A balcony or loggia is an additional space in the apartment, where you can organize a comfortable seating area. To do this, you should carefully approach the choice of suitable furniture, which should be compact in size, functionality and practicality. The ideal option would be a sofa on the balcony with a storage box, which can be purchased at the store, or made yourself.

Balcony sofa with storage box: comfort without compromise

If you add storage boxes to the sofa on the balcony, you get a comfortable and functional place.

Sofa designs for the balcony

Most balconies and loggias cannot boast of large dimensions. They are predominantly rectangular in shape. The width of the room does not exceed 1.5 m. Such a layout excludes the option of placing the sofa along the long wall, since the furniture will block the free passage. The best solution would be to install a sofa near a short side wall.

The original version of the balcony for the loggia

The original version of the balcony for the loggia

Sofas for the balcony can have different shapes, which will determine its location:

  • rectangular narrow sofas on the balcony are small in width. Furniture can be positioned along a long wall opposite the window block. If you place a small table nearby, you can organize a compact dining area. Under the sofa, you can arrange a storage system for household items;
  • rectangular short sofas are placed near the side wall. The design can be pushed forward to organize a berth. The interior space under the seat can be converted into a convenient storage box;
  • corner sofas are installed on arched balconies. Such designs make it possible to rationally use impractical corner space. Corner sofas on the balcony are often equipped with pull-out or roll-out mattresses, which allows you to organize a sleeping place.

Design and execution of sofas for the balcony

A balcony or loggia is small in size, so furniture for them should be compact in order to take up a minimum of space, but at the same time be comfortable and multifunctional.

The most common models for confined spaces are the following designs:

  • sofa ottoman on the balcony is a frameless product that takes up a minimum of space. It is usually placed near a short wall;
A sofa on the balcony will allow you to admire the magnificent views

A sofa on the balcony will allow you to admire the magnificent views

  • the sofa-bench looks like a bench with a back, covered with soft material and upholstered with decorative fabric. The free space under the trestle bed can be used for storing things. Such a bench on the balcony has a small width and length. It can be located along a long or short wall;
  • folded sofa does not take up much space. Consists of a seat and backrest, which fold out into a horizontal position, forming a comfortable sleeping place. Inside there is a niche for storing things;
  • the sofa chest looks like a large box, on the top cover of which there is a seat with a back, and the inner space is used as a storage system;
  • the sofa-bedside table for the balcony is represented by a rectangular design, in which the upper cover is made in the form of a rigid or semi-rigid seat. Under it is the inner space, which can be divided into separate sections in the form of shelves, drawers. The open area is usually hidden behind sliding or swing doors;
  • the sofa cabinet looks like a regular folded cabinet. The design transforms into a compact sofa without a back. This sofa model is designed to store things;
  • the sofa bed is presented with a practical design with a soft back and a retractable bottom part that leans forward, and the back rests down into the formed free space. Another type of design is a folding seat with a mattress hidden inside under the pillows. It unfolds like a book, while the pillows are removed, and the back remains in place;
  • the armchair-bed is installed on narrow balconies. When unfolding, the seat moves forward, and the back rests down into the formed niche.

Lovers of minimalism can put a rattan or wicker daybed on the balcony, decorating it with soft, upholstered pillows.

Simple wooden sofa box can be complemented with soft pillows

Simple wooden sofa box can be complemented with soft pillows

How to choose a sofa for a loggia or balcony

When choosing a ready-made sofa for a balcony or loggia, some important points should be considered. The size of the structure is selected based on its location. If the sofa will be placed along a long wall, narrow models should be preferred. If the structure is placed near the side wall, the dimensions of a small sofa on the balcony are selected based on its width, so that the furniture fits completely into the space.

The design of the sofa is chosen based on its purpose. If it is to be used as an extra bed, folding models should be preferred.

Note! When choosing a specific sofa model, it is important to measure the length of the product when unfolded, since the structure should not block the entrance to the balcony in this state.

The next important criterion is functionality. The sofa on the balcony is not just for relaxation. It should be equipped with ample storage space. The most ergonomic are sofa wardrobes on the balcony.

