The article presents a ranking of the best models of electric lawn mowers on the market today. For review, the features of the most popular designs, their technical and operational parameters, prices for products of the most popular brands will be presented. At the end of the article, you will find recommendations for repairing the most common problems that arise during the operation of these devices.

Rating of the best models of electric lawn mowers

An electric lawn mower is a good choice for housekeeping

Which lawn mower is better: gasoline or electric

To care for the local area in a suburban area, it is enough to purchase a good lawn mower that runs on electricity. This type of garden tool allows you to keep the grassy cover of the site neat. At the same time, the noise level during the operation of the device is so low that it will not bother neighbors too much, as is usually the case with gasoline models.

Ease of use and lightness of design are the main advantages of electric lawn mowers

Ease of use and lightness of design are the main advantages of electric lawn mowers

Many summer residents ask questions on the forums, which lawn mower to choose: electric or gasoline? To find out, it is worth identifying the main advantages and disadvantages of devices powered by electricity.

General advantages of electrically powered mowers:

  • simple and convenient operation system;
  • lightweight construction;
  • low noise level;
  • lack of toxic emissions.

Note! A gasoline engine needs a large number of components (spark plugs, lubrication and exhaust systems, carburetor, spark plugs, radiator). The weight of such structures can reach 35 kg. In turn, the electric motor does not need additional spare parts for electric lawn mowers, which reduces the weight to 22 kg.

Common disadvantages of electrically powered mowers:

  • dependence on an outlet;
  • limited working area (determined by the length of the power cord);
  • the probability of getting an electric shock in case of violation of the operating rules;
  • power limitations.
The drum-type electric lawnmower offers exceptional maneuverability

The drum-type electric lawnmower offers exceptional maneuverability

Classification of wheeled electric lawn mowers: which design to choose

According to the principle of operation, all electrical lawn care devices can be divided into drum structures and rotary ones.

Cylinder lawn mowers are two-wheeled devices. This garden tool is designed for the treatment of grassy areas, the area of ​​which is not more than 500 m². The average power rating usually does not exceed 400 watts. The total weight of the structure is in the range of 10-12 kg.

The advantages of drum devices:

  • upper type of engine placement;
  • light weight;
  • excellent maneuverability.

It will be advisable to buy a drum-type electric lawn mower if it is supposed to care for a small lawn with a grassy surface and a small number of weeds.

Rotary devices are equipped with 4 wheels. These devices have a higher power level than drum devices. In this case, the indicator varies between 900-1800 watts. Rotary lawn mowers have a wide range of possibilities and are suitable for efficient cultivation of areas larger than 500 m². They are able to combat any herbaceous vegetation, including weeds.

Rotary lawnmowers are powerful and can effectively deal with many types of weeds

Rotary lawnmowers are powerful and can effectively deal with many types of weeds

Note! The average weight of the electrical structure is 40 kg. For this reason, the level of maneuverability of the device decreases, which can cause certain inconveniences in the process of moving around the territory.


  • lack of significant loads;
  • the most even mowing surface;
  • high level of reliability.


  • processing along fences and walls is difficult;
  • if branches or stones hit, the knives become dull.

Advantages and disadvantages of manual electric lawn mowers

Lawnmowers with a hand-held design are suitable for small areas. They are especially beneficial in conditions where the lawn has an uneven surface. Due to the specific structure, these devices perfectly show themselves on difficult terrain, when processing hillsides and other areas.

Thanks to its small size and portability, the hand lawnmower easily cleans the toughest areas

Thanks to its small size and portability, the hand lawnmower easily cleans the toughest areas

Manual lawn mowers offer a number of beneficial advantages. The operation of the structure is characterized by increased maneuverability, due to which the operator does not experience any special inconveniences and does not make significant efforts during the operation. The motor is located in the upper part of the housing, so wet grass can be safely cut.

The compact size avoids storage problems. The device takes up a minimum of space.

The disadvantages of manual-type electric lawn mowers include an inconvenient operating system. The operator is forced to keep the structure on weight throughout the entire working time, which increases the load on the body and increases fatigue.

