Many adherents to take a steam bath from the bottom of their hearts dream of getting a good but inexpensive private bath. A place where you can wash and relax, and get a good boost of vivacity. One of the affordable and budget options is a do-it-yourself frame bath: a step-by-step construction instruction will reveal the secrets of frame technology, become an example for self-construction, starting from the foundation and ending with the correct selection of thermal insulation materials.

Do-it-yourself frame bath: step-by-step construction instructions

Having the skill of assembling frame structures, you can quite simply and quickly build a bath do it yourself

Advantages and disadvantages of frame baths, owner reviews

Before building a frame bath with their own hands, many ask the question: what material to use for its construction? Indeed, many people associate baths with structures made of logs or bricks. But such buildings are quite expensive for their owners, and the time required to warm up, for example, a chopped bath, is about 6 hours.

External and internal finishing of a frame bath is most often performed using a wagon board

External and internal finishing of a frame bath is most often performed using a wagon board

The advantages of wireframe technology

The construction of a frame bath solves several problems at once, since it is: a simple construction technique, the availability of materials used and a fast construction speed. The advantages of frame technology include the following:

  • the most budgetary construction cost;
  • the use of lightweight types of foundation;
  • low thermal conductivity of the structure contributes to rapid heating;
  • the possibility of carrying out communications inside the walls, which has a positive effect on the aesthetic component of the bath construction;
  • the absence of shrinkage makes it possible to operate the bath immediately after its construction and finishing;
  • use of environmentally friendly materials;
  • there is no need to attract special construction equipment;
  • no special building skills are required for the independent construction of a frame bath. Videos posted on the web demonstrate this perfectly;
  • the absence of wet construction cycles makes it possible to carry out construction regardless of the air temperature and the availability of water;
  • many ways of finishing the structure.
In the construction of frame baths, environmentally friendly materials are usually used.

In the construction of frame baths, environmentally friendly materials are usually used.

All these advantages contribute to the increasing popularity of frame baths. Reviews of the owners who used such technology in the construction indicate that such structures are economical and, when properly erected, can create excellent conditions for comfortable use.

Weaknesses of frame baths, owner reviews

To weigh the pros and cons of the technology for building a frame bath, you can ask the owners for feedback. On the Internet forums there is a lot of information from those who already have such a bath and have been using it for some time. Some leave negative reviews: frame baths, in their opinion, tend to quickly lose their appearance due to the formation of fungus on the walls. This is due to the rapid cooling of the room, no matter how well it is insulated.

This disadvantage can be eliminated by using only high-quality heaters for thermal insulation. It is necessary to approach the choice of thermal insulation material with all seriousness. After all, cheap foam or mineral wool will not perform their functions properly. The use of economy-class foam can cause a fire in the structure due to the flammability of the insulation.

For the construction of the bath frame, a beam of various sections is used, as well as boards that have undergone antiseptic treatment

For the construction of the bath frame, a beam of various sections is used, as well as boards that have undergone antiseptic treatment

One of the negative points described in the reviews is the shrinkage of the bath. Many testify that over time (approximately 1.5-2 years), the frame structure shrinks, the value of which reaches 8-10 cm. This, in turn, can cause deformation of the internal and external finishing of the structure.

Useful advice! To minimize the effects of the shrinkage of the frame bath, chamber-dried sawn timber should be used during construction.

Summarizing what has been said, we can conclude that the main disadvantages are the significant costs of insulating the walls of the frame bath, the need for thorough antiseptic processing and low fire resistance. However, given the huge list of advantages, the construction of frame baths is not inferior in popularity to structures made of log or brick.

You can familiarize yourself with some of the nuances of the assembly and reviews of the owners by watching the video of building a frame bath with your own hands.

DIY frame bath projects. Photos of the best buildings

Getting acquainted with the photos and videos of frame baths with their own hands, many decide to build a structure on their own. Having some experience in construction and taking into account the positive practice of building objects using frame technology, you can build such a bath quite quickly. However, as in any construction, a competent project is required to avoid serious mistakes.

Projects, photos of frame baths with their own hands 3x4, 4x4 m

When building a 3x4 m frame bath with your own hands, it must be borne in mind that the space inside the room should be used as ergonomically as possible. Such mini-baths can be built in a small cottage or a plot with a country house, where there is a need to save territory. No more than two people will be able to indulge in bath procedures.

