The most pleasant stage of the renovation is the decoration of the premises. But even a small change in decoration can significantly transform and refresh a room. Having given free rein to imagination, using available means, you can spend your free time with pleasure and benefit. And the reward for the efforts will be an elegant interior, comfort and good mood. A thematic article about DIY wall decor will help in this: original ideas, photos, with illustrative examples of design.

DIY wall decor: original ideas, photos, illustrative examples of design

You can use decorative utensils as wall decoration.

Wall decor: function in the interior, design goals

In the modern world, the decoration of a room testifies to the style, taste, wealth and abilities of the owner. The components of a beautiful and harmonious interior are not only exquisite furniture, fashionable trends in decoration and original lamps. Wall decoration is an important detail that will help make the overall image of the room complete and harmonious.

Most of the techniques used by designers today were known many years ago.

Most of the techniques used by designers today were known many years ago.

Wall decoration, as an element of a successful interior, performs one or several functions:

  1. Aesthetic. Wall decor in an apartment is, first of all, their decoration.
  2. Creation of a unique design. The walls, decorated with homemade crafts, demonstrate the skill of the owners and the originality of the design.
  3. Informative. A small gallery of photos, paintings, prints clearly tells about the composition of the family or demonstrates a certain collection.
  4. Masking - wall decoration will help hide flaws in decoration and even visually correct design errors. A highlighted main segment in the room's decor will divert attention from the less well-designed functional area.
  5. Economical. Sometimes a simple change in the way the walls are decorated will help delay the renovation for a while. Original decorating ideas with the help of color and textured accents will radically change the atmosphere in the room, giving it new notes.

Using handemade in the decoration of a room can perform several functions at once. For example, do-it-yourself wall decor from scrap materials will help not only increase the uniqueness of the interior, but also significantly save the costs of the owners when decorating it.

Wall decoration will help hide flaws in the finish

Wall decoration will help hide flaws in the finish

Helpful advice! Involving children in decorating work will contribute to rapprochement in the family and the formation of certain skills in the smallest household members. The result is a beautiful interior, a joint pastime of parents and children, the transfer of useful experience from the older generation to the younger.

Combination of technique and aesthetics: photos of decor walls on various bases

Successful decoration means skillfully combining decoration elements with the base coat and wall material. Even at the stage of construction or leveling the surface, you need to decide on the future design. Decorative elements can be located at different technical levels:

  • zero implies the application of decor to the base capital wall of concrete, brick or wood, previously primed and putty;
  • the first is a wall with a starting plaster coating;
  • the second is the level of the wall with finishing plaster, possibly already painted;
  • the third is a wall in a habitable room, where decorations serve to hide defects;
  • independent - the surface of the walls does not particularly affect the decoration.
Wall decoration is used primarily for decoration

Wall decoration is used primarily for decoration

From a technological point of view, the higher the working level, the simpler and less expensive the decor. At the same time, it is less persistent and short-lived.

Techniques used in wall decoration during the construction phase

At the zero-third technical level, decorating can imply the performance of certain finishing works. The main types of finishes are as follows:

  • graphic images on the wall - creating paintings using dyes for the interior;
  • applying frescoes - a textured pattern is applied to a damp finishing material;
  • the use of tiles and mosaics - ceramic, faience, glass or other details are glued to the wall surface, which ultimately represent the overall picture;
  • ready-made decor items are the simplest and most common type of decoration, which includes many ways and allows you to realize various ideas by attaching items to the wall.
With a simple attachment of things, you can interestingly decorate the wall

With a simple attachment of things, you can interestingly decorate the wall

Materials used in decoration during the construction phase:

  • putty - with its help they level the surface for any decoration and create textured elements;
  • paints and varnishes - necessary to create the base and details of the image;
  • wallpaper - used as an independent element of decoration or as a basis for painting;
  • tiles made of glass, earthenware or ceramics - used as an independent finishing material or part of it.

Brick wall decor: illustrative examples of design

Designers quite often at the stage of finishing work suggest leaving one or more walls in the form of brickwork. Sometimes bricks or imitation materials are used as a decoration element. An interesting solution for the design of such a wall is full or partial painting.

