Useful advice! If you want to save money, you can create borders for the flower bed with your own hands from improvised means.

Customer Feedback:

“Great attachment for flower beds. I have been using plastic bumpers for 3 years. I am quite satisfied with the design of my yard and the durability of these products. "

Ekaterina Kroshkina, Moscow

With the help of wide strips of metal, you can make high beds

With the help of wide strips of metal, you can make high beds

“Every year or two I plant flower beds in my garden, so I am very familiar with products such as plastic ribbons. I used to be skeptical about growing vegetables, since I have a small plot, but with the appearance of beautiful metal sides, I changed my mind. The beds are neat and do not spoil the appearance of the house and the area around it at all. I recommend to everyone".

Svetlana Smatkova, St. Petersburg

Creating borders for flower beds with your own hands: photos and recommendations

In order to save money, you can resort to self-made borders for vegetable beds and flower beds. On the network you can find a lot of photo examples of a successful site design with your own hands.

To do this, you can use the materials at hand:

  • slate - you can use the remaining building material after repairing the roof. To do this, you need to dig in the sheets around the perimeter of the garden. Fixation is carried out by means of reinforcing rods, which will provide additional reliability;
To create a curb, you can use the ondulin remaining after repairing the roof

To create a curb, you can use the ondulin remaining after repairing the roof

  • corrugated board - the material shows resistance to corrosion, has a long service life and high strength characteristics. The professional sheet has flexibility, which allows you to use it to create beds with a complex configuration;
  • bottles - both plastic and glass containers are suitable.To bed looked spectacular, it is better if all the containers are the same. Most often, bottles are dug in with their necks down. Using cement mortar, you can create an original fence from several rows of containers;
  • car tires - the material is suitable for growing herbs or flowers. Tires lend themselves well to processing, staining is allowed;

Useful advice! When using wooden elements to create fences, it is recommended to pre-treat them with antiseptic protective agents.

The border is easily cut to the required length

The border is easily cut to the required length

Recommendations for creating do-it-yourself garden borders

When creating fences for the beds with your own hands, you should adhere to the basic recommendations that allow you to achieve a high-quality result:

  1. The walls of the fence should not be high - 10-30 cm. Optimally 10-15 cm. Otherwise, the border will shade the plants.
  2. It is necessary to monitor the accuracy, straightness of the fences and the beauty of their shape.
  3. All elements are recommended to be placed as tightly as possible so that the soil does not spill out of the flower bed during watering.

Alternatively, you can use live plant borders. For these purposes, boxwood, low-growing perennials, calendula, rosemary, hyssop are suitable. You need to plant plants of the same type, preferably in 2-3 rows.

DIY garden tape installation

DIY garden tape installation

When choosing products, you need to remember that the garden should look well-groomed, cozy and beautiful. In pursuit of originality, it is worth considering that curbs should support the overall design of the site and the house.