Since the use of filtered water has become widespread, there has been a need to install a separate individual tap for the supply of treated water. But the installation of such a crane provides for an additional mounting hole in the sink. In addition, the presence of both a mixer and a tap for drinking water somewhat clutters the sink capacity. Kitchen faucets with a tap for drinking water are a unique solution, in which it is possible to connect an additional inlet to the mixer for supplying purified water.

Kitchen faucets with drinking water tap: a new generation of sanitary ware
Kitchen mixer with additional tap for drinking water

Kitchen faucets with drinking water tap: functionality and aesthetics

Today, there is practically no one left who would use tap water for preparing drinks or food without first cleaning it. The acquisition of finished purified water in containers is gradually becoming a thing of the past, especially since placement in the kitchen water cooler associated with the allocation of additional space for it. Not to mention that the appearance of such a design is far from aesthetics.

The most urgent was the purchase of a home water purification system directly from the water supply system and supplying it through the drinking water tap. But a separate tap for drinking water and a mixer for domestic water, installed on the same sink, do not allow maximum use of the sink capacity and overload the space.

There are two holes on the faucet spout - for regular and purified drinking water
There are two holes on the faucet spout - for regular and purified drinking water

As a result of the latest developments in sanitary ware manufacturers, kitchen faucets with a tap for drinking water have been created. Their device consists in the fact that an input is connected to the body of a conventional water mixer for supplying filtered water. And the installation of a kitchen faucet with a tap for drinking water assumes the presence of a single hole in the sink and allows you to use the sink container for washing large dishes.

The designers did not skimp on the development of a huge range of models, using various materials and colors for production. The use of such mixers is possible for any actual water purification systems, including systems with reverse osmosis.

The combination mixer is equipped with two separate valves
The combination mixer is equipped with two separate valves

The device and advantages of a mixer with a tap for drinking water

The design of a kitchen faucet with a drinking tap is different from the usual mixers in that it is equipped with an independent channel for water supply after passing through the filter.On the spout of the faucet, in addition to the hole for domestic water, there is a hole for drinking water. The purified water supply is regulated by means of a separate valve installed on the common mixer body. Thus, by turning one lever - ordinary tap water is supplied, by turning the other lever - drinking water is supplied.

The channels of drinking and domestic water in the mixer are located so that these liquids do not mix with each other. The supply of drinking purified water and water for domestic needs is provided through one outlet of the mixer.

Kitchen faucet with drinking tap has an independent channel for supplying purified water
Kitchen faucet with a drinking tap has an independent channel for supplying purified water

Useful advice! When choosing a combination mixer, you should pay attention to the length and bend of the spout: if the sink is deep, a low spout will do, if the sink is miniature, a high spout.

There are single hole drinking water filter faucets. In the spout of such a mixer, there are two separate channels: for cold and hot domestic water and for drinking. In this case, purified water is supplied from the aerator and does not mix with tap water. Mixers of such models are equipped with an indicator that will signal the next filter change. Typically, the filter will be replaced after 600 liters of water have passed through it.

Installation diagram of a kitchen mixer with a tap for drinking water
Installation diagram of a kitchen mixer with a tap for drinking water

An important advantage of kitchen faucets with switching to a filter is that they do not need additional space on the sink, they take up as much space as conventional tap water faucets. There is no need to make additional holes under them, which is especially important for owners of stylish porcelain stoneware sinks.

Combined mixers are reliable and durable, provide the supply of purified water at any time, are convenient to use, thanks to a well-thought-out design and ergonomic design. In addition, the installation of a drinking water filter tap is quite simple. Anyone can install such a crane, if desired, given that there is no need to purchase and connect additional hoses. The disadvantages of such models, perhaps, can be attributed only to the rather high cost.

Mixer mixer with separate clean water spout
Mixer mixer with separate clean water spout

Assortment and complete set of kitchen faucets with a filter tap

Manufacturers offer a wide selection of kitchen faucets under the filter. The main criteria when choosing a crane are design, color and price of the product. What remains unchanged is that the model must be made of high quality material: stainless steel, bronze, brass, steel alloys, nickel, ceramics, plastic.

Most often, for the manufacture of combined mixers, stainless steel and brass are used, which are distinguished by their reliability and durability. Coating items with a spray layer allows you to imitate gold, silver, bronze or create the impression of aged metal.

Blanco Fontas Double Spout Mounting Dimensions
Blanco Fontas Double Spout Mounting Dimensions

Plastic taps for drinking water filters are resistant to aggressive media. Plastic products are resistant to corrosion and alkalization, however, have a shorter service life than metal models.