Brickwork, with proper design, will look great in the room

Brickwork, with proper design, will look great in the room

Helpful advice! In order to end up with beautiful walls, you must definitely prepare the base before decorating. The wall should be flat and covered with plaster, paint, varnish or other substrate.

Decorating walls with graphics

To create a graphic drawing, you should prepare a putty, paints, templates or stencils, brushes, a spray gun.

You don't have to be an artist or a decorator to create graphic wall decor with your own hands. Wall decor stencils will help even a novice designer. To make templates, use paper, cardboard, plastic or plywood. A single-type report or a separate image is applied to the surface and cut out along the contours.

The technology for using a stencil is very simple. A cliché is tightly applied to the place where the drawing is supposed to be placed. It is painted over using a brush, roller or spray gun. You can take paint in spray cans. Then the stencil is rearranged and the procedure is repeated as many times as required by the decorated surface.

Various techniques are used to apply the image. The most common and convenient is the use of a stencil

Various techniques are used to apply the image. The most common and convenient is the use of a stencil

A more time-consuming technique of decorating using a graphic image is drawing a sketch on the wall with a pencil; here you cannot do without artistic talent.

You can also apply the outline of the image to the wall using carbon paper or a projector. To do this, the device is connected to a computer and the selected drawing is designed at the place of application. The silhouette is outlined in pencil. Next, using a brush and paints, we implement our plans on the wall.

DIY decor ideas with a textured image

A textured image or frescoes are created on wet plaster. Previously, decorators used clay, now the ideal and malleable material is gypsum plaster. For this, an additional layer of plaster is applied to the pre-aligned wall. It is not allowed to dry completely and drawings are made using a sharp pencil-like tool.

Putty can be easily used as decoration

Putty can be easily used as decoration

Curly prints on the surface look original. A textured ornament is applied to the wall using a prepared cliche. A special pattern roller for wall decor will simplify the task. You can buy it at a hardware store.

After applying the frescoes, the image is painted over. For their application, brushes of various thicknesses are used. It is better to paint a monochromatic textured ornament with paints using a spray gun.

The use of ceramics in wall decor: interior design photos

The mosaic that came from past centuries does not lose its relevance today. Previously, this type of decoration was used in temples and homes of aristocrats, now it is available to any average family. Now the most popular decoration material from this series is wall tiles. But even with the help of broken tiles or old ceramic dishes, you can create a mini-masterpiece on the wall of the house. An original drawing can be created by randomly gluing small fragments.

It is very easy to create an original drawing with ceramics with your own hands

It is very easy to create an original drawing with ceramics with your own hands

Typically, the basic room for decorating walls with mosaics is a bathroom or kitchen. They use both a standard ornament and a finished photographic picture of different sizes. Such a panel is glued with a solid canvas.

The mosaic wall in the bathroom can be diluted with mirrors, which will add a special flavor, brightness and shine.

Using mosaics as a decor for a room is a bold and original solution. It is also appropriate when decorating fireplaces and columns.

Among the finished decorative elements, tiles can be distinguished. They are mainly used to decorate the walls of a kitchen or bathroom. The finished drawing is obtained as a result of folding the parts.

DIY wall decoration using ready-made elements

The use of ready-made objects and blanks in the design of rooms will help find the answer to the question of how to decorate the walls in a room.

Photo wallpaper can quickly and beautifully decorate a room

Photo wallpaper you can quickly and beautifully decorate a room

The first assistants in this group of materials are special decorative wallpapers with ready-made ornaments or a beautiful photograph. Photo wallpaper allows you to get a panorama of the city, your favorite sea or forest landscape right in the house. The most popular wallpapers in this series have a 3D effect. In the design of the walls, a combination of wallpaper is also used.

It is interesting! When buying wallpapers with different patterns and colors, you should remember that they may differ in composition.

Compositions created from simple and banal objects also become decorative elements. Their main list is as follows:

  • paintings, drawings and panels;
  • photos;
  • decorative dishes;
  • mirrors;
  • elements made of wood;
  • do-it-yourself volumetric paintings;
  • shelves;
  • plants;
  • collections;
  • Garlands.

