Qualitative, correctly selected goal, not only a question of home security, but also the appearance of a private house. They are an integral part of the site and should easily fit into the overall design, as well as be in harmony with other buildings. The modern market offers the consumer many options from various materials, with and without the most modern control systems. Basically, these are reliable, durable, attractive in appearance gate models for a private house. Photos showing all the positive qualities of such structures are presented below.

Gate device for a private house. Photos of possible options

The gate is a kind of visiting card of a private house

Types of gates for a private house. Sample photo

The gates are subdivided into several types depending on the material of manufacture and options for opening / closing. They are:

  • swing;
  • sliding;
  • lifting.
Gate device for a private house. Photos of possible options

Wooden entrance gate

Recently, metal structures have become the most common options. For a cheaper arrangement, you can use ordinary corrugated board, and for a richer and more luxurious one, a combination of solid metal with forging elements. However, wooden gates also look pretty good.

Gate device for a private house. Photos of possible options

Examples of layouts for choosing a gate design

Arrangement of a swing entrance group

This is the most common type of gate for a private house. Their arrangement is possible if there is free space, which allows opening the sash without any problems. Modern swing-open structures are a metal frame, which is subsequently revetted with metal, corrugated board, wood or special sandwich panels.

Gate device for a private house. Photos of possible options

Modern metal swing gates

Installation of support pillars

Perfect for support shaped tube 100x100. To install them, wells are dug into which they are filled with rubble and sand, creating a so-called pillow. The support, fixed in such a pit with spacers, is poured with concrete with the addition of coarse gravel.

Important! For complex, clayey soils, such a pillar arrangement may not be sufficient. In such situations, an additional jumper is welded between the supports at a depth of about 40 cm.

The most common type is wooden swing gates

The most common type is wooden swing gates

Assembling the frame

For the frame of the frame, a 60x30 pipe is used. For a rigid cross member, which is welded into the finished frame, a metal profile with a smaller section is taken, approximately 40x20. Hinges are welded along the edges of the frame, as well as shackles for the lock and bolt.Upon completion of the assembly, the welds must be sanded with a grinder, and then primed and painted.

Wrought iron gates for a private house

Forged gates for a private house

Fastening corrugated board

If corrugated board is used for sheathing, then the C8 or C10 brands are best suited. The most convenient way to cut profile sheets is to use a grinder. Special discs without abrasive spraying are put on it. Fastening of cut-to-size corrugated board is made with rivets using a riveting tool; fastening with self-tapping screws is also allowed.

Important! Laying of corrugated board should be carried out with an overlap, capturing 1 wave of an adjacent element.

Scheme of arranging a gate made of corrugated board

Scheme of arranging a gate made of corrugated board

Arrangement of sliding gates

Not in all situations it is possible to install swing entrance groups. When there is very little space to open the doors, a sliding type of construction is used. Basically, sliding systems consist of a single leaf, which is made according to the same principle as a conventional swing gate for a private house. Photos of such samples demonstrate the ease of use.

Sliding gates

Sliding gates

In order for the structure to move, special rails are equipped, and rollers are welded in the lower part of the sash. It is also necessary to weld a guide to the upper part, which is designed to fix the sash in a certain position.

Scheme of arrangement of sliding gates for a private house

Scheme of arrangement of sliding gates for a private house

The operation of rail gates is difficult in winter because the moving parts can become clogged with snow or ice. During snowfalls, thorough cleaning of these elements, as well as the area around, is required. Also, a heating cable can be laid along the gate leaf, which will melt the snow, limiting movement.

Sliding gate video

Gate automation for a private house. Photos of arrangement options

Not everyone likes to open and close the doors manually. To do this, you have to get out of the car, then sit down again, it takes several minutes of precious time. It is much more convenient to press the button and the "chest" will open itself.

Scheme of automatic opening and closing of the gate

Scheme of automatic opening and closing of the gate

You can automate swing and sliding gate... For this, specialists have developed special linear and lever electric drives that allow the shutters to open independently. Other systems consist of an electric motor, a toothed rack, through which the gears transmit power to the gate leaves.

The drive itself is mounted on rails. Limit switches are installed on the rack, and photocells on the posts. Convenient remote control makes it easy and quick to open goal straight from the car, without physical effort.

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Photo of the gate (video)