Greenhouses made of arches with a covering material are very popular, as they have a simple design, light weight and are excellent for installation both in large greenhouses and in the open field. The length of such a greenhouse can be from 4 to 10 m, so it is not difficult to choose the right option. In addition, in addition to acquiring a ready-made structure, you can also consider the option of its own production.

Arc greenhouses with covering material: an overview of the best models

Greenhouse from arcs with covering material

Greenhouses made of arcs with covering material: design features

The design of a greenhouse made of arcs and covering material is always quite primitive. It is an arched frame that is covered with a material suitable for this purpose, usually plastic wrap or non-woven fabric. The height of the greenhouse is considered to be the distance from the ground to the top of any of the arches, and usually this figure is in the range from 0.5 to 1.3 m.

Greenhouse arc length

Greenhouse arc length


The optimal width of a greenhouse made of arcs is considered to be 0.6-1.2 m. The width directly depends on the length of the arc and the height of the structure, while the length determines the distance between the arcs and their number. The most popular are factory-made models, which are 4.6 or 8 m long.

Self-made greenhouse from arcs completely removes any restrictions from you, and you are free to make a greenhouse of absolutely any size. You just need to remember that a large structure will be less resistant to winds. This is especially true for those greenhouses that were made and PVC arches.

In addition, the design does not have to be primitive at all. For example, a drawing of Fedorov's greenhouse demonstrates that a much more complex and at the same time convenient structure can be made from the same arcs.

Scheme of a complex design of a greenhouse made of arcs with a covering material

Scheme of a complex design of a greenhouse made of arcs with a covering material

Why are greenhouses made of arcs with a covering material used?

There are a number of tasks that will help to solve a greenhouse from arcs with a covering material. Let's consider why it is worth buying a greenhouse under the film, and for solving what problems it can be used:

  • in regions where it is quite cold and the climate is not suitable for growing thermophilic plants, such greenhouses are used for thermophilic crops. It is important to understand here that the design must be suitable for large, adult plants, and not just seedlings.In this case, the film or canvas is fixed with the help of special clamps, which allow you to easily access the garden at any time;
  • another purpose of this type of greenhouse is the gradual adaptation of seedlings planted in open ground to external conditions and other temperatures. Thanks to the covering material, even very young plants will not be afraid of either night frosts or the scorching sun during the day. The structure can be easily disassembled immediately after the plants have taken root, which makes it possible not to transplant them;
Simple collapsible greenhouse made of arcs with covering material

Simple collapsible greenhouse made of arcs with covering material

  • in the spring, and especially in the early periods, when it is still too cold for plants, inside the greenhouse you can grow greens, radishes and other similar crops, getting a wonderful addition to your diet;
  • simple collapsible greenhouses made of arches are often used to stimulate seed germination. For example, if you sow carrots or parsnips, you will have to wait a long time for the first shoots in the open field. It's a completely different matter if you build a greenhouse around: the germination process will be 3 times faster;
  • use such simple greenhouses in cases where there is a risk of mass destruction of pests. The structure is simply assembled and dismantled immediately after you are sure that the threat has passed;
  • protecting crops from birds and animals is another purpose that an arc greenhouse does an excellent job. This may be useful, for example, during strawberry harvesting season when birds are a threat to your harvest. The film will become an insurmountable barrier for them, even if you only half cover the beds.
The greenhouse will protect the crop from pests and insects

The greenhouse will protect the crop from pests and insects

The process of assembling a finished greenhouse from arcs takes very little time and is quite simple. Each set contains special pegs that need to be driven into the ground, after which it remains only to attach arcs to them. The covering material is stretched from above and securely fixed with special clamps.

Useful advice! An even simpler option is to buy a greenhouse made of covering material, the arcs of which are sewn into the non-woven fabric. In this case, all that remains for you to do is to unfold the structure in the garden bed, put it in the right place and drive the pegs into the ground to ensure its stability.

What metal arcs for a greenhouse to buy: varieties of elements

Depending on the size of the future greenhouse, a different number of elements may be included in the factory kit. But, at the same time, each of the constituent parts can be bought separately so as not to overpay for the set if there is no need for it. In addition, it makes it possible to make an individual design, ideally suited to your site.

Greenhouse from arcs 1 meter wide

Greenhouse from arcs 1 meter wide

Depending on the characteristics, you can purchase the following types of arches from the greenhouse:

  • arcs, consisting of a 5 mm elastic wire, which is covered with a PVC sheath, which acts as a corrosion protection;
  • in the second case, the outer layer also consists of PVC, but steel pipes with a cross section of 10-12 mm are used as a base;
  • a cheaper option is plastic pipes, without a metal base. Usually their diameter is 20-25 cm.

To understand which materials are best suited for your purposes, you need to get an idea of ​​the properties and characteristics of each. Only then will it be possible to make the right decision.

