What is the functional purpose of the bath? Provide conditions for hygiene, relaxation, and treatment. The first and last functions are a must. But relaxation is more related to relaxation and pleasure. You can relax while lying on the sofa or leaning back in the chair. While taking a bath, these positions are also convenient. A sit-down bath does not diminish the positive effect of water on the body.

Sitting bath: the advantages of compact plumbing

Saving water reduces costs for the sitz bath owner

Compact baths: desired or forced choice

According to many unofficial sources, the sitz bath was created for medical and hygienic purposes for people with disabilities. Such a statement could be taken for truth, if such plumbing had not been installed in small one-room apartments of the "Soviet" era: sit-down baths are for small bathrooms.

Huge baths are in great demand among small bathrooms

Huge baths are in great demand among small bathrooms

And indeed, how can it be even more reasonable to dispose of the modest area of ​​the room allotted for hygiene procedures, how not to install plumbing fixtures of the appropriate size ?!

It is worth noting that many are trying to place a bath and shower together. Taking a shower and taking a bath are procedures that are largely different in degree and characteristics of thermal, mechanical and chemical effects on the human body. Their alternation is the best opportunity to take full advantage of the healing properties of water. In such cases, compact plumbing options are also suitable.

Today, you can meet the size of a 1 meter bath in a spacious room of a modern private house or in a two-level apartment. This choice is due to the preference of the owners. As models of plumbing, not classic bathtubs of small dimensions are chosen, but containers of various shapes with additional functionality.

A huge selection of small-sized sanitary ware confirms the demand for it.Regardless of the reasons for the choice: taste, physical characteristics or the size of the room - the bath should be comfortable and aesthetic.

Sitting baths are taken exclusively while sitting, which cannot be said about showers and conventional baths

Sitting baths are taken exclusively while sitting, which cannot be said about showers and conventional baths

Expert reviews: which bath is better, acrylic or cast iron

For a long time, the only material from which bathtubs were made was metal. With the development of technologies for improving synthetic compounds, polymers were added to it. To date, manufacturers offer baths from the following materials:

  • cast iron;
  • become;
  • acrylic.

There is no absolute leader among products. Based on the opinions of experts, it is worth considering the characteristics of bathtubs from different materials in three dimensions:

  1. Sizes and prices. Hip baths made of steel are the cheapest option. Acrylics come in a variety of sizes. For cast iron, the average price is characteristic.
  2. Environmental friendliness. No type of product is toxic. Cast iron and steel baths should not be classified as safer. Both options have an inner coating of the metal base - enamel, which contains chemicals.
  3. Performance characteristics. Metal baths are more resistant to mechanical stress, the enamel coating is easy to clean. Cast iron keep water temperature longer. Acrylic models are lighter, differ in a variety of shapes, often need protection of the outer surface, are demanding on the use of cleaning agents.
Acrylic sitz baths come in a variety of sizes and shapes

Acrylic sitz baths come in a variety of sizes and shapes

Helpful advice! When choosing a bath, it is worth considering the method of its installation. For a solo position, a heavy bath is more suitable. Acrylic products, although they have legs in the kit, it is advisable to additionally fix them.

Variety of shapes for small sitz baths

The catalog of any online plumbing store will pleasantly surprise you with the presence of sitz baths. First of all, manufacturers strive to satisfy two consumer needs with a variety of forms: convenience and compliance with the interior. All products of this type of plumbing can be conditionally divided into the following types:

  1. Classic models. These baths are rectangular with rounded corners. That is, these are the usual standard reduced length options.
  2. Corner. They can be divided into classic (the bowl has two straight sides, located along the walls, and rounded) and non-standard: trapezoidal, triangular, rhombic, etc.
  3. Designer. This species defies any internal classification. The shapes of mini-baths are original, they can imitate various objects: a ball, a chair, a boat, etc.

As for the latest models of baths, it is worth highlighting products that repeat the lines of the human body in a sitting position, and decorative ones. The first models are ergonomic and are in demand among demanding customers. Decorative designs are chosen for the purpose of giving originality to the interior. You can sit in them only with a straight back due to the lack of supporting lateral sides.

A sitz bath can be either rounded or triangular (if necessary, place it in a corner)

A sitz bath can be either with rounded outlines or in the shape of a triangle (if necessary, place it in the corner)

There are also options that combine interesting design and ergonomics.

Differentiate sitz baths and the degree of immersion in water during the procedure. Many models offer maximum contact capability at full capacitance. Products with imitation seating restrict immersion to some extent.