Before building a frame bath quickly and inexpensively, you must have a ready-made project that you can focus on during construction. In principle, a bathhouse can consist of one room, which will combine a steam room, shower room and changing room. This is not very convenient, since dressing after taking procedures in a room with a high air temperature and high humidity is not very comfortable.

The project of a frame bath 3 x 4 m with three internal rooms

The project of a frame bath 3 x 4 m with three internal rooms

Typical designs of 3x4 m frame baths provide for such layouts where separate rooms are allocated for a steam room, a washing room and a rest room. Heating of such a bath can be done with one wood-burning stove or boiler. Drawings of a frame bath can also take into account the presence of a modest veranda.

DIY construction of 4x4 or 3x4 frame baths, due to their small size, has its advantages:

  • decent savings on building materials - if the length of the wall of the structure is 3 m, the six-meter bar is cut in half and there is practically no waste;
  • construction speed - having a project and a drawing of a frame bath available, it is possible to erect a structure within 2 weeks;
  • strength and durability - given that a minimum of materials is required, you can not save on the quality of wood and choose a solid material with good impregnation.
Various layout options for a 4x4 m frame bath

Various layout options for a 4x4 m frame bath

Useful advice! Any new construction on your site, even a small bathhouse, is subject to mandatory registration in the cadastral register.

To get acquainted with the projects and choose an option to your liking, an overview of photos of frame baths of a small area will help.

Projects of frame baths 6x6 with an attic

If you are the owner of a large personal plot, it makes sense to build a beautiful and spacious bathhouse. In it you can take a steam bath yourself and invite friends - there is enough space for everyone. In the projects of frame baths with an attic, a layout has been developed, where a relaxation room, as a rule, takes up to 20 sq. m. In the same room there is a staircase leading to the attic floor, which is usually used as a bedroom.

Advantage baths with an attic in front of a one-storey building is that you can get additional living space on the second floor. They equip a guest room, bedroom or billiard room where you can comfortably spend time with friends. And in terms of cost, such a structure will not differ much from a one-story one, since the main costs will be associated with the construction of the foundation.

Bath project 6 by 6 m with living quarters in the attic

Bath project 6 by 6 m with living quarters in the attic

The technical documentation provides for a support-column foundation made of concrete blocks with subsequent waterproofing of the base. For the floor in a frame bath, it is proposed to use a 22 mm edged board (rough flooring) and a 30 mm grooved board for a final floor covering. The floor material should be antiseptic and insulated with 10 cm layer of mineral wool.

For walls, partitions and ceilings, a beam of 100 x 150 mm, a board of 50 x 100 mm, 40 x 100 mm are used. Partitions and the ceiling are sheathed with clapboard, which has undergone chamber processing. Under the cladding, it is supposed to be insulated with 10 cm thick mineral wool slabs and a vapor barrier in two layers. The attic room is being built from the same materials.

Useful advice! Having a competent project will allow you to build a reliable structure in the shortest possible time and without unreasonable waste of materials.

According to the specification, the rafter system is made of a 100x50 board, a lathing of a 22 mm board. As a roof covering, wave profile ondulin is used in three color options (optional). It is possible to use wooden or plastic windows, depending on preference. For the steam room, a wood-burning stove with a water tank is used. At the location of the firebox - brickwork.

Project of a 6x6 frame bath with an attic, in which there is a large relaxation room

Wireframe project baths 6x6 with an attic, which houses a large lounge

If you have some skills in erecting structures using frame technology, typical projects can be used to build a frame bath with your own hands. In addition, it is not forbidden to make some adjustments to the finished documentation or to offer your drawings and sketches for the manufacture of an individual project.The option of joining a small terrace or veranda to the main structure is not excluded.

All design drawings are developed with the prospect of building a frame bath with your own hands. Photos posted on the network by users are a clear confirmation of this.

Assembly of frame-panel board baths: projects and prices

The construction of a bathhouse using the technology of assembling panel structures on a frame basis is distinguished by a high speed of construction and low costs for basic materials. The projects provide for and take into account all the requirements corresponding to the construction of structures of this category: ventilation, water supply, sewerage, power supply.

3D visualization of a small frame bath

3D visualization of a small frame bath

Projects of frame-panel board baths

The main feature of this technology is that it is very easy to assemble a frame-panel bath with your own hands - according to the principle of a designer. The modern market offers a large number of ready-made panel boards designed for installation on a frame. Due to the three-layer structure and low thermal conductivity of polystyrene foam used in SIP panels, this material has good characteristics and is excellent for baths.

