The bathroom is an integral part of the living space. The specificity of the room requires special attention to the choice of equipment and furniture. An important element of convenience and comfort is the vanity unit for the bathroom. The modern market offers many models and their modifications, and the owner, who owns the basic skills of a carpenter, can independently make a cabinet under the sink in the bathroom with his own hands. Which one to choose, or how to make it yourself, this article will tell you.

Cabinet under the sink in the bathroom: features of models and selection criteria
A spacious vanity unit will help to solve many functional tasks

Benefits of a vanity unit in a bathroom

Installing a good nightstand under the sink in the bathroom will help the owners solve a number of functional and everyday issues. Drawers will help to hide unattractive, but necessary personal hygiene items, will become a place for storing household chemicals. The spacious shelves will always have the whole range of clean towels and a lot of household items at hand.

The curbstone competently and beautifully fits into the interior
The curbstone competently and beautifully fits into the interior

The piece of furniture will help to decorate unsightly water and sewer pipes. At the same time, access for inspection and repair to them will always be open. The curbstone can be easily removed or its back wall can be removed.

A properly selected cabinet is an excellent addition to a bathroom, an irreplaceable piece of furniture and an integral part of the overall decor. The design of the room will be complete and harmonious. At the same time, it does not take up much space, which is very valuable, especially in apartments with an old layout.

Thus, a simple bedside table in the bathroom performs several functions at once:

  • practical;
  • masking;
  • aesthetic;
  • ergonomic.

Bathroom cabinets configurations and models

Previously, the range of furniture was stingy and included a couple of types of bathroom cabinets. The consumer was not faced with a difficult choice. The modern market offers a wide variety of this interior element.

There is a large assortment of various and interesting models of sink cabinets on sale
There is a large assortment of various and interesting models of sink cabinets on sale

The design of the sink determines the design of the models, which are tacitly divided into the following types:

  • models with a sink built into the countertop;
  • vanities for a countertop washbasin in the bathroom (the washbasin is installed on the surface);
  • wall-hung vanity unit in the bathroom with protruding edges

Depending on the dimensions, the following modifications of the pedestals are distinguished:

  • standard.The width of such pedestals ranges from 50 to 60 cm. They are suitable for any bathroom. Most common models with washbasins;
  • wide. The size of such pedestals exceeds 60 cm. The products are intended for spacious rooms;
  • narrow. This row of cabinets is less than 45 cm wide. Ideal for small bathrooms.
Different models of pedestals can have different dimensions
Different models of pedestals can have different dimensions

The height of most models is standard - 72-80 cm. This also applies to the depth, which usually does not exceed 40-50 cm.

The form also determines the species differences of the bathroom cabinets:

  • floor. Most popular models. Suitable for a wide range of washbasins. It is in this design that bathroom cabinets are made without a sink;
  • hanging cabinets in the bathroom. The advantages are style and convenience. The disadvantage is that they are small, and require reliable fastening to the wall. Therefore, their installation is more troublesome;
  • corner. They allow you to rationally distribute space in small rooms, to make the free corner as functional as possible.
Drawers differ in a variety of shapes
Drawers differ in a variety of shapes

Note! Before you buy a vanity unit for a bathroom sink, you need to take into account all species differences in order to choose the best option. Bathroom furniture should be practical and durable.

Types of washbasin cabinets in the bathroom

Models with doors are very popular. The main function is the conspiracy of pipes and a place for saving household chemicals. Pros - small size, combined with spaciousness. The bedside table is equipped with one or two rows of shelves or a pair of drawers. Such models have subspecies: pedestals for a countertop washbasin or a built-in one. Form - straight or angular.

The corner vanity unit is ideal for apartments with a small bathroom. The installation of such compact models is practiced in hotels and hostels. They fit perfectly into the interior and are quite roomy.

A cabinet with more doors is more convenient for storing things
A cabinet with more doors is more convenient for storing things

Floor-standing bathroom cabinet is a rather popular and convenient model. Among the advantages are a good degree of stability and easy installation, which does not require additional efforts and the involvement of specialists.

The vanity unit in the bathroom with legs ensures simple installation, smooth installation in the intended place and easy maintenance. The free space between the floor and the cabinet provides air circulation and accessibility for cleaning. The design can even withstand a flood. Only legs can suffer.