Sizes of sitz baths standard and original forms

As for the sizes, it should be stated that the standards can only be discussed with regard to the classical forms. The width is practically fixed, it is 70 cm. This is the maximum minimum that, with the features of these structures, provides a comfortable fit.

Bathroom size indicators are very important for choosing a model.The size of a sitz bath relative to its length can vary from 100 to 120 cm. Models 100x70 cm are usually installed in rooms with an area not exceeding 4 m².

Helpful advice!When trying to equip a small bathroom as rationally as possible, it is worth taking into account the physical characteristics of the users. An uncomfortable position of the body will reduce the functionality of the bath exclusively to hygiene procedures.

The standard width of the sitz bath is 70 cm

The standard width of the sit-down bath is 70 cm

Sometimes bathtubs measuring 150x70 cm are referred to as seated ones. They can indeed have a ledge, which is an indicator of belonging to this type of plumbing. But more often this is done on a dimensional basis.

The most popular are classic models with bath dimensions 110 by 70 cm. More often they are made of steel or acrylic, there are practically no such options among cast iron.

As for the bathtubs of the original form, not only the length and width are important here, but also the diameter, height of the various parts, the size of the corners, etc. Usually the total area occupied by products of this type does not exceed 1.5 m².

Seated acrylic baths: variety of options and advantages of models

Methacryl and ABC-acrylic are used as materials for the manufacture of polymer baths. Products are made using a molding machine. The acrylic sheet is heated to a temperature of 150-160 ° C, softens, then it is placed under a press, having previously given a certain shape. The product is cooled and then reinforced. The strength of the bath depends on the number of such layers.

Acrylic sitz baths are created with the latest technology

Acrylic sitz bathtubs are created with the latest technology

Manufacturing technology allows you to give products to various configurations and sizes.

Even small sit-down baths 100 by 70 cm can be classic rectangular, oval, follow the contours of the chair, have wavy sides, etc. Some models come with protective screens, but most of them have an open outer surface that can be damaged as a result mechanical stress. That is why such baths are often built in.

The main positive performance characteristics of acrylic bathtubs include:

  • ease;
  • good thermal conductivity. Such baths are warm to the touch even without water. This is very important when the bowl also acts as a shower tray;
  • interesting design, including a variety of shapes and colors;
  • the possibility of restoring the damaged surface.

Many models of seated acrylic bathtubs (120x70, 110x70, 100x70 cm) of a classic rectangular shape have a ledge that makes the position of the body comfortable. The products are affordable. Due to the above qualities, such bathtubs are considered a versatile option for small rooms. Non-standard models are equipped with wide bumpers, sometimes with handrails.

To date, acrylic sitz baths are the best option.

Acrylic sitz baths are the best option today.

Cast iron sitz bath: basic performance characteristics

A cast iron sitz bath is much less common. Perhaps someone will classify such models as leaving, losing their attractiveness. But the reason for the small number of products, most likely, is different. Making a bathtub from such material is a rather complicated and laborious process. That is why there is no variety of forms. Cast iron bathtubs mostly have rectangular and oval shapes, exclusive models are round.

The smallest tub is 120 x 70 cm. Depending on the height, the bowl can be equipped with handles. Almost all modern models have an anti-slip bottom texture.

The main advantages of cast iron baths include:

  • stability due to heavy weight;
  • long-term preservation of water temperature;
  • durability of use;
  • reasonable cost.

Many are inclined to classify a significant mass as disadvantages.It is worth noting that there is no more reliable option for an island position than a cast iron bath. It does not need additional fencing, the outer surface can be treated with various types of coatings to add decorative effect in accordance with the style of the room.

The impracticality of a cast-iron bath is due to its enormous weight.

The impracticality of a cast-iron bath is due to its enormous weight.

Today, few people do not change the interior for several decades. The internal enamel coating of a cast iron bath retains its aesthetics if properly cared for for more than 10-15 years. To damage it, drop a metal object (or glass, stone) weighing about 1 kg into the bathtub. Given that typical conditions in rooms do not imply the presence of such, the danger of mechanical stress is practically excluded.

Helpful advice! When choosing cast iron baths, special attention should be paid to the outer surface. High quality casting is characterized by a uniform roughness. The presence of irregularities and bumps indicates a violation of the manufacturing technology.

