Despite the fact that stretch ceilings have been used for about 50 years, their popularity is growing, new possibilities for decoration, fastening and design appear. The demand is associated with the versatility of use in any interior and the speed of installation. The existing variety of types, textures and colors is constantly being supplemented with new variations. It is often difficult to decide which stretch ceilings to install: photos will help you make the right choice.

Stretch ceilings: photos that will help you choose the best option for each room

The popularity of stretch ceilings is increasing every day

Why stretch structures are chosen most often: photo of ceiling designs

When carrying out repairs, many users wonder what stretch ceilings are and how they are made. A stretch ceiling is a special fabric mounted on a frame made of aluminum or plastic, which is manufactured at the factory. To obtain large structures, an HFC machine is used, which firmly welds small elements of the film. On the Internet you can find educational videos "How to make stretch ceilings", which will help those who are interested in dealing with the process.

Stretch ceilings are versatile because they are suitable for any premises

Stretch ceilings are versatile because they are suitable for any premises

The main advantage of modern stretch ceilings is their variety. Arched, wavy and multi-level canvases are available for sale, structures with blinking "stars" or in the form of clouds made of thin elastic material stretched on an aluminum frame. Realization of such fantasies from other materials will cost many times more.

Helpful advice! Most designers argue that it is with the help of the stretch ceiling design that it will be possible to fill the room with an individual atmosphere and bring a certain zest to the room design.

Stretch ceilings are popular due to their ease of installation

Stretch ceilings are popular due to their ease of installation

In addition, beautiful stretch ceilings are relatively light: with an area of ​​30 m², the material together with the fastening system weighs only about 10 kg. But this option, especially when using glossy materials, requires uniform tension, and this can only be done by people with certain experience.

The main advantages of installing a stretch ceiling

Using different textures of the ceiling surface: matte and glossy, satin and pearl, velvet or embossed - it will turn out to achieve incredible combinations. The choice of texture and color depends on the personal preference of the client. Considering various photos of stretch ceiling designs, you can draw attention to the fact that matte and satin ceilings do not shine, they look like perfectly plastered and evenly painted surfaces.

Such ceilings are characterized by a huge variety of types

Such ceilings are characterized by a huge variety of types

A similar effect can be achieved by leveling the ceiling using a plasterboard structure, which is time-consuming and not less costly in terms of total cost. But cleaning after installing the plasterboard ceiling will take a lot of time.

Other advantages of using a stretch ceiling are:

Stretch ceilings differ in affordable cost, on average 1 m2 costs 500 rubles

Stretch ceilings are affordable, on average 1 m² costs 500 rubles

  1. Attractive appearance. The canvas retains its pristine condition and color saturation for a long period, which allows the room to look attractive.
  2. Long service life. Quality canvases are guaranteed for up to 20 years.
  3. Durability and safety. The peculiarities of the canvas allow keeping water in case of flooding by neighbors, and the materials used are harmless to the health of the residents.
  4. Affordable cost. On average, the price of a stretch ceiling for 1m2, made by a European manufacturer, is about 500 rubles, but Chinese products for 170 rubles are also available for purchase.
  5. Convenient zoning. Thanks to the use of different colors or patterns, it is easy to divide the room into separate functional zones without additional items.
  6. Big choice. Manufacturers offer in their catalogs a large assortment of canvases that differ in texture and color, as well as products with beautiful patterns.
  7. High speed of installation. Most firms install the canvas, regardless of the parameters, during the working day. It takes no more than a week to make a canvas of the required size.
This type of ceiling is durable and strong.

This type of ceiling is durable and strong.

Stretch ceilings: reviews, main disadvantages, what to look for when buying

Basically, the owners of stretch ceilings are happy with them and highlight only the positive aspects of using structures, but, like any product, stretch ceilings have their drawbacks. The specificity of the installation is considered a significant design flaw, because stretch ceilings are made using a special heating device, which requires certain skills and tools to work with. Other disadvantages of stretch ceilings:

Users note mainly the positive aspects of such ceilings.

Users note mainly the positive aspects of such ceilings.