Curbstone under countertop bathroom sink Is a simple and very popular option. This model is fixed - the sink is installed directly from above. Like the previous model, it can be equipped with drawers and shelves.

Wooden washbasin cabinet
Wooden washbasin cabinet

The hanging vanity unit has one important advantage: cleaning the floor underneath is simple and convenient. This feature is associated with fastening the product at a significant distance from the floor. This eliminates the presence of a favorable environment for dampness and mold. This is a kind of guarantee of purity and freshness. The disadvantage is less roominess. In addition, the sink and cabinet must be securely attached to the wall.

Cabinet in a bathroom without a sink

Such a cabinet can be an additional piece of furniture in a spacious bathroom, its surface is usually covered with a countertop. Drawers can be used as baskets for storing laundry.

A separate subgroup is made up of bathroom cabinets with two sinks. The structures are intended for installation in large rooms, mainly in spacious private houses. Those wishing to install the model should take into account that its width is at least 120 cm - washbasins should be located at a distance of at least 50 cm.

Cabinet made of laminated chipboard for two overhead sinks
Cabinet made of laminated chipboard for two overhead sinks

Useful advice! Before you buy a vanity unit in the bathroom, you need
accurately measure the place where you plan to install it. It is important to have free
spaces between furnishing components. Typical models are made with
70-80 cm high and 40-50 cm wide.

Features of choosing a cabinet in the bathroom

The choice of bathroom furniture is based on a number of criteria. The main one is to ensure the safety of things and their quality (towels must be dry, tubes, vials and bottles are in a horizontal position). The curbstone should be made of moisture-resistant material, with stable shelves and cells. Doors close tightly.

Compact modern cabinet in bright yellow
Compact modern cabinet in bright yellow

An interior item in the bathroom should perform as many functions as possible, but take up a minimum of space. Hanging vanity unit in the bathroom is ideal for small spaces. In order for the room design to be harmonious, it is important to select furniture in accordance with the tone, material structure of the facing tiles and sanitary ware.

The cabinet under the countertop in the bathroom provides for additional space. Particular attention should be paid to the materials. They must be treated with a special impregnation that protects against moisture, temperature and steam, and provides resistance to chemicals, fungi and bacteria.

Thus, the criteria for choosing a bedside table in the bathroom are as follows:

  • cabinet material;
  • dimensions of the structure;
  • model configuration;
  • compliance with the interior.
White cabinet with several shelves inside
White cabinet with several shelves inside

Cabinet under the sink in the bathroom: materials of manufacture

Bathroom is a room where humidity, specific smells and temperature changes prevail. Therefore, when choosing a bedside table, you should not save on material. The durability of furniture and the safety of things depend on it. Modern manufacturing technologies and processing with special means will prevent unpleasant consequences in the form of warped walls and doors.

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When choosing a vanity unit for a sink, one should take into account the following properties of materials and fittings:

  • resistance to moisture and steam;
  • reliable protection against mechanical damage;
  • protection against corrosion, fungus;
  • preventing deformation.
Practical two-door drawer unit
Practical two-door drawer unit

Manufacturers prefer these types of materials:

  • MDF;
  • Chipboard;
  • wood;
  • glass;
  • metal;
  • combined material;
  • a rock;
  • vine.

Quality characteristics of materials for the bathroom cabinet

Fines or Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) is the most common material. In order to manufacture furniture for rooms with high humidity, a special coating is applied to the boards that is resistant to moisture and temperature drops. Taking into account the price, this material is the most attractive for buyers.

Chipboards (chipboards) are among the materials of the lowest price category. They are also coated with special solutions, but in terms of quality characteristics, they are significantly inferior even to models made of MDF. The cabinet under the sink in the bathroom made of chipboard will not last long.

Two-door drawer unit with many internal compartments
Two-door drawer unit with many internal compartments

Useful advice! Moisture-repellent coating, impregnations and other additives in
the composition of chipboard makes the material durable for a certain period. Therefore, the curbstones from
such plates are short-lived.