Projects of frame baths assume a gable roof, there is no attic room in it, since the panel structure is a light construction. The inner space under the roof can be used for storing bath equipment. Depending on the type of soil on which it is planned to build, the foundation for the bath can be columnar, shallow tape or pile. The last version of the base is used on sandy soil.

To create a frame, lumber posts are used: for corner supports, a 120x120 mm beam is suitable, for intermediate supports, you can use a material of a smaller section. The ceiling is made of 40x75 mm beams. If the bath is planned for year-round use, the thickness of the insulation is taken to be 15 cm, for seasonal operation a 10 cm layer of heat insulator is sufficient.

The project of a small frame-panel bathhouse 4 x 3 m

The project of a small frame-panel bathhouse 4 x 3 m

As for the floor, it is recommended to make it pouring. An edged or grooved board mounted with a slope is suitable for its device. The layout provides for the division of the frame-panel bath into several rooms. The partitions between them are made of wood. If the bath is heated by a stone stove, a separate foundation is made for it.

Turnkey price of frame-panel board sauna

Given the construction technology, the cost of a frame-panel bath is always lower than the price of a structure built by any other method. Before making an order, you should ask the manufacturer about the provision of additional services. Such as installation of a stove, roofing, installation of a chimney. Given the high assembly speed, no more than 7 days pass from the day of order to the start of operation of the panel bath.

Taking into account that frame-panel baths are inexpensive, the customer can afford to choose any of the presented projects. This also applies to those whose budget is rather limited.

Manufacturers offer several configuration versions:

  • turnkey object - factory assembly of walls and partitions, finishing of facades and internal walls;
  • finishing in a rough version - facing either the facade or only the internal walls;
  • without cladding - the object is only an assembly of panels.
The process of assembling a small frame-shield bath with a foundation on piles

The process of assembling a small frame-shield bath with a foundation on piles

Before you buy a frame-panel structure bath, you need to pay attention to the sandwich assembly diagram. Any deviations in the sequence of the arrangement of elements inside the sandwich panel may result in the rejection of the product of this manufacturer.If the finishing of the panels can be arranged independently, then the re-sorting of all panels for the correct arrangement of materials in them for their own money makes no sense.

The cost of a 6x4 frame-panel board is 308,100 rubles. The project provides wall and ceiling cladding with clapboard, facade - imitation of timber, floor - tongue-and-groove board 26 mm thick, roof - colored corrugated board, bath height - 2.4 m. possible at a price of 266,700 rubles.

Purchase of turnkey frame baths: projects and prices of structures

Many companies offer for sale ready-made projects of frame baths of various layouts and sizes. Not everyone has the opportunity to assemble and install the structure with their own hands: someone does not have the necessary skills, someone simply does not have time for self-assembly. By purchasing an inexpensive turnkey frame bath, you can save time, money and at the same time purchase a guarantee of the reliability of the building.

Turnkey frame sauna project 4x9 m with a relaxation room and a terrace

Turnkey frame sauna project 4x9 m with a relaxation room and a terrace

For the convenience of users, manufacturers post projects, photos and prices of frame baths on their websites. By visiting the site, you can find complete information about ready-made structures, indicating sizes, prices, specifications of materials and services included in the cost of the kit. If among the indicated projects you did not find a suitable one, it is possible to make additions to the existing drawings or to offer your own sketch, according to which the project will be executed.

A convenient search system allows you to quickly find your favorite option for an inexpensive turnkey frame bath. It is possible to search for a structure by appearance, size, layout, and also choose a model with a terrace or a residential attic. Companies offer services for the construction of the foundation, assembly of the structure on your territory, transportation of the object to the site. Seasonal discounts and other bonuses are not excluded when ordering a frame bath.

