Sauna in the apartment in the bathroom provides the same effect as hot procedures in the bath. It relaxes and heals, relieves fatigue, relieves nervous tension. The article will help you figure out how a sauna differs from a bath, what disadvantages and advantages it has, as well as what are the nuances of its arrangement in one of the premises of a city apartment.

Sauna in the apartment in the bathroom: how to equip the area for bath procedures

Even in a city apartment, you can equip a small sauna

Sauna in an apartment in a bathroom: pros and cons

The arrangement of a home sauna in an apartment eliminates the need to visit specialized beauty salons and SPA centers, saves time and money. Hot procedures in the steam room provide complete relaxation of the body, restore strength after a hard day's work. All this is possible provided that the apartment has a sufficient amount of free space.

To equip a sauna in an apartment, you will need to redevelop the bathroom

To equip a sauna in an apartment, you will need to redevelop the bathroom

The design of the sauna cabin, regardless of size, must be airtight. In small rooms, compact models are installed. If the area of ​​the room is large enough, you can equip a two- or three-seater booth.

Note! The presence of seats is required. In large saunas, it is preferable to equip the benches. A compact seat is suitable for a small booth.

The advantages of using a sauna in an apartment in the bathroom

When deciding to build a compact bathhouse in an apartment with your own hands, one should not forget about the advantages of a home steam room.

This list is impressive:

  • the opportunity to visit the bathhouse at any convenient time without leaving the walls of your own home;
  • a minimum amount of time is required to prepare and warm up the structure, in contrast to standard bath rooms, where kindling takes several hours;
  • minimum waste of energy resources;
  • building a sauna in a bathroom is cheaper than in any other room;
  • there is no need to lay additional water supply and sewerage. The booth connects to existing indoor systems;
If space permits, you can install a steam room with recumbent places.

If space permits, you can install a steam room with recumbent places.

  • the opportunity to restore strength and improve health (removing toxins, strengthening the cardiovascular systems, immunity, preserving youth and beauty, reducing stress, regulating weight, treating various diseases);
  • the likelihood of getting hypothermia and getting a cold is excluded when moving from a bathhouse to a house across the street.

Some models of ready-made saunas for the home are additionally equipped with hydromassage, built-in shower, which significantly expands the functionality of the cabins and increases the comfort of use.

What are the disadvantages of installing a sauna for an apartment

The arrangement of the steam room and the subsequent operation are accompanied by some disadvantages. It is important to familiarize yourself with these nuances before starting construction or going to the store to buy a ready-made design.

The main disadvantages of home steam rooms:

  • the bath will have to be replaced with a shower stall, otherwise there will simply not be enough space;
  • in the bathroom, the process of arranging a bath in the present sense of the word is extremely difficult. The simplest and most affordable option is infrared, fabric sauna, phyto barrel;
  • there are strict size restrictions. Standard bathrooms do not allow the installation of roomy models with optimal dimensions, and compact cabins are very cramped, which creates inconvenience;
In some cases, a permit may be required to install a sauna in an apartment.

In some cases, a permit may be required to install a sauna in an apartment.

  • equipping a shower or installing a cabin instead of a bath requires additional costs and efforts;
  • it is necessary to adhere to all safety requirements, obtain permits from the relevant authorities;
  • high-quality models of booths have a high price, and not every person is able to build a sauna in a house with their own hands.

Important! People with cancer and serious disorders in the work of the cardiovascular system are strictly prohibited from taking hot procedures. The same goes for the elderly and children.

The main types of steam rooms in the apartment, their features

The existing types of steam rooms differ in size, shape and microclimate. The heating method and temperature depend on the equipment installed in the design. Mini-saunas for an apartment can be purchased ready-made. Manufacturers offer special kits. Having completed the assembly of the shields and all the components, you can independently install such a structure in the bathroom without resorting to the help of specialists.

By type of construction, saunas are:

  • built-in;
  • portable and collapsible.
A small sauna can take the place where the bathtub was previously located

A small sauna can take the place where the bathtub was previously located

Built-in structures are more spacious and comfortable. If you want to move such a model to another place, you will need to completely dismantle it.