Greenhouse made of plastic arcs and film

Greenhouse made of plastic arcs and film

Metal is the most durable, therefore it is metal arcs for a greenhouse that are considered the most reliable and easier to use than others. It is easy to stick them into the ground, and the material characteristics allow you not to worry about the arc being deformed. At the same time, the PVC sheath protects the metal from external factors, in particular, corrosion.

It goes without saying that the more durable the material is used for manufacturing, the higher the price of arches for the greenhouse will be. So, the cost of plastic is much lower than metal.

The positive aspects of plastic pipes include a higher level of flexibility. With their help, it is easier to form the frame of the desired shape, giving the greenhouse the desired width and height. But at the same time, bending the plastic pipe runs the risk of breaking it. And sticking it into the ground can be quite difficult. In order to do this, you need to use pegs driven into the ground in advance, which can be found on sale or even in a set for a greenhouse. Pieces of reinforcement are also suitable for this purpose.

The greenhouse covering material should be firmly fixed

The greenhouse covering material should be firmly fixed


As for the elements used for fastening the covering material, there are special plastic clips for this. They firmly fix the film on the frame. If you are making a greenhouse with your own hands, then the clips can be purchased separately in the required quantity. And in order to attach the edges of the covering material to the ground, special elements are provided - pegs with clamps that are driven into the ground.

Greenhouses made of arcs with covering material: prices and characteristics of structures

You can buy arches for a greenhouse, as well as all other necessary elements, either as a set or separately from each other. But if you want to save yourself the trouble, then the first option is, of course, preferable. Depending on how much space you plan to set aside for a greenhouse, you can choose the right set.

Ready-made greenhouses are easier to assemble and practically do not have to bother with their installation. The only thing you have to face is the impossibility of modifying the factory model in any way. It is not possible to change the distance between arcs. This is especially true for those structures in which the arcs are sewn into the canvas. Let's consider which of the models are most popular: their features and characteristics.

Greenhouses with arched structures

Greenhouses with arched structures

Greenhouse Dayas: customer reviews and model characteristics

The Dayas structure was once created to cover the beds, which consists of plastic arcs fixed inside the canvas. The length of each arc is 2 m and its section is 20 mm. So that the arch can be easily installed, there are special pegs of 20 mm each at both ends of the arch. It is very easy to stick them into the ground, after which the structure will be held securely.

This greenhouse has a sectional design, which allows you to change its length depending on your own desire. Using the basic kit, you can make a Dayas with a length of 4 to 6 m.At the same time, its height will always be 0.7 m, and its width - 1.2 m. Provided there are 4 sections, the cost of the structure is about 1,590 rubles.

Useful advice! In order to fix the canvas in the raised position, you will need special plastic clips. In this case, the manufacturer provides it in the kit, but if you wish, you can buy them yourself.

Dayas greenhouses

Greenhouses "Dayas"

Plant care is made easier by the ability to move the cover sheet upward in arcs. This is due to the fact that the material easily moves along the arcs, although it is sewn to them. The greenhouse covering material offered in the kit has a width of 2.1 m.

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“While choosing a greenhouse, I realized that you can read both the most positive and terrible reviews about almost any design. The summer cottage, which I wanted to order initially, I could not buy, so I opted for Dayas. An excellent simple design that is fully functional for itself. "

Anna Semakova, Sochi

Arc greenhouse with a stable covering material

Arc greenhouse with a stable covering material

Greenhouse Agronomist: customer reviews and model characteristics

This arc greenhouse with a covering material has quite a few similarities with the previous model. Just like Dayas, its frame consists of plastic pipes with a cross section of 20 mm. The same 20 cm pegs are used as fasteners.

Since the length of each arch is 2 m, the height of the finished structure can be 0.7-0.9 m, depending on how you install the arches. Another quality characteristic of both the previous model and the Agronomist is sectionalism, which allows changing the length of the structure - from 4 to 6 m. Of course, this does not affect the cost either. The price of the models is 750 and 950 rubles, respectively.

As for the covering material, this model uses high-quality Agrotex-42 canvas, which has been repeatedly noted with positive user reviews.

Greenhouse Agronomist

Greenhouse "Agronomist"

“When I was choosing a greenhouse for my dacha, I knew for sure that I didn't want to mess with the film. It is too thin, and it seems to me that it would tear all the time. Therefore, I chose among the models that come with a non-woven material for a greenhouse. Agronomist suited me perfectly. No hassle with installation and assembly, no need to think about how to fix the film on a greenhouse from arcs. So this is a great model for those who don't want to mess around. "

Victor the Great, Belgorod

Greenhouse Snowdrop: customer reviews and model characteristics

Greenhouse Snowdrop from the manufacturer BashAgroPlast is an extremely popular model, which is available in four different sizes - 3, 4, 6 and 8 m. Like many other models, the frame of this product is made of polyvinyl chloride tubes with a cross section of 20 mm. Also included is a non-woven covering material for the greenhouse - spunbond or "SUF-42".