  1. The design takes 10-12 cm from the ceiling height. Therefore, installation is not recommended in low rooms.
  2. The ability of some canvases to block water and air. This leads to the fact that the steam exchange in the room is disturbed, therefore it is necessary to carry out ventilation more often.
  3. It is undesirable to use the film in a room with a temperature below 5 and above 50 ºC.
  4. If you do not take care of the canvas, stains will form on it, which are difficult to clean.

In order for beautiful ceilings to last longer, you should take into account the characteristics of the premises where they are planned to be installed when buying. If, for example, we are talking about a bathroom, one must take into account the effect of constant humidity on the ceiling and the possibility of water droplets getting on it. In addition, a certain risk cannot be ruled out, as the bathroom may be flooded by neighbors living on the floor above. Another feature of this room is the change in temperature, which also negatively affects many finishing materials.

Stretch ceilings are not recommended for use in low rooms

Stretch ceilings are not recommended for use in low rooms

The surface of the kitchen ceiling must be resistant not only to moisture, but also to grease and oil vapors, as well as to high temperatures. It is recommended that the ceilings in living rooms are made of environmentally friendly materials that do not emit toxic fumes into the environment and do not contribute to the accumulation of dust.

What are stretch ceilings: photos of design options

Tension structures are continuous canvases stretched under the base of the ceiling. For installation, an aluminum or plastic profile is used. Most often, PVC film or synthetic textiles are used to create the main coating, so the price of stretch ceilings with installation is available to most users.

Fabric stretch ceilings look stylish and presentable

Fabric stretch ceilings look stylish and presentable

As for the texture, the most common canvases are:

  • matte;
  • satin;
  • glossy (mirror);
  • fabric;
  • with photo printing.
Glossy ceiling is a great solution if you want to expand the room in height

Glossy ceiling is a great solution if you want to expand the room in height

A matte ceiling is characterized by a perfectly flat surface, which is very similar to a high-quality plastered one. The main difference between this material is the absence of shine, glare and refraction of the light flux. They also became popular due to the fact that the joints formed when several canvases are welded together are invisible on the matte surface. As the photos of stretch ceiling designs in the hall, bedroom, corridor and other rooms demonstrate, the material is ideal for creating any interior style, but it fits especially well into the classic design.

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Stretch ceiling glossy: mirror shine and additional volume in the room

The main advantages and disadvantages of the installation. Types of materials and popular color options. How to care for a stretch ceiling.

Glossy canvas is recommended for use in rooms that cannot boast of high ceilings. A mirrored surface that reflects the interior will help visually expand the boundaries of the room, make the room light and festive. Regardless of the chosen color of the stretch ceiling, the film beats off artificial and daylight well. For these reasons, it is most often used for various imitations on the ceiling.

Satin fabric is considered to be something between matte and glossy film. A characteristic feature of the ceiling is its pearlescent sheen, which gives the room a delicate shine, reminiscent of the sparkle of silk or pearls. The absence of harsh glare or shadows makes the stretch ceiling ideal for organizing a cozy and comfortable atmosphere that allows you to have a good rest and spend time with your family.

The main advantages of the fabric ceiling are installation without preliminary heating and the absence of seams on the canvas. Due to the large width of the material (from 3 to 5 m per roll), it is easy to find the right size for a spacious room. Another advantage of the fabric ceiling over PVC film is the ability to use the material in unheated rooms, because the peculiarities of production increase the resistance of the fabric to low temperatures. This allows you to decorate with such a canvas ceilings in the country, in the closet or even in the garage.

Patterned ceilings will help to embody the brightest ideas in the interior

Patterned ceilings will help to embody the brightest ideas in the interior

Photo printing on the ceiling is an amazing opportunity to embody even the most daring design ideas in the room. High quality color and image reproduction will help create vibrant interiors. If you turn to the photo of stretch ceilings with a picture, you can most often find images such as:

  • world maps;
  • animals;
  • butterflies;
  • landscapes;
  • megacities;
  • pictures from cartoons;
  • starry or cloudy sky;
  • various abstractions.

How to decide on a color when creating a ceiling design

A stretch ceiling is a part of the interior, so it should harmoniously fit into the overall style.When creating a stretch ceiling design, it is important to choose the optimal color that will not be annoying and will emphasize the interior features in the room.