The material of manufacture of the product must be characterized by increased moisture resistance and wear resistance, which is associated with the peculiarity of the microclimate of the room. Wooden structural elements must be impregnated with waterproof compounds. Upholstery should be made of dense natural or artificial fabric, be practical, able to resist fading and be not a brand. The best options are leather, flock, satin, linen, velor, jacquard, chenille and matting.

The sofa on the balcony can be supplemented with a coffee table

The sofa on the balcony can be supplemented with a coffee table

Useful advice! When making a sofa for a balcony with your own hands, it is better to give preference to laminated panels, and treat the edges with wax, varnish, paint or sealant, which will increase the moisture resistance of the product.

The style of a small sofa on the balcony

The model and decorative design of the mini sofa on the balcony should correspond to the general style of the room. If the loggia is decorated in a modern style, the furniture should have smooth shapes and neutral colors. When choosing a sofa, comfort should be preferred over functionality. The ideal solution would be a sofa with soft upholstery and an orthopedic mattress.

For the classic style, it is important to reunite comfort, beauty and functionality, so in this case, the best option would be a sofa chest of drawers on the balcony with internal storage space. Products should have an elegant shape, carved decorative elements and gilded overlays. They are made from natural wood. The upholstery is made of velvet, velor or brocade in a single color.

For the Scandinavian style, models made of natural material, having regular geometric shapes, finished with soft textiles in a calm color scheme, are suitable. Provence is an adherent of simple forms, smooth lines and laconic design. For this style, wooden or forged sofas with light upholstery made from natural fabrics are suitable. For the loft and minimalism style, simple models are chosen, which are distinguished by strict geometric shapes, the complete absence of decorative elements, and upholstery made of plain leather in dim shades.

Stylish design of a small sofa on the loggia

Stylish design of a small sofa on the loggia

DIY materials for making a sofa on the balcony

When making a sofa for a balcony with your own hands, you should take a responsible attitude to the choice of material. The frame can be made of chipboard or chipboard. Such lumber is characterized by high technical and operational characteristics, ease of handling, a long period of operation and a wide color palette.

Useful advice! From chipboard or chipboard, you can create an element of furniture of any configuration and design, which even a beginner can do.

The reliable and durable frame of the sofa-box on the balcony will be made of natural solid wood. The material is durable and attractive. For the manufacture of furniture elements, you should choose high-quality products without cracks, breaks, traces of fungus and other defects. Working with natural solid wood requires special tools and experience in working with the material.

Important! Before assembling furniture from natural solid wood, the components must be treated with special compounds that prevent the formation and development of fungus, mold and other microorganisms.

You can use natural or artificial wood to make the sofa.

You can use natural or artificial wood to make the sofa.

The frame can be made of plywood, which is practically not inferior in technical parameters to natural wood, but has a lower material cost. Furniture for a small balcony can be made from furniture board, which can be purchased in any texture and color. It can be larch, ash or oak. The material is durable, safe, environmentally friendly, aesthetically pleasing and has a long service life.

Making a soft part of the sofa on the loggia

Foam rubber, synthetic winterizer or holofiber should be used as a filler for soft elements of sofas for a balcony. The first option is distinguished by good elasticity, elasticity, optimal rigidity and low cost, therefore, it is more in demand.

Useful advice! To extend the life of the furniture and eliminate the likelihood of deformational changes in its soft part, a thin layer of padding polyester should be provided between the foam rubber filler and the upholstery.

Ease of use and visual appeal of furniture depends on the quality of the upholstery. For her, it is recommended to choose durable, wear-resistant fabrics that are resistant to dirt. The ideal solution is leather that is easy to care for, durable and stylish.The material gives the furniture a luxurious and presentable look. Leather is presented in a variety of colors, which allows you to choose it for any interior style.

