The benefits of water treatments for children have long been known. They temper the child's body, significantly reducing the risk of various diseases, and if the child does get sick, he quickly recovers, since a strong body is able to quickly cope with the disease. Children's pools for summer cottages will help make water activities regular in the summer season. In addition, inflatable children's pools with a slide will turn the wellness process into an exciting game and will delight the little ones.

Children's pools for summer cottages: lots of fun for toddlers

Water treatments are good for baby's health

Children's pools for summer cottages: models and advantages

Children's pools for summer cottages, due to their availability and ease of installation, are very popular among consumers. Inflatable structures can be placed in any convenient place on the site, when assembled, they fit in a regular bag, and you can take them with you when going on vacation or hiking. There are quite compact models that can be installed even in an apartment.

Assortment offered by manufacturers inflatable pools immensely wide. These are models of round, oval, square, rectangular and other intricate shapes. A variety of sizes and colors allows you to choose a suitable design of a particular volume in a single or multi-colored design. Models based on favorite children's cartoons are relevant.

Small children's pool with inflatable bottom

Small children's pool with inflatable bottom

By design, the pools are divided into the following types:

  • reservoir with an inflatable bottom;
  • model with an inflatable canopy;
  • container without a roof;
  • children's inflatable pool with a slide;
  • play center with slide and spray;
  • pool with seating and play elements (inflatable rattles, toys, stairs, etc.);
  • inflatable arena;
  • pool-house and many others.

Useful advice! Despite the fact that the walls of the children's pools are soft and safe, you should not leave your little ones unattended.

The modern market offers a wide selection of children's inflatable pools

The modern market offers a wide selection of children's inflatable pools

The photos of the children's pools for sale perfectly illustrate the variety of models and colors available. The popularity of inflatable structures is also due to a number of important advantages:

  • ease of installation - the inflatable reservoir can be installed anywhere without preliminary soil preparation;
  • unpretentious care - the product can be easily cleaned with harmless chemical compounds;
  • material safety - the pools are made of durable and environmentally friendly PVC, which has passed rigorous testing and meets the most stringent quality standards;
  • durability - inflatable structures are resistant to light impacts and sunlight;
  • affordable price - the cost of children's inflatable pools for summer cottages is acceptable to a wide range of buyers. In addition, systems of discounts and advantageous offers from manufacturers are widespread.

Children's pool with an inflatable canopy in the shape of a yawning fish

Children's inflatable pool with a slide for summer cottages

Children's inflatable pools with a slide are in demand among buyers. The popularity of these play complexes is explained by the fact that, in addition to water procedures, children can develop physical activity through an exciting game. The shallow depth of the bowl contributes to the rapid heating of the water, so the little ones can swim in the pool right after breakfast.

Children's complexes with a slide are made using advanced technologies from high-strength combined PVC that meets the most stringent safety requirements. The material combines in its composition polyester, nylon and synthetic rubber, making the product flexible, sealed and resistant to physical impact.

The presence of a slide in the pool will diversify the leisure of kids

The presence of a slide in the pool will diversify the leisure of kids

For a safe descent from the slide, the inflatable pools are equipped with a soft bottom, which eliminates the possibility of injury. Considering that a comfortable water temperature for babies should be about 28 ° C, various heaters can be used. They are specially designed for heating water in swimming poolswhen cloudy weather does not allow this to be achieved naturally.

To install a children's inflatable pool with a slide for a summer residence, they select any convenient and relatively flat place on the site. The product is freed from packaging, carefully unfolded, inflated with a pump and filled with water. The inflatable pool has a convenient drain valve, with which you can quickly and easily drain the water, then deflate the air and pack the product for storage or transportation.

Round inflatable pool with an attached slide

Round inflatable pool with an attached slide

More advanced models of inflatable swimming pools with a slide for children include:

  • pump with filter - designed to cleanse water from clogging. Filter made of heavy-duty paper fabric with many folds for high-quality filtration and equipped with a built-in chlorinator for a 2.5 cm tablet;
  • awning - used to protect water from evaporation. Made of durable material. Prevents falling into swimming pool foliage, fine litter, insects, and also protects from direct sunlight;
  • vacuum cleaner - serves to collect small debris that has fallen into the water and settled to the bottom. Equipped with telescopic aluminum handle and waste bag.
Children's pool with slide and inflatable toys

Children's pool with slide and inflatable toys

During operation, the children's complex with a slide should be regularly cleaned using special products for water in inflatable and artificial reservoirs. Large debris is removed with a net, the bottom and walls of the PVC structure are cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. Alternatively, you can use tablets for disinfection of pool water.

Useful advice! Chemicals for water purification are completely harmless, but if any of the children have allergic reactions, chlorination should be stopped.

Inflatable pool-slide for active recreation of children

Inflatable pool-slide for active recreation of children

Inflatable pool care

It is recommended to change the water in the pool in the country every three days, freeing the bowl from water through the drain valve. This water can be used to water the garden beds by connecting a garden hose to the valve. If there are frequent interruptions with water, it is necessary to use special chemical compositions for cleaning so that the water in the pool does not bloom.

In addition to cleaning, it is necessary to monitor the water level in the inflatable container, since when swimming in the pool, some of the water is spilled. You should also check the air pressure in the sides and other inflatable elements of the inflatable complex, pumping them up if necessary.

Round pool for summer cottages with original design

Round pool for summer cottages with original design

If the bottom of the bowl or the side of the pool is accidentally punctured, it is necessary to drain the water, release the air and dry the damaged area thoroughly. Then apply glue to it, glue the patch (included in each kit) and hold it under pressure for about 12-15 hours. An additional repair kit is available at inflatable pool and boat dealerships.