The color of the stretch ceiling should emphasize the design of the room and not irritate the residents

The color of the stretch ceiling should emphasize the design of the room and not irritate the residents

Helpful advice! The price practically does not change depending on the color of the canvas, only in some cases white canvases are slightly cheaper than colored ones. But in general, how much a stretch ceiling costs is influenced only by the name of the company that made the canvas and the chosen structure.

When choosing a shade for a stretch fabric, designers recommend paying attention to the following points:

  1. Cold colors visually expand the space. For example, light green and blue visually raise the ceiling.
  2. Warm shades narrow the room, so it is undesirable to install such ceilings in small rooms. In addition, warm tones bring comfort, for example, studying photos of stretch ceilings in the bedroom, you can pay attention to how amazing coral or peach canvases look.
  3. White is a versatile solution and a win-win if the room is already full of crisp details. It should be noted that the white glossy ceiling "absorbs" the surrounding colors - the shade of the walls, floors, curtains, which must be taken into account.

Most often in interiors you can find the following ceilings:

When choosing a color, you need to remember that warm colors visually narrow the room, and cold colors expand

When choosing a color, you need to remember that warm colors visually narrow the room, and cold colors expand

  1. Blue. Calms, relaxes, resembles the sea. The blue ceiling is ideal for bedrooms and lounges.
  2. Yellow green. Pleasant colors, symbolizing joy, additionally stimulate the brain and help improve digestion.
  3. Pink. A romantic shade that embodies purity of thought, happiness and romance.
  4. Brown. The color of stability and decency. Best suited for rooms with classic interiors.
  5. Turquoise. Associated with aqua. Visually changes the perception of space, fills the atmosphere with freshness, coolness and romance. Most often found in Mediterranean interiors and in Provence style.
  6. Orange. It creates an emotional atmosphere in the room, brings notes of exoticism and originality to the room.
  7. Red. A heart made on a glossy canvas looks very impressive in the room of a young couple.

Selection of patterned stretch ceilings and lighting arrangement

Considering a large number of photos of stretch ceilings with photo printing, you can pay attention to the fact that, in addition to shades, various motives are also used to create attractive interiors:

  1. Flowers and plants. They fill the room with lightness and pleasant mood.
  2. Landscapes. Perfectly combined with discreet monochromatic wallpaper, they bring natural freshness to the room.
  3. Animals and insects. They add naturalness and naturalness to the design of the room, while looking very extravagant and unusual.
  4. The use of openwork ornaments. Such designs will always attract attention, fill the room with charm and extreme lightness. Rooms with openwork ceilings look neat and stylish.
If desired, you can order a canvas with any images or patterns

If desired, you can order a canvas with any images or patterns

Design Tips! In an interior full of details and accessories, it is better to install stretch ceilings in a neutral color. Despite this, dark shades blend well with contrasting furnishings, bringing unusual features to the room. So, recently, when creating modern interiors, black, burgundy and dark blue stretch ceilings have become widespread.

When viewing pictures of ceilings, you can notice that correct lighting is very important for creating a complete picture. In addition to the main light source, it is desirable to emphasize the ceiling with the help of additional lamps.

The ideal solution is considered to be LED spotlights, which are not able to heat up and deform the stretch film even after prolonged use in the switched on state. It is possible to distribute small lamps both along the perimeter of the ceiling, in a zigzag manner, and along the contour of the canvas, if it is distinguished by smooth bends. The ceiling, complemented by small lamps, always looks attractive and laconic. At the same time, it is recommended to install control switches so that you can choose the lighting level depending on the time of day or the individual needs of the residents of the room.

To create a special effect, you can think of a pattern on the ceiling with a built-in LED strip that frames some part of the canvas or a certain large pattern. Diode light sources can be successfully combined with wall decoration. Designers consider it a good solution to illuminate a tension structure that smoothly passes onto the wall.

Thanks to the drawings on the canvas, you can make the ceiling an accent piece of the room

Thanks to the drawings on the canvas, you can make the ceiling an accent piece of the room

Features of creating one- and two-level stretch ceilings: photos of interiors

One should not think that single-level ceilings look simple and unattractive. On the contrary, many people focus on the fact that with the help of a canvas stretched along the entire perimeter of the ceiling, it turns out to create a laconic and elegant addition to the interior. Moreover, with low ceilings, it will not be possible to perform a multi-level structure, because you need to "take" at least 10-15 cm from the total height of the room.