Performance and popular sizes of steel baths (120x70 cm)

Externally, a steel bathtub can be easily confused with a cast iron one: the same metal base with an enamel coating. However, the technical and operational characteristics differ significantly. The steel structure is much thinner and therefore lighter. For example, with dimensions 120 x 70 cm, it can be 23-28 kg (a cast-iron analogue weighs 75-80 kg). Among steel bathtubs, products with dimensions of 120x70 cm are the most popular: the length allows a person of any build to fit.

The main positive performance characteristics of steel baths:

  1. Good thermal conductivity. The container heats up quickly.
  2. Hygienic enamel coating. The absence of pores prevents unwanted particles from accumulating on the surface.
  3. Variety of models. Even with a bath size of 110x70 cm, the product can have a rectangular or oval shape, a headrest, handrails, a ledge.
  4. Durability of use.
Steel baths are lightweight, which is an important advantage during transportation

Steel baths are lightweight, which is an important advantage during transportation

Almost all steel tubs have an anti-slip bottom coating. The products are notable for their low price.

The following indicators are noted as disadvantages:

  1. Excessive noise. The problem is exacerbated by loose fixing of the bath.
  2. The need for strapping. It is caused by both an unaesthetic outer coating and the possibility of deformation of the walls.
  3. The appearance of corrosion. In damaged areas, this happens quite quickly.

Steel baths can be classified as a social option with good quality indicators.

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Baths 100x70 in the interior: possible installation methods

Among the classic models, the smallest baths are 100x70 cm.Despite their modest size, it is much more difficult to choose a comfortable position for such plumbing than for a full-sized product. The product must not only be placed, but also provide a supply of communications, a convenient approach, and harmoniously fit into the interior.

Such baths can take a wall position, angular, solo. A built-in option is most often placed along the walls. If the bathtub is standard, white, you should not focus on it; it is better to arrange the piping in the same style as the wall. In case of colored interior coating, special attention should be paid to the surrounding elements. Such a bathtub, even of a tiny size, should become a decoration of the room. Wall cladding, flooring, details should emphasize the originality of the sanitary ware design.

Choosing a convenient location for a sitz bath is much more difficult than for a full-size product.

Choosing a convenient location for a sitz bath is much more difficult than for a full-size product.

A rather difficult way of placing small baths is solo.The problem most often lies in ensuring sustainability. In this position, it is impossible to use an additional frame, strapping, it is necessary to install on the legs or other decorative supports that perform their functions. It is almost impossible to find a classic-shaped sit-down cast-iron bathtub 100x70. If you want to purchase a product of exactly this quality, it would be reasonable to choose a round design.

Important! The most stable models of bathtubs for solo installation are precisely the round versions. Products of this shape can be further strengthened without loss of aesthetics.

Bathtub with a door: solving complex sanitary problems

A bathtub with a door is the only possible way of taking water procedures for people with disabilities, elderly people. A few decades ago, such designs were only in medical and sanatorium institutions. Today many people prefer to have such a bath at home.

Sitting bathtubs for the elderly are distinguished by design features that provide a large support area, which makes the bowls stable. Many models have a height of 80-90 cm, are equipped with additional massage functions, the mixer and switches are located at the top edge of the container. This position maximally simplifies the process of turning on and off the water.

A sit-down bathtub with a door is an excellent device in which disabled and elderly people can take a shower quite comfortably

A sit-down bathtub with a door is an excellent device in which disabled and elderly people can take a shower quite comfortably

Despite the indisputable usefulness and high technicality of designs with a door, it is worth noting that they have an objective, but significant drawback: you can enter the bath only in the absence of water, and exit after it has been drained.

Important! Given the user population, it is imperative for bathtubs with doors to ensure a safe water supply. For these purposes, it is worth using mixers with thermostats that maintain the set temperature throughout the entire procedure, and equip an intensive drain.

It is not possible to buy a sitz bath with a door at any store that sells plumbing fixtures. It is better to contact direct suppliers of well-known brands. This will not only help you find the desired option, but also provide a quality guarantee.

Photos of sitz baths on the Internet: what needs to be assessed

All photos of bathtubs posted on the Internet should be divided into two categories: exhibition models that demonstrate an interesting design, and sold commercial products. Both selections are worth reviewing. This will significantly complement the information baggage about this type of plumbing.

Some sit-down bathtubs are more decorative than comfortable to use.

Some sit-down bathtub models decorate the interior rather than provide a comfortable use.

But it is necessary to use the knowledge gained correctly. Online stores and selling sites offer sitz bath photos, sizes and prices. The information is specific, it remains to compare only your own desires, capabilities and compliance with the available technical conditions.