It will not be superfluous to get an awning that needs to cover the pool when not in use. This will keep the water from getting insects, debris, dust. In addition, the water protected by the awning will not evaporate and its temperature will remain.

Inflatable Dinosaur Pool with Arch and Sprayer

Inflatable pool "Dinosaur" with arch and spray

Useful advice! It is recommended to fold the material of the pool bowl evenly, trying to minimize the bending of the material.

Before sending the inflatable pool for seasonal storage, it should be thoroughly washed and dried well under the sun. All items must be carefully folded into a box and stored in a dry, well-ventilated area.

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Review and cost of popular inflatable pools

The huge range of offered inflatable children's pools for summer cottages complicates the selection of a suitable model somewhat. At the same time, each customer wants to buy the most functional product for their kids at a bargain price. The proposed review of current models and photos of children's pools will help you decide on a purchase.

Inflatable pool "Fly agaric"

An original, bright product with an inflatable bottom and a canopy in the form of an amanita cap, with low but wide enough sides. The material is heavy-duty vinyl. The side is decorated with a small fungus. The depth of the bowl is 13 cm, the volume is 46 liters. Recommended for children from 1 to 3 years old.


Children's pool "Mukhomor" (China), average price in online stores 1025 rubles

Children's inflatable pool "Castle"

A colorful pool in the form of a castle with an inflatable canopy that protects the baby from direct sunlight. Wide, low sides protect the child from injury. The available side windows can be used for ball games. The pool bowl has a depth of 12 cm and a volume of 69 liters. Made of safe PVC material. The pool bottom is not inflatable. For children from 1 to 3 years old.


Children's pool "Castle" (China), the average price in online stores 1290 rubles

Inflatable entertainment complex "Pirates"

The shape of the model is made in the form of a pirate ship. A great option for boys from 3 years old. An inflatable wheel, a water cannon, pirate sabers and a flag are available as accessories. For the gun to fire properly, it must be connected to a hose. The volume of the bowl is 200 liters.


Children's pool "Pirates" (China), average price in online stores 1400 rubles

Inflatable play pool with shooting gallery "Bestway"

Stylish rectangular pool with vinyl colors imitating Spider-man. A target with holes is attached to one of the sides, into which balls can hit. This game perfectly develops accuracy in kids. The pool is quick to install, comes with 6 colorful balls and a patch in case of accidental damage to the coating. Capacity - 170 l. Recommended for children from 3 years old.


Children's pool with a shooting gallery "Bestway" (Russia), the average price in online stores is 1690 rubles

Children's play complex with a slide and inflatable toys "Bestway"

Spectacular children's center with an inflatable slide, which the child can climb up the inflatable steps.Decorated with an arch, marine inflatable animals, and the figure of King Neptune can be used as a rocking chair. In addition, the figure has a ring into which you can throw balls. An inflatable mattress with recesses for colored balls is fixed to the pool. The bowl holds 230 liters of water. Children over 2 years old can play in the pool.


Children's pool with a slide "Bestway" (Russia), the average price in online stores is 2990 rubles

Children's inflatable center with a spray and play accessories "Bestway"

An inflatable complex that can accommodate several children at the same time for a fun game. The pool material is vinyl, which can withstand sufficient loads. The center is equipped with a removable inflatable slide with handrails, various colorful toys, balls and a spray in the form of a frog. Designed for 145 liters. For children aged 2 to 5 years.


Children's pool with a spray "Bestway" (China), the average price in online stores is 3300 rubles

Pool with a slide for children "Rainbow"

An inflatable center consisting of two round bowls in a rich vibrant color. The pool is complete slide, an arch in the form of a rainbow, inflatable grooves for launching balls, a spray. There are inflatable pins on the arch, onto which rings are thrown. Complex perfectly develops the coordination and motor skills of the child. The small bowl holds 230 liters, the large one has 245 liters. Both pools are equipped with drain valves. The spray fountain is connected to the watering hose. Children from the age of three can swim and play in the pool.


Children's pool "Rainbow" (China), the average price in online stores is 3600 rubles

Children's inflatable complex "Star Wars"

Wonderful model, decorated in the style of the "Star Wars" series. Material - durable tested PVC. The pool is equipped with a removable slide and inflatable surfboards. A great play option for children from three years old. The pool has a capacity of 275 liters.


Children's pool "Star Wars" (Russia), the average price in online stores is 4600 rubles

Where to buy inflatable pools for children

You can buy an inflatable children's pool without leaving your home by ordering the model you like in the online store. Hundreds of network companies are engaged in the sale of inflatable pools and playgrounds for children; their websites contain all the necessary information about the product, cost and its manufacturer. In addition, in the corresponding catalog you can see the photos of children's inflatable pools.

Many online stores work directly with manufacturer representatives. This fact suggests that you will not have to pay for intermediary services and the purchase will be very profitable. There you can also purchase related accessories for playing on the water: inflatable balls, toys, rings.

Inflatable transparent oval pool

Inflatable transparent oval pool

In order to place an order, you need to contact a specialist of the online store, who will advise you on all your questions, guide you on prices and help you choose additional accessories. Here you can also arrange delivery of goods to the region of your residence.

By purchasing a children's pool for a summer residence, you can organize an active and healthy vacation for your little ones. Children will be constantly busy with the game, and you will be able to engage in growing crops, while watching them swim.