The prices of turnkey frame baths (for models from different manufacturers) are shown in the table:

Manufacturer Project name, dimensions, m price, rub.
For seasonal use For year-round use
SC "Estate" "Julia", 4x4 198100 273100
SC "Estate" "Fun", 6x6 315900 422900
Company "Country House" BK1644 with a veranda, 4x4 400100 The price for additional insulation is specified with the manager
Company "Country House" BK1568 with terrace, 6x4 495100 The price for additional insulation is specified with the manager
LLC "Master" "Lada", 6x3 340000
SC "Dachny Mir" KB-7 with an attic and a terrace, 6x9 590100
SC "Teremok" B6607, 6x6 315100
SC "Teremok" B6901, 6x9 600100


The price of the basic set of frame baths does not include the cost of the stove. Manufacturers offer the customer several modifications of sauna stoves. It is possible to install your own version of the furnace or boiler.

Useful advice! The cost of installing heating equipment can be discussed with the working team before buying a turnkey frame bath.

Where to buy a house kit for a small frame bath

It is much easier to build a frame bath with your own hands, using a kind of construction kit - a house kit, which includes all large-format elements for construction. The main components of the frame bath house kit are beams and panels. You can use ready-made house kits only if there is a foundation. All components are sized (if necessary), assembled and secured to the base.

A ready-made small frame sauna from a bar, installed on a foundation of concrete posts

Finished small wireframe sauna from a barinstalled on a foundation of concrete posts

House sets of small frame baths have some advantages over permanently erected structures. Firstly, the compact size of the mini-bath allows you to install its structure even on a modest area. Secondly, it is possible to quickly disassemble the structure and transport it to another place.Thirdly, the presence of internal wiring of communications allows you to quickly connect and immediately use the bath for its intended purpose.

Prefabricated house kits are accompanied by bath projects with assembly drawings and architectural sections. At the request of the customer, the company can offer services for obtaining permits and obtaining technical specifications for electricity, gas, and water supply. A package of all permits is attached to the standard project.

Usually, the lowest cost of kits is with those organizations that independently manufacture all components. Thanks to the factory assembly and fitting of panels, which is more than 70% of the cost of all work, the price of installing a bath on the site is significantly reduced. The customer only needs to build an easy base, choose the best project and purchase a prefabricated house set of a frame bath, made in the factory.

Do-it-yourself frame bath of a small area

Wireframe bath small square, erected by hand

Useful advice! If this is your first time encountering frame technology, check out the materials on the Internet on how to build a frame bath with your own hands. The step-by-step instructions take into account all the stages and features of the installation.

You can buy a factory house set of a 6 * 6 frame bathhouse, the basic composition of which includes a foundation, 150 mm mineral wool insulation, finishing, electrical, plumbing and water supply, at a price of 442,900 rubles, for example, at the KarkasDom construction company. It is possible to buy only a project with working drawings, the cost of which is 7500 rubles.

Do-it-yourself frame bath: step-by-step construction instructions

When building a frame bath with your own hands, you should remember that this is not just a room where you can wash. This building should have internal and external harmony, consistent style and warm atmosphere. Due to its light weight, the frame bath does not need shrinkage, it can be erected at any time of the year. The use of advanced frame technology allows for structural reliability and durability. Use the tips from the video review on how to build a frame bath with your own hands: a step-by-step guide.

DIY 3x6 frame bath foundation: step by step instructions

Before building a frame bath, it is necessary to pre-select a place for the construction and prepare the site. The site is freed from trees, bushes, grass, unnecessary debris and stones that can interfere with the correct marking of the territory are removed. If there is a slope or unevenness in the relief, the site should be leveled: cut off the hills, and fill the grooves with soil to the required level.

The markings for the foundation of the bath are made using wooden pegs and a cord. All marking angles must be maintained and correspond to 90 °. As a rule, small structures of frame baths can be installed without a foundation. However, if clay soils prevail on the site, it will be useful to arrange a strip base.

To build a foundation, it is necessary to dig a ditch half a meter deep along the marking line, its width should be about 40 cm. Having installed the formwork, pour the foundation and place the pins in a soft solution to fix the strapping. After the concrete has set, they begin to lay the strapping beam.

Construction of a frame bath with your own hands. Step 1: arrangement of the foundation

Construction of a frame bath with your own hands. Step 1: arrangement of the foundation

Useful advice! Before assembling the structure, you must make sure that the concrete is ripe and dry: it is dried for 3-4 days, covered with polyethylene, then it is opened and kept for another couple of days.

The framework of the bath, which plays a bearing role, is erected from a wooden bar that has undergone antiseptic treatment. The cross-section of the timber is selected based on the bearing capacity and the insulation used. It should be clarified that the layer of thermal insulation located between the posts should not exceed the thickness of the timber itself.For the lower and upper strapping, as well as corner posts, a bar with a larger section is used than for intermediate supports.