In addition, manufacturers do not provide for a built-in grass catcher in the equipment of the devices. Therefore, the cut vegetation must be harvested by hand, after the end of the work.

Features of electric self-propelled lawn mowers

Self-propelled versions are among the most modern types of lawn mowers powered by electrical energy.

Using a self-propelled lawn mower is easy, just set the direction

Using a self-propelled lawn mower is easy, just set the direction

Note! These devices are equipped with a special drive system. Due to it, the mower can move independently. The operating system is very simple, you just need to choose the direction in which the grass will be mowed.

With a wide range of products, consumers can buy a front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive self-propelled electric lawnmower. Front-wheel drive models offer excellent maneuverability. On the other hand, rear-wheel drive modifications are in high demand among consumers, since in the process of assembling the cut grass, the center of gravity acts on the rear of the body.

The advantages of self-propelled structures:

  • comfortable operating system;
  • small dimensions;
  • even teenagers, women, pensioners can use the unit;
  • there is a built-in grass catcher of decent capacity;
  • extensive functionality.
RWD Electric Lawn Mower

RWD Electric Lawn Mower

Disadvantages of lawn mowers:

  • ineffective on lawns with a small area;
  • overpriced electric lawn mowers for summer cottages compared to other models;
  • low level of mobility;
  • fast overload and overheating of nodal parts.

Electric lawn mowers for summer cottages: how to choose the right model

If you decide to get a lawn mower, do not overlook the fact that electric models are suitable for small areas. For large areas, it is better to select devices that run on gasoline.

Before choosing an electric lawn mower of a certain model, it is worth deciding in advance what type of power the structure will have. The market offers battery models and plug-in models.

When choosing an electric lawn mower, be guided by the size of the treated area

When choosing an electric lawn mower, be guided by the size of the treated area

Note! Battery designs are more convenient to operate because of their high maneuverability. But their price is very high. For this reason, if you are not ready for serious expenses, it is better to buy a cheap electric lawnmower with mains power supply and stock up on a good extension cord.

Which electric lawn mowers are better: technical indicators of structures

Important technical indicators include the mowing width, its height and the power of the unit itself. It is these parameters that are responsible for the final result.

The mowing width depends on the size of the blade. A working area of ​​30 cm is found in inexpensive electric lawn mowers, which can be bought in many online stores. Expensive garden tool modifications can offer cutting widths of up to 46 cm. Of course, the wider the working area, the higher the productivity of the device.

Most modern mowers are equipped with a cutting height control function. The most convenient option is to change the position of the knife. A special lever or button adjusts the height of the cutting element.

The size of the blade provides the width of the mowing zone, the larger this parameter, the higher the efficiency of the mower

The size of the blade provides the width of the mowing zone, the larger this parameter, the higher the efficiency of the mower

The power level is selected taking into account the area of ​​the site. For small areas within 4 acres, a device that produces 600-800 watts is suitable. Extensive sites need a 1000-1600 watt extended power tool.

How to find the best electric lawnmower: body parameters

In its simplest form, the design of a lawn mower looks like this:

  • electric motor;
  • frame part containing all the details;
  • cutting element (knife);
  • protective cover;
  • grass collector;
  • wheels;
  • deck;
  • control system;
  • switch, power cable, RCD.

All highly rated electric lawn mowers have an integrated grass catcher. This part is a soft or hard bag.In budget devices, the grass collectors are soft. The hard bag is more convenient to use and is found in expensive mowers.

A hard plastic grass catcher is usually found on more expensive lawn mowers

A hard plastic grass catcher is usually found on more expensive lawn mowers

Note! There is a possibility that the hard bag will crack over time. For this reason, soft catcher modifications appear to many buyers to be more practical and durable.

The deck is a structural component in which the cutting elements are located. The material for its manufacture is steel, plastic or aluminum. The plastic deck is considered the most affordable and least reliable of all the options. The steel part is very convenient and widespread. The aluminum deck has the highest cost. At the same time, it has many advantages, including light weight and resistance to corrosion.