Sofa with hinged cover - comfortable design for use on the balcony

Sofa with hinged cover - comfortable design for use on the balcony

As an upholstery of a sofa for a terrace or balcony, you can use flock, which is made on a cotton basis. The material is hypoallergenic. It is practical and durable. The delicate and pleasant texture of flock is similar to velvet. The material does not absorb odors, it is resistant to various dirt. It is ideal for furniture in homes where pets live.

Chenille is wear-resistant and durable. The material is practical and stylish. It is presented in a wide range of colors. The fabric does not absorb odors and can be easily cleaned with a brush or vacuum cleaner. A good option for upholstery sofa for a balcony would be jacquard. Due to the special technology of weaving threads, the material is strong, wear-resistant and durable. It comes in a wide variety of patterns and colors. The jacquard is resistant to sunlight. The material is easy to clean.

How to make a balcony sofa with storage box

To make a sofa-chest on the balcony, you will need a tape measure, a pencil, bars 40x40 or 50x50 mm, a sheet of plywood 10-12 mm thick, self-tapping screws for wood, metal corners, hinges, anchors, an antiseptic or paint to protect wood from moisture, dense upholstery fabric , synthetic winterizer or foam rubber 50-100 mm thick as a soft base.

For work, you should prepare tools such as a hammer drill with a victorious drill, a jigsaw, a circular saw, a hand saw with a fine tooth, a construction stapler with staples and glue for wood and fabric.

Making the frame of the future sofa

Making the frame of the future sofa

The first step is to draw a diagram of the disassembled structure, indicating all of its elements and applying dimensions. The width of the sofa chest on the balcony must correspond to the given size of the side wall. The height is selected based on ergonomic performance. On average, it is about 400 mm. The depth of the structure can be from 60 to 100 cm.

Based on the drawing, the length of the timber, the dimensions of the plywood panels and foam rubber gaskets, and the total footage of the upholstery fabric are determined.

Before starting work, wooden elements must be coated with a special compound to protect against moisture. Parts of a given size are cut from timber and plywood according to the drawing. The first step is to assemble a sofa frame with a box on the balcony with your own hands. For this, parts from a bar are connected to each other using metal corners and wood screws. Plywood sheets are screwed onto a wooden base.

For the lower vertical part of the structure, backrest and seat, pieces of foam rubber are cut to the size of plywood elements with a margin for the thickness of the filler and an allowance of 20-30 mm for turning under the bottom. Next, the upholstery fabric is cut. For this, the material is spread on the floor. Foam rubber and a plywood sheet are laid on top of it. The plywood is pressed in the center by the load. The upholstery fabric is rolled up and fixed on the back of the sheet with a stapler.

Useful advice! The upholstery fabric can be glued with polyurethane glue, which will provide a more aesthetic appearance to the soft elements of the structure, since the corner joints will be without gaps and the back surface will remain flat and smooth.

Strengthening the structure around the perimeter

Strengthening the structure around the perimeter

Arrangement of the inner space of the box

After finishing the lower front panel, the seat and backrest elements are screwed to the structure frame. The backrest and vertical plate are fixed with corners, and the seat with hinges.

The inner space of the sofa drawer on the balcony with your own hands can be decorated in different ways. The simplest solution is to cover the walls with foil, film or fabric.Multiple sections can be created in a drawer, separated by vertical partitions. Small boxes can be placed in them.

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The front panel of the structure can be made of several sliding or hinged doors, behind which the internal space is hidden, divided by a horizontal shelf. The front part of such a cabinet-sofa on the balcony can be represented by several drawers, the size of which is selected in such a way that they fit snugly into the niches.

Important! You should worry about creating ventilation for the interior space of the sofa by organizing several through holes in its side elements throughout their entire area.

The finished sofa with a storage box is installed in the seat. If necessary, the structure can be attached to the wall. To do this, use anchors.

Arrangement of the surface of the sofa with storage boxes

Arrangement of the surface of the sofa with storage boxes

Folding sofa on the balcony with drawers

Before you make a sofa on the balcony with your own hands, which will be expanded to organize a berth, you should prepare a detailed design drawing.

Important! When completing the drawing, special attention should be paid to the dimensions of the parts in the unfolded form.