According to the heating method and microclimatic conditions, the following types of steam rooms are distinguished:

  • wet (Russian bath);
  • dry (Finnish sauna);
  • steam room (Turkish hamam);
  • electric with a steam generator;
  • infrared.

Each has its own temperature regime, in a certain way affects the human body.

Ready-made saunas for an apartment: shower cabins with a steam room

A shower cubicle with a sauna function is the simplest and most practical option for a steam room that does not require assembly. For the structure to function, it is enough to connect it to the internal communications in the room. The temperature regime in the booth is maintained thanks to the built-in steam generator. These constructions are rather compact. They are much smaller than other types of saunas. The main advantage of the cabins is their versatility. These devices allow you not only to receive procedures using hot steam, but also to wash in the shower. The installation technology is quite simple.Each device is accompanied by instructions from the manufacturer with a detailed description of this process.

A collapsible booth can be dismantled and moved to another place

A collapsible booth can be dismantled and moved to another place


Combined options are on sale. Such models consist of two compartments: one for showering, the other for a sauna. The size of the steam room is different. You can choose a model with a single or double sauna compartment. To create finished structures, manufacturers use high-quality waterproof plastic with a high margin of safety. Partitions between the compartments are made of glass blocks.

Note! Some shower box models generate dry steam, others can create wet steam.

Climatic conditions of dry or Finnish sauna in the apartment

The air temperature in a Finnish sauna rises to 90-110 ° C, sometimes even higher. The humidity level is no more than 10%. For this reason, the Finnish sauna is often called dry. For comparison, the humidity level in a typical living space is 50-60%. In urban apartments, it is about 30-40%. Unlike a Russian bath, the device of a dry steam sauna is much simpler: no additional ventilation is required, no need to install a drain for water.

The combination of dry air and high temperature promotes intense perspiration. As a result, the human body gets rid of excess moisture, which simultaneously removes toxins. Dry sauna has an aggressive effect on the human body. The recommended stay is no more than 15 minutes. Elderly people and children should not visit the Finnish sauna.

It is not recommended to stay in a dry Finnish sauna for more than 15 minutes

It is not recommended to stay in a dry Finnish sauna for more than 15 minutes

Such structures are large, so their installation is possible only if there is sufficient free space. This option is suitable for owners of spacious apartments. Installing a homemade Finnish sauna in a small bathroom will not work; an alternative option can be a ready-made shower stall with a built-in dry steam supply function.

Characteristics of a small wet steam sauna

The microclimatic conditions of a sauna with wet steam or a Russian bath suggest a more active heating of the body. Compared to other types of steam rooms, this design option uses an average temperature. The air warms up to 70-90 ° С, never exceeds 100 ° С. In this case, the humidity is about 30-40%. In such conditions, a thin water film is formed on the skin, which helps to warm the body, and the very effect on the body is softer.

Heating is carried out by means of a heater-stove. It can be made of metal or made of bricks. It is desirable that the furnace structure is closed. The apartment is allowed to use only an electric sauna, in the house the heater can be wood-fired. The law prohibits the use of solid fuel heating appliances in multi-storey buildings - firewood, coal. For a small sauna, a 3-4 kW electric stove will suffice. Steam is generated by the ingress of cold water onto the hot stones in the oven. As a result, the air humidity increases to 45%. Additionally, a steam generator can be installed.

Useful advice! If you add an infusion of useful herbs or a few drops of essential oil to the water with which the stones are poured, then you can create the effect of therapeutic inhalation.

In a sauna with wet steam, the air humidity can increase up to 45%

In a sauna with wet steam, the air humidity can increase up to 45%

Steam sauna: bathroom with Turkish hammam

The steam sauna is called tilarium or Turkish hammam. The maximum air temperature does not exceed 60 ° C. The standard indicator is in the range of 35-50 ° C. Water vapor is generated by a generator.Tilarium is considered a gentle sauna because the microclimate in this construction is comfortable for visitors of all ages, including children and the elderly.

Steam mini-saunas in the apartment are also called Roman. Due to the low air temperature, the procedures do not exert serious stress on the human body. For people with health problems, there are practically no restrictions on visiting the hamam. The humidity level is just under 100%. The high water content in the air makes it difficult to set up a tilarium indoors at home.