The presented interiors with sit-down bathtubs can suggest the design idea, demonstrate typical and exclusive plumbing options. But it is not always possible to find the model you have seen on sale.

It should be noted that trading companies most often equate small and sitz baths. Therefore, if you want to find an option with a ledge, you will have to spend a decent amount of time searching.

Small sit-down bathtubs of a classic rectangular shape are presented in interiors in limited quantities, but they are the most among the commercial ones. And this is not an accident either. Many interesting design models decorate the interior more than provide comfortable use.

Classic rectangular baths are most often found on sale

Classic rectangular baths are most often found on sale

Helpful advice! Before purchasing a sitz bath through an online store (based on visual assessment), it is imperative to calculate the correspondence of the internal volume of the product to real needs.

Sitting baths: prices and the main factors that shape them

The prices for sitz baths vary widely. The main indicators affecting pricing are:

  • material of manufacture;
  • technology. Some acrylic bathtubs with the same size and shape have a price difference of 30%. This is most often due to the number of reinforcing layers;
  • size and shape;
  • design feature: the presence of a screen, headrest, handrails, additional options;
  • brand.

Acrylic rectangular sitting bath 120x70 cm Besco Majka Nova WAM-120-PK Polish production costs 11,450 rubles. The same domestic product Aquatek Mia has a price of 10,200 rubles. Czech goods with similar dimensions are estimated at 28,320 rubles.

There are many indicators that influence pricing

There are many indicators that influence pricing

Steel bathtub 120x70 cm Donna Vanna Russian production costs 5400 rubles. The cost of a domestic cast-iron bathtub of a similar size "Universal" is 12 thousand rubles. The Chinese cast iron version is estimated at 17 thousand rubles.

Significantly higher price of corner-shaped sit-down baths. It is difficult to make an exact comparison with classical ones, but with the same volume, material and manufacturer's category, the cost is 40-50% more. Exclusive models equipped with massage functions, a door can have a price of 50-100 thousand rubles.

Rating of design developments of the smallest baths

Any rating is compiled on the basis of a set of user opinions. This assessment has a slightly different mechanism. The presented models have not been tested by consumers, they are interesting ideas, and they deserve recognition for their combination of miniature size and visual appeal.

A drop-shaped sitz bath 100x70 cm. The model is designed for corner installation. The significant difference in the length of the straight sides allows you to simulate the desired configuration. A semicircular outer line that recedes from the wall for a short distance actually and visually saves space in the bathroom.

Designer sitz baths are a combination of miniature size and attractiveness

Designer sitz baths are a combination of miniature size and attractiveness

The glamorous design makes the small bathtub the centerpiece of the interior. Curly massive legs supporting a bowl with soft rounded upper lines, the whiteness of the inner surfaces contrasting with the natural color of blackened metal - this model can be attributed to works of art.

The short bathtub, which looks like an egg, is installed on the floor without any coasters. The absence of additional elements makes the product especially laconic. Some difficulty is caused by the summing up of communications: they must be built into the floor. This bath is the most compact model of all presented on the Internet.

Sitting bath: care and modern methods of restoration

In order for the plumbing to retain its original appearance for a long time, it is necessary to properly and timely care for:

  1. After each bath, the bowl must be rinsed with a warm water jet under pressure.
  2. Cleaning should be carried out at least once a week using non-aggressive cleaning agents. They are different for enamel and acrylic.
  3. Do not use abrasive sponges or napkins. Even on resistant enamel, the systematic use of such materials will damage the polishing layer.
  4. When installing deep baths, the level should be controlled. If the slope is incorrect, the water in the drain area will stagnate and form a deposit. It is difficult to remove stubborn deposits, sometimes it is impossible to get rid of them completely.
Bath should be cleaned once a week using non-aggressive cleaning agents

Bath should be cleaned once a week using non-aggressive cleaning agents.

Any thing wears out during use.Damage is also possible on the surfaces of the bathtubs. The modern level of technology development allows for the restoration of products from all materials used:

  1. The enamel layer of metal baths is renewed with a similar composition. Alternatively, it is possible to apply acrylic overlays to the inner surface.
  2. Restoration of the acrylic surface by pouring. Liquid acrylic is poured onto the prepared surface of the bowl, fills the pores and cracks, the product takes on a new look.

Designers and manufacturers offer a variety of sitz bath options. Craftsmen will restore damaged plumbing if necessary. There are many possibilities to equip a comfortable bathroom, even with its small size.