The strapping starts from the corner of the foundation, using a 10x10 cm beam. The strapping beam in the corners is connected using the “in the paw” method and securely fixed with nails. Previously installed pins will help to avoid displacement of the bar. Before laying the strapping beam, the concrete surface of the base must be completely cut off with roofing felt. After that, braces are placed in the corners in the amount of 8 pcs.

Construction of a frame bath with your own hands. Step 2: building the frame

Construction of a frame bath with your own hands. Step 2: building the frame

Assembling the walls of the structure

It is more convenient to assemble the frame in an open area in the yard. The calculation of the spacing of the posts depends on the use of the cladding material. So that the sheathing sheets do not have to be adjusted and they form a dense wall, the step of the intermediate posts is taken equal to 60 cm. This distance is also suitable for installing insulation: its standard width is approximately the same. The insulation will be located between the racks and will support itself.

In places where openings will be located according to the project, the step can be increased by 35-40 cm. Where the frame will adjoin the lintels, it is necessary to install additional racks from the timber. In parallel with the installation of the racks, you can lay out the logs for the floor from a 15x5 cm board. All components of the frame are carefully assembled, leveled and connected. The space between the vertical supports is filled with heat-insulating material.

For the outer skin of the frame, I most often use a wagon board. But you can use other materials that the modern construction market offers: siding, block house, facing bricks, thermal panels. However, the bath, lined with clapboard, looks soundly and natural. The installation of the lining is carried out in a horizontal orientation, after having laid the waterproofing layer.

Construction of a frame bath with your own hands. Step 3: assembly and wall insulation

Construction of a frame bath with your own hands. Step 3: assembly and wall insulation

Many users post online photos of the stages of building a frame bath with their own hands. Photo reports will help you to visually familiarize yourself with the nuances of self-construction.

Thermal insulation scheme for a frame bath

One of the important points in the assembly of a frame bath is its thermal insulation. Both the selection of material and its installation should be approached with all responsibility. Mineral wool can be used as insulation. This material is characterized by high vapor permeability, it is non-combustible and walls with such insulation "breathe". This achieves the effect of a log bath.

It is possible to lay mineral fibers formed into slabs or rolls, but the first option is preferable. Insulation plates are laid between the racks. If in the corners of the frame niche the sheets are deformed and do not fit tightly, it is necessary to straighten the sheets with a knife. The insulation should be in close contact with the wooden frame elements along the entire perimeter, as well as with each other.

Useful advice! Experts recommend insulating the frame bath in two layers of 5 cm each: the first layer is made of insulation in the slabs, the second is made of rolled material. Thus, all the connecting lines will be covered.

Diagram of the internal structure of the walls of the frame bath

Diagram of the internal structure of the walls of the frame bath

A layer of waterproofing is placed between the insulation plates and the outer skin of the frame. For this, you can use, for example, Tektothen film. The fact is that during operation, the open insulation is partially blown through the ventilation gap, which leads to a decrease in the thickness of the insulation and a deterioration in its thermal insulation properties. Laying windproofing protection from a vapor-permeable membrane will guarantee the effectiveness of the heat-insulating layer.

On the inside, a vapor barrier is made of polyethylene aluminum foil. The joints of the film are glued with tape, after which they proceed to the interior decoration. The process of insulating the frame is quite laborious and requires careful execution.If you do not withstand the technology, over time, mineral wool can shrink, which will affect the thermal insulation parameters of the entire structure.

The video posted below will demonstrate in more detail the technology of thermal insulation of the structure during the construction of a frame bath.

Roof arrangement

For a small bathhouse, a gable or hipped roof is suitable. More simple in execution - gable. The rafter system of such a roof is made of 15x5 cm wooden beams. For convenience and safety, all structural elements should be assembled on the ground. In order to avoid mistakes during assembly, it is recommended to make a layout, the shape of which will repeat all the rafter elements.

In order to make a layout, it is necessary to connect the upper ends of the two rafters with a nail. The lower edges of the rafter legs are placed and secured at the points where the supports are planned. The resulting figure is secured with a transverse crosspiece - a crossbar. The crossbar is connected to the rafter legs using screws.