To create a steam sauna in an apartment with your own hands, you will need to allocate space for the installation of all structural elements:

  • body part (walls and curtain);
  • floor heating systems (infrared mats or film floors);
  • steam generator;
  • sun loungers.

A high-quality insulation of the sauna room from other rooms in the house is imperative. For this, reinforced and waterproofing materials are used. You will need to organize a good ventilation system, install a drain and connect a pipeline with running water. Hamam with an area of ​​2.5 sq. m can accommodate 3-4 people.

Steam rooms like Turkish hamam can also be visited by children

Steam rooms like Turkish hamam can also be visited by children

Note! For the interior cladding of surfaces in the tilarium, mosaics or marble are used. Together with the insulation, the trim will steal approximately 6-7 cm of free space.

Advantages of installing an infrared sauna in an apartment

An infrared sauna for an apartment can be purchased ready-made. These booths are connected to the mains. The air humidity in the sauna is in the range of 40-60%. The temperature reaches 40-55 ° С. Infrared emitters do not heat the air, but the objects in front of them. Unlike conventional baths, it takes no more than 10 minutes to prepare a room before use. Infrared radiation can even warm up internal organs. It penetrates the body to a depth of 4 cm. In a regular bath, this figure is only 5 mm.

If you want to make an infrared sauna with your own hands, you will need to build a frame 100x100x195 cm in size and equip it with infrared emitters - carbon or ceramic. The second option is simpler and does not require special care. Ceramic radiators heat less than carbon ones and consume more energy. They are not equipped with thermal sensors. When heating reaches a certain temperature mark, the ceramic emitters are not turned off. Therefore, in order to save money, it is advisable to use carbon ones.

To ensure uniform heating, the radiators are placed not only in front, but also behind the person, as well as in the legs. For homemade saunas, experts recommend taking appliances in which the operating temperature of the heating element is at least 240-260 ° C. To create the most comfortable conditions, you can install an air ionizer, an acoustic system and equipment for herbal medicine.

Installation dimensions of the compact infrared cabin

Installation dimensions of the compact infrared cabin

Varieties of portable saunas: barrel and cloth cabin

Portable designs allow you to organize a home sauna in the apartment without resorting to installation work. These include phyto-barrels and fabric models. If desired, such a structure can be easily rearranged to another place or taken to the country.

The phyto barrel is made of wood. A heating element is installed inside. The body of the structure resembles a barrel. To receive the procedures, a person goes inside, sits on a wooden bench and closes the lid. In this case, the head remains outside. The phytobarrel is equipped with a special container, where infusions of medicinal herbs are poured.

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The main types, design features, material of manufacture. German shower racks, panels. Finnish and Czech plumbing.

The portable fabric sauna is a lightweight wood frame covered with a material with special properties.This creates a thermos effect. The sealed fabric lining maintains the optimum temperature inside the structure. Electrical appliances are used for heating. This type of sauna is considered the smallest of all. The structure can be easily rolled up and taken with you.

Important! Any type of electric saunas can only be used if the house has high-quality powerful wiring. Also, do not forget about the maximum time spent in the steam room.

Barrel sauna design

Barrel sauna design

How the bath differs from the sauna: microclimate and arrangement

Sauna and bathhouse have a general purpose - to maintain body beauty and health. Despite this, there are many differences between them, for example, the temperature regime.

The sauna is characterized by high temperatures (up to 140 ° C) and low humidity levels - from 5 to 15%. Such conditions are designed for people with good health. It is almost impossible to organize a classic sauna in an apartment due to many restrictions. Typically, the humidity level in it reaches 70% at a temperature of about 90 ° C. Such conditions are maintained thanks to special stoves, most of which cannot be used in the apartment. If the temperature is lowered to 60 ° C, then the amount of moisture in the air will drop to 40-50%.

Differences in arrangement:

Criterion Bath Sauna
Heating equipment Large-sized solid fuel furnaces Light open-type fireplaces with stone filling, electrical equipment
Swimming pool Not required Mandatory installation of a shower or a bath for water procedures
Construction Materials Exceptionally natural materials Natural wood, artificial materials
Functional areas In one room you can take hot and water procedures, use a broom It is prohibited to wash in the steam room, the use of a broom is not allowed, it is replaced with aromatic additives and natural oils


Useful advice! Due to the climatic conditions of the sauna, the broom becomes hard and ineffective. If desired, it can be applied by leaving the steam room.