Installing a single-level ceiling does not mean at all that you will have to be content with a simple monochromatic design. The advantage of stretch ceilings is precisely that they can be supplemented with a variety of decorations. For example, after applying pictures to a stretch ceiling, it will turn out to transform the room beyond recognition, visually add volume and space to it.

A common design option for a single-level ceiling is the starry sky, which looks spectacular not only in the nursery, but also in the bedroom. If you use different versions, you will be able to achieve the effect of a floating ceiling using halogen or diode lighting. Using a fluorescent dye or fiber optic, you can create truly twinkling stars. When it comes to visual zoning, designers prefer to use a multi-colored canvas.

Multi-level structures are characterized by the complexity of installation, but they are distinguished by a large number of design solutions. Here there is the possibility of choosing a color palette, various configurations and arrangement of tiers, which will play the role of visual zoning of space.

Stretch ceilings can be single-level or consist of several tiers

Stretch ceilings can be single-level or consist of several tiers

When creating a multi-level structure, it is important to follow the rule of color combination. For example, such a technique is popular when the main color of the canvas with a printed pattern is observed on a monochromatic design. A universal option for combining multi-level ceilings is considered to be a white plasterboard tier in combination with a colored stretch canvas.

In a multi-tiered ceiling, lighting plays a decisive role, because a series of built-in spotlights makes accents exactly where they are needed, separating different functional areas in the nursery, living room or kitchen. In the photo of the two-level stretch ceilings in the hall, you can see that most often when decorating the interior, an LED strip is used, imperceptibly mounted along the perimeter of the blue ceiling, creating the effect of a soaring sky.

In the production of carved stretch ceilings, several layers of canvases are used that differ in texture or color, which are stretched mainly parallel to each other.In this case, perforation is performed using a laser plotter. The appearance of the tensile structure is determined by the design of the cutouts and their placement on the surface.

Most often, patterns or graphic ornaments are applied to create a design, and asymmetric or mirror compositions also look beautiful. The price of a stretch ceiling per m² will be significantly higher than the cost of a conventional version. In this case, the price per m² (with installation) will be in the range of 1100 to 2500 rubles, but a room with such ceilings looks exclusive and very unusual.

For a multi-level ceiling, it is important to think over the lighting correctly

For a multi-level ceiling, it is important to think over the lighting correctly

Photo of stretch ceilings for the bedroom and kitchen space

When choosing the design of ceilings for a hall, bedroom or any other room, it will be useful to look through a selection of photographs on the Internet - this will help you get interesting ideas. Moreover, a large number of completed projects of various premises are freely available. The choice of color and design of the ceiling should be commensurate with the overall style of the room and the home as a whole, unless the goal is to make the top of the room an accent and standout detail that will attract all the attention.

Kitchen space refers to rooms where it is always appropriate to install stretch ceilings. Condensation does not form on the film, the canvas does not absorb any odors, and in case of stains, it is easy to get rid of them with a soft sponge dipped in ordinary soapy water.

The design of the stretch ceiling of the kitchen can be performed in almost any style, and the ceiling itself can be multi-level, which will neatly hide any communications, if necessary. By using different levels and combining materials and colors, it is easy to divide the kitchen into functional spaces. Judging by the photo of stretch ceilings in the kitchen, it is most important to use multi-level ceilings in studio apartments, where the allocation of an area for relaxation, cooking and eating is a mandatory task.

Helpful advice! Experts do not advise choosing glossy white canvases for the kitchen, because even the smallest dirt will be visible on them.

Glossy ceilings are not recommended for the kitchen, as dirt is better visible on them, which cannot be avoided

Glossy ceilings are not recommended for the kitchen, as dirt is better visible on them, which cannot be avoided

Various photos of stretch ceilings for the kitchen show that if you want to make the top of the room light, then it is better to give preference to matte beige options or order canvases in the shade of baked milk. Kitchen ceilings, matched to the tone of the headset or combined with wall decoration, look beautiful in the photo. In this case, the room looks the most harmonious.

When decorating a bedroom, it should be remembered that the main purpose of a room is rest and relaxation. Therefore, the interior should be calm, pacifying and attuning to a restful sleep. You should not install glossy ceilings in the bedroom, because the light of lanterns or car headlights will bounce off the surface, which will become a source of unnecessary glare at night.