Wheel dimensions also matter. The larger the diameter and width of the wheels, the more comfortable and convenient the work process becomes. If you intend to process an area with a flat surface, these parameters are not so important.

Aluminum deck is corrosion resistant and lightweight

Aluminum deck is corrosion resistant and lightweight

Popular electric lawn mowers: rating of the best models, prices

The choice of device can be influenced by the nature of the terrain and vegetation. To begin with, it's worth evaluating the site:

  • find out its area;
  • explore relief features;
  • calculate the degree of contamination.

Then find out what type of vegetation prevails in the backyard: soft or hard, short or tall. The density of the stems is just as important as the speed of growth. All these nuances determine the required power level, the cross-country ability of the unit and its maneuverability.

Electric lawn mower rating: consumer reviews of brands

There are many companies on the market offering electric lawn garden tools. Some models are in demand, others are ignored. The reason for this behavior of buyers is that certain manufacturers, like individual models, have already received positive feedback from consumers, have earned a good reputation and recognition.

Some manufacturers have gained very high popularity among users

Some manufacturers have gained very high popularity among users

Useful advice! Electric Lawn Mower Seasonal Sales enable consumers to purchase quality products at a discounted price. Take this opportunity to get a garden tool for your summer cottage. One and the same product may have different prices on different trading platforms. Don't forget to check your rates.

Buyers do not always pay attention to well-known brands. For example, the budget 1170 mower from the American company Skil is quite popular among consumers. Optimum parameters and the absence of serious concerns regarding quality ensured such a high demand for this unit. However, this design option can be called the exception rather than the rule.

Big-name brands continue to have strong sales. Consumer reviews on Makita electric lawn mowers are just as good as on Bosch products, which occupy the first places in the ratings. Mowers of trade marks Al-ko, Gardena, Stervins are in demand in the market.

Not very well-known manufacturers can also offer decent quality models.

Not very well-known manufacturers can also offer decent quality models.

Most of the models have a long warranty period, thanks to an extensive network of stores, the purchase of spare parts for electric lawn mowers of these brands does not cause difficulties, and the technical parameters ensure a high-quality lawn mowing result.

Bosch Rotak 43 Electric Lawn Mower Specifications

The Rotak 43 from Bosch is lightweight and has a simplified design for a comfortable and easy operating system.The device has an increased margin of maneuverability, due to which grass cutting is carried out very quickly and efficiently, even when it comes to hard-to-reach places.

The Bosch electric lawnmower perfectly removes grass on horizontal surfaces, in the area of ​​placing fences and other buildings. The design has a high power engine. It is he who ensures the quality performance of tasks.

Cordless lawnmower Bosch Rotak 43

Cordless lawnmower Bosch Rotak 43

Benefits for buying a Bosch electric lawnmower:

  • the working area of ​​the mowing is 43 cm (the width of the vegetation with the knives);
  • high power level - 1700 W;
  • decent speed and efficiency;
  • cut height - 2 cm, 7 cm;
  • the weight of the structure is 12.3 kg, so that the transportation of the unit and its use do not create any special problems.

For these reasons, in the ranking of the best, the Rotak 43 electric lawnmower takes the leading position.

Note! The device has a built-in grass catcher with a large capacity (50 l). This volume allows you to work for a long time without replacing the container.

Features of electric lawn mower Makita ELM 3310

Buyers fell in love with the Makita electric lawnmower of the ELM 3310 modification for its comfortable handle, which is very easy to fold. Due to the favorable structure of the structure, this device is distinguished by good maneuverability and high speed of mowing grass.

The unit does not cause storage problems, since it has a collapsible design type. When folded, the mower body takes up a minimum of floor space. As an addition, a lightweight, but rather spacious grass catcher has been added to the package.

Electric lawn mower Makita ELM3711.

Electric Lawn Mower Makita ELM3711

The manufacturer recommends buying an electric lawn mower Makita ELM 3310 for areas that do not exceed 4 acres. The device is far from always able to clean a larger area qualitatively. The readiness of the device for operation is indicated by the light indication on the case. It also serves as a backlight.