Experience in installing and operating a sauna in an apartment: consumer reviews

Before making a sauna in the house, it is advisable to weigh the pros and cons, as well as decide whether to buy the structure ready-made or make it yourself, and what it should be.

Many users on the net share their experiences on the forums:

“We ordered a phyto barrel from one company. The steam room itself is very cool, made to last. But upon arrival it turned out that she did not pass through the doorway. I had to call the master. He cut the barrel and after it was brought into the room, glued it back. In general, this did not affect the quality and further operation in any way, but all the same time and nerves were wasted. Check in advance such nuances or order a collapsible design. "

Valentina Petrova, Moscow

“I didn't bother assembling wooden frames and adjusting all technical parameters. I just bought a sauna cabin. The whole family is happy. And no problems with documents and neighbors. "

Sergei Svyatoshin, St. Petersburg

Sauna in an apartment has more advantages than disadvantages

Sauna in an apartment has more advantages than disadvantages

“My husband is an electrician, he made the sauna himself. We decided to make infrared so that children can use it. We are very pleased with the result. In winter, just a fairy tale. How could we live without it ”.

Oksana Shcheglova, Yekaterinburg

Interesting projects of saunas in the house and the technology of creating a compact design

The easiest way to place a sauna is in the bathroom. It is allowed to use the premises that are adjacent to it, so that you can immediately take water procedures, cool the body, wash off the sweat. By combining the bathroom and toilet rooms, you can free up some space for installing a sauna.

Installation is also possible in other rooms:

  • kitchen;
  • balcony;
  • pantry;
  • loggia;
  • corridor between kitchen and bathroom.

Projects where the stall is installed outside the bathroom require redevelopment. In this case, you need to get permission. The structure in the pantry or corridor should not be adjacent to the walls (at least 20 cm). It is imperative to organize ventilation, otherwise mold will appear. Balcony and loggia are unheated rooms. To install the sauna, they will have to be insulated.

Small corner sauna project for installation in an apartment

Small corner sauna project for installation in an apartment

Useful advice! The ventilation for the sauna on the balcony in the apartment can be brought directly outside.

In a private house, a basement, ground floor, and attic are often used to equip a steam room. It is advisable to include a sauna in the building design even at the construction stage in order to get rid of the need to redo something. In the photo of saunas in the apartment, corner structures look very compact and organic. Straight boxes are more common as they are easier to manufacture. In large apartments with high ceilings, you can organize a pool (size 2x2 m, depth from 100 cm) and separate it with a glass door.

Optimal sauna size and recommendations for its design

The standard dimensions of a sauna in an apartment depend on the type of design chosen, but should not exceed 2x2 m. Volume - no more than 24 m³.

Optimal dimensions:

  • booths - 1.6x2 and 2x2 m;
  • infrared saunas - 0.6x0.7 m and 0.8x0.8 m (only sitting);
  • phytobarrels - 0.78x1.7 m.

If a person's height exceeds 170 cm, he will not be able to use the phyto barrel.

Mounting dimensions of various options for booths with wall sizes from 1 to 2.19 m

Mounting dimensions of various options for booths with wall sizes from 1 to 2.19 m

How to make a sauna in an apartment yourself:

  1. Create a frame made of metal profiles or wooden beams (the elements must be even, planed and dried, antiseptic and fireproofing is required).
  2. Insulate the frame with mineral wool or cork (agglomerate). Do not use expanded polystyrene. You can take foamed polyethylene foam, but on condition that the material can withstand high temperatures (you need to check the manufacturer's data).
  3. Lay a layer of steam and waterproofing. It is preferable to use
  4. foil materials to keep the temperature inside the structure.
  5. Install linden or larch inner lining. Tiles can be used for floors.
  6. Install heating devices (infrared emitters or electric stove with talcignesite, basalt, diabase) and moisture-proof lamps.

To create a sauna effect, you can install a steam generator. The external finish is selected taking into account the interior where the sauna is located.

A small steam room will be a useful purchase for any family. Making a structure with your own hands or buying it ready-made depends only on the desire and budgetary capabilities of the owner.