Greenhouse Snowdrop

Greenhouse "Snowdrop"

In general, the positive characteristics of this greenhouse include lightness, ease of installation, high quality of the covering material, which is resistant, including to the effects of ultraviolet radiation, and not too high cost of the structure - from 700 rubles. But in order to fully appreciate the existing picture, it is worth considering the positive reviews about the Snowdrop greenhouse. Bad reviews also have their place and are worth paying attention to.

“In my opinion, an excellent design, as for the money. Even without any experience, it was enough for me to watch the video of the installation of the Snowdrop greenhouse once to understand everything. Very convenient and easy to fold if needed. I am very satisfied. "

Maria Belova, Volgograd

Greenhouse frame made of metal arcs

Greenhouse frame made of metal arcs

“I decided to buy a greenhouse Snowdrop to protect the seedlings if frosts suddenly come in the middle of spring. I installed it, completely confident that nothing threatens my plants. And in the morning I saw that more than half were simply frozen! It turns out that buying a greenhouse under a film does not at all mean solving the problem of spring frosts? Or maybe I was just unlucky. In any case, I am disappointed with the acquisition. "

Vladimir Sysoev, Moscow

In addition to the considered models, there are several more that are very popular due to their characteristics. For example, the reviews about the spring greenhouse are only positive. The same applies to the greenhouse Rich harvest, reviews of which perfectly demonstrate why it is worth buying just such a design.

Greenhouse Rich harvest

Greenhouse "Rich harvest"

DIY construction features: greenhouse arches and covering material

In order to build a greenhouse yourself, you need to know several important nuances. First of all, this concerns how to make arcs for the greenhouse with your own hands and how to fix the covering material on the arches of the greenhouse. To solve the first problem, plastic pipes with a diameter of 20 mm or metal rods of 10 mm are used. You can also combine materials and use a flexible hose, inside which a rod from a vine or a metal wire with a cross section of 6 mm is inserted.

The algorithm for making a greenhouse with your own hands is as follows:

  • decide on the size of the arches of the future greenhouse, as a rule, 1.2 m is enough. But the height directly depends on what crops you plan to grow, and what height they can reach;
When installing a greenhouse, it is important to firmly fix the arcs

When installing a greenhouse, it is important to firmly fix the arcs

  • as a base, a rectangular box is made from a wooden bar or boards, the size of which corresponds to the size of the beds. The ideal height of the box is considered to be 15 cm. And it is best to use oak or larch wood for this purpose, since they are less prone to decay processes than others. The resulting structure is installed in the place where the beds will be;
  • if you decide to make a frame from plastic pipes, then you need to understand that they are quite flexible and can easily bend under the influence of wind or other loads. In order to solve this problem, you should think about sealing the frame. For this purpose, you need two 50x50 beams, which must be installed in the central part of the box. Then you need to connect them with a board, in which holes are then drilled, slightly larger in diameter than the arcs themselves;
  • plastic pipes are cut into pieces, the size of which corresponds to the size of the future arch, after which they are passed through the holes made in the board. It remains only to bend the pipes into arches and attach their ends to the box. This can be done using ordinary self-tapping screws and clamps, or using a perforated metal tape. Another option is to hammer pieces of reinforcement into the ground, and put arcs on them;
Greenhouse covering material must be firmly fixed

Greenhouse covering material must be firmly fixed

  • the selected covering material is cut in such a way that 2 fragments are obtained, suitable in size for the ends of the frame. In this case, you need to leave an attack of about 20 cm. Using the previously mentioned plastic clamps, the material is fixed to the pipes. Then you need to cut off another large piece, which will cover the entire greenhouse at once. The allowance that needs to be left is 50 cm. Having spread the material on the frame, it is fixed with the same clamps.

Useful advice! To provide additional fixation to the covering material, you can nail it to the top bar. In this case, it is important to use a cover strip so as not to damage the canvas.

The allowance left is used to press the material to the ground. This can be done with any weight that does not have sharp edges. Otherwise, a gust of wind may damage the coating.

Arc greenhouse covered with cellophane film

Arc greenhouse covered with cellophane film

Also, many are wondering which covering material is best for a greenhouse? It is worth noting here that plastic wrap is considered the cheapest option, although you cannot count on it to last more than one or two seasons. Much more reliable is non-woven fabric. With a density of 42 g / m², it is able to withstand quite serious loads and provide plants with proper protection.

When deciding whether to buy a greenhouse with arcs and covering material, you need to try to take into account as many user reviews as possible, and at the same time, as objectively as possible, consider all the characteristics of structures and their compliance with the operating conditions that you have.