In the ranking of electric lawn mowers for summer cottages, this model ranks second for the following reasons:

  • the working width of the grass capture is 33 cm;
  • three-level mowing height (you can set the following indicators: 2 cm, 4 cm, 5.5 cm);
  • the volume of the grass catcher is 27 liters;
  • power reaches 1100 W;
  • construction weight - 11.5 kg.

Features of the electric lawn mower Al-Co Classic 3.82 SE

The electrically powered Classic 3.82 SE lawnmower is suitable for various types of land:

  • grassy lawns;
  • park zones;
  • garden plots;
  • squares;
  • adjoining territories.
Electric lawn mower AL-KO Classic 3.22 SE

Electric lawn mower AL-KO Classic 3.22 SE

Thanks to the wide crop coverage (38 cm) and the large grass catcher (37 l), the device is easy to use and provides excellent results.

Note! The device is intended for processing medium-sized areas. The special design and carefully thought-out geometry of the body allow the elimination of vegetation along the curbs and fences. This was made possible by the convenient arrangement of the wheels that do not protrude beyond the body.

In the ranking of electric lawn mowers, this model was awarded the third place. Technical indicators of the structure:

  • cutting width - 38 cm;
  • good maneuverability (the lawn mower can be operated with just one hand);
  • Rigid grass catcher with a capacity of 37 liters;
  • the weight of the device is 13 kg;
  • the device has three levels of mowing - 2 cm, 4 cm, 6 cm;
  • the motor delivers 1400 watts of power.
The AL-KO Classic 3.22 SE lawnmower has a wide cutting area of ​​38 cm

The AL-KO Classic 3.22 SE lawnmower has a wide cutting area of ​​38 cm

The handle has a special fuse switch. There is also a latch for securing the cord.

The fourth position in the rating of reliability: Electric lawn mower Stervins QT 55

This model belongs to the category of the latest models with a substantial coverage of vegetation. The machine copes well with the processing of large areas, as well as areas with embossed surfaces, which usually cause inconvenience. Even if the grass has grown a little, the device is able to quickly clean up the lawn.

The design is equipped with a welded deck, which is characterized by high quality and durability. The manufacturer uses a unique system of manufacturing handles that provide additional comfort.

Features of the Sterwins QT 55 Electric Lawn Mower:

  • device power - 3000 W;
  • volumetric grass catcher (68 l);
  • the weight of the structure is 8.5 kg;
  • durable welded deck;
  • two-level cutting height (3-blade knife, thicket cutter).
The Sterwins QT 55 lawnmower combines ease of use with a robust design

The Sterwins QT 55 lawnmower combines ease of use with a robust design

This model has a high level of reliability, it is productive and easy to use, bringing not only results, but also pleasure from use.

Specificity of the Gardena Electric Lawn Mower Power Max 42 E

The manufacturer installed a powerful electric motor in the body of this lawn mower. The cutting element in the form of a knife is made using a special technology that assumes an improved geometry. The device has a corresponding belt drive. For this reason, the high cost of this lawn mower is justified.

Note! The grass catcher is equipped with a large viewing window. Thanks to him, you can always control the degree of filling of the container and for this you do not need to look inside. In addition, the grass catcher has a widened opening for easy and quick disposal of the collected grass.

The collector has sufficient volume to collect cut vegetation. The lawn mower has a mulching function, so that you can work with the device for a long period of time without being distracted by cleaning the container. The minimum cutting height of the grass is 2 cm, the maximum allows you to leave vegetation in the area with a height of 6 cm. The height adjustment is carried out from a central position, so the device works very accurately.


Electric lawnmower Gardena Power Max 42 E

Advantages of the Viking ME 340 electric lawn mower

The Viking ME 340 lawn mower is the last in the ranking of electrical appliances. Its weight is only 11 kg. The structure has a built-in container for collecting vegetation with a capacity of 26 liters. This modification provides a rear grass discharge system.