It is best to order a matte stretch ceiling, the cost of which is low, or a more expensive satin canvas with an attractive texture. As for color, most people prefer pastel colors. If you have the desire and courage to experiment, you can make an imitation of the starry sky on the ceiling, favorably emphasized with the help of competent lighting, or choose a canvas with photo printing.

How to choose stretch ceilings in the living room, nursery, bathroom and hallway

When choosing a stretch ceiling in the hall, you can safely give preference to multi-level structures. In this room, it is appropriate to use the original photo printing, complemented by beautiful illumination using a variety of small lamps and a massive luxurious chandelier. The main thing is to correctly assess the surface area so as not to overdo it with lighting.When choosing a color, one should start from the general interior and the size of the room:

Both single-level and multi-tiered ceilings fit well into living rooms.

Both single-level and multi-tiered ceilings fit well into living rooms.

  1. In a large hall, massive structures and rich shades that will focus on themselves will look good.
  2. In a small living room, it is better to arrange a plasterboard frame made around the perimeter, which will be complemented by a glossy white or blue ceiling. The most often seen in the photo are stretch ceilings for a hall in an apartment, imitating a clear sky.

A bathroom is a room with high humidity and constant temperature fluctuations, therefore, when choosing a stretch fabric, it is better to give preference to PVC film, which can not lose its original appearance for 10 years or more. To prevent water droplets from being visible on the stretch ceiling in the bathroom, it is recommended to choose satin or matte canvases, although condensation will not collect on glossy materials.

The hallway and corridor usually cannot boast of large dimensions, as a rule, these are cramped rooms of a small area. Therefore, the best option in this situation is to install a mirrored glossy light ceiling that can reflect light and visually increase the space. To make a cramped room look more spacious and comfortable, the color of the ceiling should be several shades lighter than other surrounding surfaces. You can double the effect with built-in spotlights.

The children's room in any case should be bright and light. High-quality PVC canvases will help create a fairy tale on any ceiling. You can use a solid canvas with photo printing in the room or combine it with drywall. If the child is old enough, he should be involved in the process of creating the ideal ceiling for him.

For a large hallway, it is appropriate to use both glossy and matte canvases.

For a large hallway, it is appropriate to use both glossy and matte canvases.

Important! The main condition when choosing a canvas for a nursery is to check the availability of certificates for the product, confirming the quality and absence of chemicals in the composition that negatively affect the health of the child.

The choice of stretch ceiling depending on the style of the interior

Today, it is popular to use different styles when creating a room interior. Some people prefer mixing different directions to get an exclusive design. In this case, you need to have a unique sense of style in order not to get a lurid or too colorful room.

Stretch ceilings fit perfectly not only in modern interiors, but also in classic ones

Stretch ceilings fit perfectly not only in modern interiors, but also in classic ones

The younger generation prefers modern styles for home decoration, which can be both bright and laconic:

  1. High tech. An ultra-modern trend that prefers glossy PVC ceilings. In this case, it is appropriate to use a canvas with a metallic sheen or to make ceilings that have regular geometric shapes, there is no place for smooth lines.
  2. Fusion. A modern style that favors creative ceilings. A variety of transitions, arches or bends are often found here. It is permissible to order ceilings of unusual colors, as well as with photo printing.
  3. Minimalism. Another modern style that does not accept excess. The ideal ceiling option in this case is a monochromatic glossy or matte canvas in a neutral shade. Most often it is white or silver.

Classics is a direction that will never lose its relevance, because it is a reflection of conservatism and traditions. When creating such an interior, it is appropriate to make monochromatic white ceilings with imitation of stucco, Venetian plaster, natural wood or stone. In addition to white, brown, beige and ivory are popular. In this case, you can use a fabric stretch ceiling, which is complemented by arches, bay windows or columns.

Stretch structures always look attractive and allow you to forget about repairs for a long time, which is the reason for the popularity of stretch ceilings. Videos showing the installation process prove that ceiling installation is a quick process that does not involve any dusty work. That is why the canvases are stretched at the final stage of the repair. Any room with a properly designed ceiling will look attractive, especially if you do not save on materials and deliberately choose the type of stretch fabric.