Wooden models are made from solid wood, which becomes a condition for the higher price of the vanity unit for the bathroom. The top layer is covered with a special moisture-resistant solution. But even he is not able to protect the tree from the negative effects of moisture for a long time. Such furniture can be installed in a well-ventilated room.

The glass is resistant to moisture and steam and has high aesthetic characteristics. A glass cabinet will add elegance to any bathroom.At the same time, the material is very fragile and drips, soap and lime deposits are clearly visible on the glass, which requires careful maintenance. Models made of impact-resistant glass are more reliable, but they also cost more.

Black cabinet with matte doors
Black cabinet with matte doors

Metal is a practical material, but only stainless alloys are suitable for a bathroom cabinet. Moisture-resistant metal parts serve for a long time, while they fit well into the interior.

The union of glass and metal is the perfect solution for any bathroom. Such furniture is resistant to the effects of steam, water and allows a variety of designs and colors. The most popular models today are made of frosted glass, framed by their chromed metal. The downside is the high price of such furniture.

Stone is the most expensive and rare material. Stone cabinets look solid, resistant to any external influences. However, they will not successfully fit into any interior. Natural or artificial stone is used in the production of bathroom cabinets with countertops.

Interesting design of the cabinet under the tiled wall
Interesting design of the cabinet under the tiled wall

The vine is a rather exotic material. Used exclusively for the manufacture of bathroom cabinets without a sink. A vine product requires additional impregnation and a remote location from a water source.

The choice of accessories should also be given special attention. Since the quality of furniture largely depends on such little things as handles, fixings, legs and awnings.

Useful advice! Plastic fittings, coated with gold or
silver, lose their beauty and brightness during the first month of operation. Details
made of chrome-plated metal will last much longer and retain their qualities.

Cabinet dimensions

The standard cabinet is the most convenient to use. The width depends on the size of the sink, which must be at least 50 cm. Washbasins smaller sizes are installed, as an exception, in small bathrooms or toilets. Large dimensions, on the contrary, look stupid and ridiculous. The size of the bowl is a key guideline in the manufacture of pedestals.

Dimensions of the vanity unit with drawers
Dimensions of the vanity unit with drawers

The height of the cabinet is also an important detail. Standard - 85-90 cm (calculated based on the average height of men and women).

Thus, a universal bathroom cabinet has dimensions:

  • width - 50-60 cm;
  • height - 80-95 cm;
  • depth - 45-60 cm.

Useful advice! The depth of the cabinet can be checked in a simple way. Closely
stand against the side of the cabinet and stretch out your hand. Ideally the opposite edge
end in the middle of the palm.

A narrow cabinet does not exceed 40 cm in width. Corner models can be 30 cm in size. They are used exclusively in small rooms. Thirty-centimeter products are installed in separate toilets, in country houses. Mini size also has a round vanity unit- a bowl not exceeding 45 cm in diameter.

Dimensions of a bedside table with three rows of doors
Dimensions of a bedside table with three rows of doors

A wide cabinet has a size of at least 100 cm. Although the standard does not exceed 60 cm. Some models reach 120 cm in size. Installation of such furniture implies the presence of additional space in the bathroom and provides maximum comfort due to its spaciousness.

The installation method of the structure is also important in choosing a bathroom cabinet. Based on these parameters, the following types of models are distinguished:

  1. With plinth. Installation does not take much time and effort. The main thing is to ensure the stability of the structure. The plinth must fit snugly against the floor. Minus - the lower part is subject to the negative influence of moisture.
  2. Suspended. Such a model visually expands a small space. There are no support parts in it, so the fastening on the wall and the wall itself must be reliable. It is best to mount special mounting hooks into the wall.
  3. On legs. The easiest pedestals to install. Unlike suspended ones, they can withstand heavy loads.
Sink cabinet installation diagram
Sink cabinet installation diagram

Vanity unit under the bathroom sink: design and fit for the interior

A harmonious combination with walls, floors and faience influences the visual perception and completeness in the improvement of the room.

Particular attention should be paid to the color scheme, which, ideally, should have no more than three tones. Today the entire palette is popular: from aggressive red-black to delicate pink, neutral beige and classic white.