When all the trusses have been assembled, begin installing them in place. The first step is to fix the front elements, between which a construction cord is pulled for a reference point. Its location will coincide with the line of the roof ridge. The rest of the elements are mounted according to its level. The step between the trusses is usually 1.2 m, although it can be changed up or down.

Construction of a frame bath with your own hands. Step 4: arranging the roof

Construction of a frame bath with your own hands. Step 4: arranging the roof

Useful advice! When taking the step of the rafter legs, it is necessary to take into account the location of the chimney. It should be centered between the rafters.

When installing each of the trusses, the verticality of the installation should be checked using a plumb line. If there are deviations from the vertical, it is necessary to align their position with a lining under the rafter leg of pieces of the board of the appropriate thickness. Next, arrange the crate. If ondulin or other soft material will be used as a roof covering, the distance between the elements of the sheathing should be no more than 1 cm.

The roof is insulated with the materials used for the thermal insulation of the frame. The roof is covered with roofing material. The ridge is protected with a corner made of galvanized sheet or a factory-made element.

Scheme of warming the ceiling of a frame bath

Scheme of warming the ceiling of a frame bath

Floor arrangement and finishing

The peculiarity of the floors in the bath is that their design can be different depending on the purpose of the room in which they are laid. In rooms that are in direct contact with water, a pouring floor is arranged. Its design is a flooring of boards, between which gaps are left for the passage of drains into the ground. There is no need to insulate such floors.

The construction of the floor of the frame bath begins with laying the log. If the distance between the control points is more than 3 m, it is recommended to erect the support posts. In places of contact between the lag and the tape base and posts, waterproofing from several layers of roofing material is used. Boards are mounted on the logs.

Useful advice! To be able to dry the pouring floor, its floorboards are not fixed to the logs.

Construction of a frame bath with your own hands. Step 5: flooring

Construction of a frame bath with your own hands. Step 5: flooring

Boards in the construction of a pouring floor are placed with a gap of 3 to 4 mm. The gap should also be between the flooring line and the bathhouse wall (about 2 cm). If the soil under the structure is sandy, you can limit yourself to backfilling a layer of gravel 25 cm. The distance from the surface of the gravel to the subfloor should be 10-12 cm. If the soil is clayey, it is necessary to build a sump from which water will be directed to the drain pit.

For recreation premises, a floor of a "leak-proof" structure is installed. His device begins with a sub-floor of two rows of boards. A continuous flooring of pine boards is laid on top. At first, they are simply baited.And only when all the interior finishing work is completed and the room is thoroughly dried, the floor boards are finally adjusted and completely fixed.

It should be noted that the floorboards should be sloped towards the collection point for waste water and drainage. A hole is made at the lowest point of the wooden flooring, it is connected to a drain siphon. A non-leaking floor needs insulation, which is placed in front of the finishing coating.

Diagram showing the correct flooring in the steam room

Diagram showing the correct flooring in the steam room

Video: do-it-yourself frame baths from foundation to roof

For those who first encountered the construction of a frame bath, it is very important not only to get acquainted with the step-by-step installation instructions, but also to get a clear idea of ​​all stages of construction. On the Internet, you can find dozens of training videos on how to build a frame bath with your own hands. Video materials contain a lot of useful information and can become a kind of reference point in the production of work.

By studying the video instructions, you can learn about the features of laying and types of foundations for the construction of a bath, as well as the advisability of using one or another type of foundation. Here you can get answers to all the questions that arise that relate to strapping, installation of the frame, roofing and equipping the bath with one or another heating equipment.

Watching video tutorials will help you find out useful recommendations regarding the use of material for insulation and its installation. After all, the main thing for a bath is heat, which must be preserved inside the structure. Professional advice will help you correctly distribute and install the insulation, depending on the seasonal use of the bath, which will affect the durability and appearance of the structure.

Construction of a frame bath with your own hands. Step 6: exterior and interior decoration

Construction of a frame bath with your own hands. Step 6: exterior and interior decoration

Many videos are devoted to the section of finishing the frame bath. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of various decorating materials. Consultations of experienced craftsmen will reveal the features and performance properties of each type of material. Practical advice from those who built and uses their own frame bath will also be useful.

Although construction using frame technology is not particularly difficult, the basic recommendations are worth familiarizing yourself with. Some videos contain information about the most common mistakes when building a bath. Viewing the material will help to avoid them in the future. This will guarantee the rapid construction of a reliable and durable structure.