The frame of the folding sofa on the balcony is made of 40x40 or 50x50 mm timber. Elements are attached with metal corners. For the manufacture of drawers, which will be used not only as a storage system, but also will become the basis for soft pillows, chipboard is used. The boxes should be made in the form of full boxes, supplemented with tight lids. The dimensions of their constituent elements will be smaller than the dimensions of the main surface of the seat.

After assembling the main part of the frame and boxes, you should arrange the soft part of the sofa with storage boxes. For this, the necessary elements are sheathed with filler and upholstery fabric, which is fixed with a construction stapler. A separate soft piece is made with a size corresponding to the seat of the sofa, which, when unfolded, will fit on the sliding drawers. The finished elements are attached to the frame and the sofa is placed in the chosen location.

Folding sofa on the balcony

Folding sofa on the balcony

Features of furniture from pallets to the balcony

Wooden pallets or pallets are boxes for storing and transporting building materials, various goods and products. The pallets are made according to the standard and are produced in the same size. European pallets have a size of 80x120 cm, Finnish ones - 100x120 cm.The height of the products is 14.5 cm.

Pallets can be of different types. Products in the first grade are clean, light and whole. The individual boards are fastened together with screws. Low-grade products have uneven blotches, they are darker in color. The components are knocked down with ordinary nails. Such designs can be used to create furniture with your own hands, which will take a minimum of time and financial costs.

Pallet furniture is characterized by high strength and low weight, thanks to which the product can be rearranged. The simplicity of the design allows it to be quickly assembled or disassembled, while it is easy to clean and maintain. You can make puffs, tables, sofas, shelves, hanging shelves and armchairs on the balcony from pallets with your own hands. Pallet elements can be equipped with castors for easy movement.

Pallet furniture will organically fit into modern, Scandinavian style, eco-style and loft. The natural texture of the material fills the atmosphere with cleanliness, warmth and comfort, moreover, such furniture does not overload the space.Pallets are used to create a solid and secure base on which to lay a soft mattress, air cushions.

Pallets can be successfully used for the manufacture of balcony furniture

Pallets can be successfully used for the manufacture of balcony furniture

To give the furniture made of pallets originality, the surface of the boards can be covered with a layer of stain, painted with water-based paint of any color, or use the wood aging technique or decoupage.

Diy pallet sofa

Before you start making a sofa for a balcony from pallets, you should prepare the material. Pallets should be inspected for cracks, protruding nails, rotting spots and other damage. Used products should be thoroughly cleaned with a brush and washed.

Dry wooden elements must be sanded, all burrs and roughness removed. They should be treated with special compounds that prevent rotting, mold and mildew formation, and reduce the likelihood of fire. The product is applied in 4-5 layers. Products should dry completely for 2-3 days. If necessary, the pallets can be coated with paint.

To make a sofa-bench for a balcony, you will need one euro pallet, wooden beams 5-6 cm thick, metal corners, screws.

The pallet must be divided into two unequal parts. On one wide side, which will play the role of a seat, there should be 4 boards, and on the other, the back, - 3. Both parts are fastened to each other with screws or self-tapping screws so that they are located at an angle of 90 degrees to each other.

The sofa on the balcony is easy to make with your own hands

The sofa on the balcony is easy to make with your own hands

Reinforce the fastening with wooden blocks. To do this, the elements are attached diagonally from the upper corner of the backrest to the lower corner of the seat. For the sofa, you can provide legs made of wooden beams, fixing them with self-tapping screws. The design can also be supplemented with pallet armrests. For this, the side parts are separated from the product, without dividing them into parts. The elements are attached to the frame with screws.

The finished structure is installed near the wall. A mattress or pillows are laid on it.

Useful advice! Strong ties can be sewn to the mattress or pillows, with which the soft elements are fixed to the wooden base of the sofa.

When decorating a balcony or loggia in order to create a seating area, you cannot do without installing a cozy and functional sofa. The choice of design option depends on the layout of the space and its size. A sofa for a balcony can be purchased at a furniture store, however, if desired, such a design is easy to make with your own hands.