When choosing the surface and structure of the material, it is important to consider the possibility of caring for it. Glossy furniture must be constantly rubbed, rough furniture must be cleaned. The matte surface requires the least attention.

Unusual design of the bedside table in vintage style
Unusual design of the bedside table in vintage style

Useful advice!Furniture should match the overall style of the room.
Country or Provence provides for the installation of a wooden cabinet under the sink in
bathroom, high-tech - the presence of glass elements framed by metal. Exquisite fittings will help to give the necessary flavor to the classic

The widest range of furniture models allows the modern consumer, taking into account individual requirements, to simply buy a vanity unit for a bath washbasin. For those people who love tinkering and have certain tools and materials available, they can quickly and easily make bathroom furniture.

First of all, you should decide on the design of the future model, which depends on the chosen washbasin. A built-in washbasin requires the manufacture of a countertop, a semi-recessed washbasin requires fitting doors or walls. You can avoid hassle by using a washbasin.

A bedside table under the sink can be made using boards or plates as a basis, that is, from scratch. Old furniture can serve as a good basis: cabinets, dressers, tables.

Bathroom cabinets without a sink are the easiest option for homemade furniture. Any materials and spare parts from old structures will be used for manufacturing. The secret to simplicity is that you don't have to bother installing a sink.

Vanity unit for washbasin

Such a curbstone can be made, taking as a basis an old curbstone table or chest of drawers. The process will not take long, and there will still be plenty of storage space in the converted furniture.

Before starting work, you should remember the ideal size of the cabinet. In particular, its height should be from 85 to 95 cm. If the old furniture had legs, then with their help it is easy to adjust the required height. Or, conversely, attach stands if the chest of drawers is lower than necessary.

Compact wall-hung vanity unit
Compact wall-hung vanity unit

With your own hands it is easy to invent a comfortable bathroom sink cabinetusing an old pedestal table. Two doors will hide all the pipes, and in the middle there will be a lot of space for storing care products, towels and household chemicals.

Cabinet from an old chest of drawers

A sideboard will give your bathroom a vintage and sophisticated look. It should be noted that the drawers will have to be shortened.

Below are the steps involved in transforming old furniture:

  1. Drawing the contours of the sink, which will be built into the lid of the dresser.
  2. Sawing a hole for a washbasin.
  3. Measuring and marking holes on the back wall.
  4. Cutting the back of the chest of drawers for pipes.
  5. Adjustment of drawers to dimensions that suggest the location of the sink and pipes.
  6. Rear wall mount.
  7. Washbasin installation, water supply and sewerage connection.
A curbstone made from an old chest of drawers
A curbstone made of old chest of drawers

Do-it-yourself vanity unit in the bathroom made of ship plywood

Having in stock a couple of sheets of ship plywood, several awnings and a couple of handles, you can easily make a bathroom cabinet with your own hands using step-by-step instructions.

Useful advice! Ship plywood is ideal for bathroom furniture, so
as it has a special impregnation. For the manufacture of cabinets from MDF or chipboard,
the material must be prepared in advance.

The manufacturing steps are as follows:

  1. Structural design using, for example, SketchUp.
  2. Transferring the drawing to the plates.
  3. Using a jigsaw, parts are cut to size.
  4. Parts are glued together using liquid nails or wood glue. For
    reliability is reinforced with corners.
  5. With the help of brackets, the cabinet is attached to the wall.
  6. A hole is cut out in the countertop for the sink.
  7. A washbasin is inserted, water supply and sewerage are connected.
The laconic design of the curbstone is the highlight of this interior
The laconic design of the curbstone is the highlight of this interior

Homemade pedestal designs are in the teeth not only for an experienced carpenter. True, manufacturing will require materials, tools and patience. The main thing is to follow the dimensions and sequence indicated in the drawing. As a result, you will get a unique and multifunctional curbstone, and with it - a lot of compliments to the master.

Thus, a vanity unit is an important and convenient piece of furniture in a bathroom. The correct choice depends on the taste, the desired configuration of the model, the area of ​​the room, and the style of decoration. Particular attention is paid to the material of the cabinet and the dimensions of the structure. You can make a bedside table under the sink yourself, having an old one at hand chest of drawers or by following step by step instructions. The main purpose of any model is utility and functionality.