Device advantages:

  • the grass catcher has a full indicator that goes down as the grass enters the container;
  • the panel has a cord lock to prevent accidental disconnection from the power point (outlet), providing an additional level of security;
  • The material for the case is a one-piece polymer with high impact strength, as well as resistance to ultraviolet radiation and high temperatures.

The engine power is 0.9 kW and the cutting width is 33 cm. The blade height adjustment system allows you to mow the lawn on three levels. The tool is designed for processing areas of no more than 300 m².

Lawn mower Viking ME 340

Lawn mower Viking ME 340

Rating of the best models of electric lawn mowers: prices for structures

The technical parameters of the structures play a decisive role when choosing an electric garden tool. But we must not forget that in the ranking of the best electric lawn mowers, the price of devices is of no small importance, since many buyers, when looking for a suitable option, are guided by the price-quality ratio in devices.

Note! The table shows the average prices for rated models of lawn mowers. These rates may vary depending on the seller.

Rates for rating models:

Ranking place Brand name Model Power, W Weight, kg Manufacturer country price, rub.
1 Bosch Rotak 43 1700 12,3 Germany 15440
2 Makita ELM 3310 1100 11,5 Japan 5400
3 Al-Ko Classic 3.82 SE 1400 13 China 6800
4 Stervins QT 55 3000 8,5 China 10000
5 Gardena PowerMax42 E 1700 12,2 China 19800
6 Viking ME 340 900 11 Austria 8000


DIY Electric Lawn Mower Repair Tips

Even the highest quality electric lawn mower models are prone to breakdowns, and the operation of budget models can be malfunctioning all the time. In most cases, the failure of the tool is associated with minor problems that you can fix yourself by studying the problem in detail.

Features of repairing electric lawn mowers: the device does not mow the grass

The lawnmower may refuse to cut grass if the cutting elements are dull. This is the most common and obvious breakdown that can be fixed by sharpening a knife or replace it with a new one.

Sandpaper is usually used for sharpening. If you have a decent amount of time, you can use a file. Be sure to wear safety glasses when working with sharp tools and thick gloves. The cutting element is sharpened on each side at an angle of approximately 30 °.

Some manufacturers include special sharpening attachments as standard on lawn mowers. They can be safely used to do this job. Most often, such devices are adhesive-backed abrasive tapes. They are glued over the fixed blade of the tool. It is not recommended to set a large gap between the moving and stationary cutting elements. It is necessary to ensure that the knives are in contact with the abrasive belt.

It is necessary to constantly monitor the condition of the lawn mower blades

It is necessary to constantly monitor the condition of the lawn mower blades

After that, it is enough to plug the mower into a power outlet and drive it away with short interruptions (about 15 seconds). This should be done until the knife sharpening becomes sharp. Then you should remove the tape and return the knives to their original position, adjusting the gap between them.

Useful advice! Adjust the blade gap carefully. Incorrectly aligned cutting elements can cause malfunctions. The gap should be the same along the entire length of the cutting edge.

For cylindrical lawn mowers, the width of the gap between the bedknife and the cylinder that rotates must match the thickness of the paper sheet. Most often, the manufacturer indicates recommendations in the instructions accompanying the device.

Electric lawn mower repair tips: the appliance doesn't work at all

If the device does not function at all, there can be many reasons for this. You can familiarize yourself with the most common problems and solutions by looking at the table below.

Elimination of breakdowns in the lawn mower:

Breaking Remedy
Stuck knives Using a wooden stick, twist the cutting element in the opposite direction to free it from the grass
Broken drive belt Replace the element according to the manufacturer's instructions
Broken electrical cable Replace the element according to the manufacturer's instructions
Breaker breakage Using a multimeter, identify the problem area and replace the cord
No voltage in the socket Check the protection on the shield, if the problem is not in it, replace the power point
Burnt out special. fork Identify the problem with a tester and replace


Some modifications have thermal protection. When triggered, it shuts down the drive. This problem occurs in case of overheating or blocking of the knife. The knives can be cleaned with soft brushes. Thermal protection blocks the device until the drive has cooled down to the permissible temperature. Switching on occurs automatically.

For safety reasons, the machine must be unplugged before cleaning and repairing the mower.