We offer you to familiarize yourself with some models of mixers and their prices from different manufacturers:

Name of the combined kitchen faucetsTrademarkMaterialPrice, rub
Mixer with a tap chrome KAISER ARENA 33066-1 BrozeKAISER, GermanyBrass plated "Bronze"6200
Mixer with filter connection Elghansa 5602623Elghansa DWT,
Chrome-nickel plated brass7200
Mixer Atoll A-0212 Nickel + filtered water tapATOLBrass with satin chrome plating8000
Combined mixer ATOLL A 0214 BLACK with additional drinking water outletATOLBrass, color - matt black Anthracite9800
Combined kitchen mixer ZR 311 YF CLEAN WATERZorG Sanitary, Czech RepublicStainless steel10750
Mixer KD 2383-L026 KorDi for filterKordi, SwitzerlandStainless steel11990
Mixer with filter KD 14035-C27 Bronze BronzeKordi, SwitzerlandAged bronze plated brass12990
Faucet retro SZR-1219-7M ROSSO with a built-in drinking water tapZorG Inox,
Czech Republic-Germany
Stainless steel17000
Faucet under the ZorG INOX SZR-1017-7B LORA filterZorG Inox,
Czech Republic-Germany
Stainless steel19350

Faucets made of glass or ceramics can be attributed to exclusive models, but such models are expensive and are quite rare. Manufacturers are not limited in color solutions for drinking water filter taps. You can buy products of almost any color: from monochromatic to contrasting combined, inscribing them into any kitchen interior.

Useful advice! If your kitchen sink has two or three bowls, you need to opt for the combination mixer models with a pull-out spout.

Original design of the KLUDI-ZIP tap with pull-out spout
Original design of the KLUDI-ZIP tap with pull-out spout

The combined mixer models are completed with hoses, with the help of which the connection to the water supply system and the water filter for the kitchen is made, as well as a set of adapters and fasteners. Depending on the individual filter system, it is possible to purchase additional accessories for connecting a mixer or switches for supplying water to the dishwasher. In any case, before buying, you should familiarize yourself with the complete set of the product.

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Types of filters for the kitchen for drinking water

In faucets with a drinking tap, household flow, filter nozzles and filters with reverse osmosis are used.

Household flow filters

By using household filters, the water is purified to the point where it can be drunk and used for cooking. The filters are installed in the cabinet under the sink, equipped with outlet hoses for connecting to the mixer. Such filters purify running water from the pipeline and do not need to install a storage tank for water. Household filters are equipped with purification cartridges in the amount of 2 to 4 pieces.

A flow-through filter for water purification is installed under the kitchen cabinet
Installed under the kitchen cabinet flow filter for water purification

They purify water from such types of impurities:

  • chlorine;
  • salts that make the water hard;
  • iron;
  • microorganisms.

The advantages of stationary water filters in the kitchen are considered to be a high degree of purification, good performance, convenient use (they do not clutter up the kitchen space, being located under the sink).

Faucet with tap for drinking water - a compact and stylish solution for a modern kitchen
Faucet with a tap for drinking water - a compact and stylish solution for a modern kitchen

Reverse osmosis filters

Effective cleansing systems. They purify water from impurities without the use of chemical components. During purification, water passes through a thin-film diffuser that filters out the smallest particles. Only water molecules seep through the membrane, everything else is discharged into the sewer. The water becomes soft, with the properties of melt water.

The advantages of the system are the highest degree of purification, a water supply of 10 liters, and a low cost of treated water. The set includes pre-purification cartridges, reverse osmosis membrane, post-purification filter, connecting hoses. Reverse osmosis systems are distinguished by their high price and significant cleaning efficiency.

Useful advice! Before you buy water filter, check if it and its plastic components emit a characteristic chemical odor. If there is a smell, the filter is made of low-quality material and does not meet environmental and safety requirements.

The reverse osmosis filter collects purified water in a special container
The reverse osmosis filter collects purified water in a special container

Filter attachments for the tap for water

Compact devices for crane mounting. They reliably cleanse of harmful impurities, reducing water hardness. They are connected to the mixer only during cleaning.Some models of water filters for kitchen faucets are equipped with a calendar reminding you to replace the cartridge. The advantages are mobility and low cost. Among the disadvantages are low productivity, a small volume of sorbent, the presence of a container for purified water.

The relevance of purifying tap water is beyond doubt. A faucet with a drinking water tap is the best way out for people who value their health. It can help make water consumption safe, and choosing an easy-to-use tap will allow you to effectively use the kitchen workspace.