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DIY wall decor: original ideas, photo compositions

The easiest way to solve the question of how to decorate a wall is to use the services of a professional. But then the room runs the risk of being deprived of home comfort and soulfulness, which only the owners of the dwelling can do. Using ready-made materials, common ideas, combined with your own imagination, you can easily, original and independently decorate the walls with your own hands.

The most common, due to its simplicity, has become the use of design blanks

The most common, due to its simplicity, has become the use of design blanks

Pictures on the walls: accessibility, simplicity, grace

Paintings, posters, panels are an old, but reliable and time-tested method of decorating walls with your own hands. To do this, you do not have to be the happy owner of paintings by a famous artist. "A work of art" can be easily made by yourself, using ready-made frames and improvised means - branches, rods, threads, fabric, paper and paints.

Original pictures for walls can be created using framed inscriptions in the form of your favorite aphorism or slogan. The purpose of such sayings is motivation or relaxation and peace. But the main task is interior decoration. If your calligraphy skills are weak, you can simply print the selected slogan on a color printer.

Pictures can be very easy to decorate the wall

Pictures can be very easy to decorate the wall

Panels or compositions created from elements of the same form and style of performance, having only some differences in color or in the presence of a certain print, look spectacular. The panels are made from various fabrics, paper or even wallpaper.

Helpful advice! Recently, decorating the walls of a room with two types of wallpaper has been popular. The decoration of a free wall can be a panel from the remnants of wallpaper that was glued on the opposite wall or in the corners.

Pictures for walls: a practical approach

Wall decor can carry not only aesthetic, but also a certain practical function. A great example is a painting for jewelry. It is very simple to create it: in the middle of the finished frame, you need to pull a net onto which earrings, beads, brooches and bracelets are easily attached. The entire arsenal of jewelry will be in sight and at hand.

The same panel can be made for storing accessories, glasses, keys. In the latter version, a simple device will become an ornament and a convenient housekeeper. Using frames, you can create original framing for switches, sockets and meters.

Methods for decorating a room depend primarily on the personal desires and preferences of a person.

Methods for decorating a room depend primarily on the personal desires and preferences of a person.

How to decorate a wall with photos

Quite ancient, but nevertheless very popular today, the idea of ​​wall decor using family photos.Photos are easy enough to take at home by placing good photos in the same type of frames. But the location of the portraits on the wall must be approached creatively and in compliance with a certain pattern.

The intentionally exposed mounts of frames with photographs look original and give a special flavor to the overall composition. Portraits can also be tied together with twine, ribbon or chain.

Clothes trembles can be used as unusual mounts for photos and pictures

Clothes trembles can be used as unusual mounts for photos and pictures

To decorate the wall with photographs, you can also use special stretchers, which will give the composition an equally effective look, as with framed photographs.

Helpful advice! You can get creative with decorating walls and make garlands from photographs. Decorated with backlighting, the décor will help recreate memorable moments and create a festive mood.

Wall decoration with family photos

Wall decoration with family photos

How to decorate a wall in a room with your own hands using decorative dishes and mirrors

Ceramic dishes, kitchen utensils, and appliances can do a good job of decorative items on the wall in different country-style rooms. Trays, plates and dishes are most often used as decor.

A mirror is a self-sufficient object for decorating a modern interior and an integral part of it. With its help, you can significantly expand the space. In addition, they contribute to the multiplication of light, the creation of many variations of the frame. The product on the whole wall or in the form of a broken polygon will become a highlight of the interior.

The creative frame will give the mirror an elegant look and further decorate the room. Using several identical mirrors in different frames will help create an original composition.

Wooden dishes and plates of various diameters effectively complement the snow-white interior

Wooden dishes and plates of various diameters effectively complement the snow-white interior

You can compose a composition without a frame. Such work, for example, in the form of a honeycomb, will take a little longer, but it will help to creatively decorate the walls with your own hands using mirrors.

DIY wooden decor: original ideas, photos

Wood wall decor has always been popular. Nowadays, inscriptions carved from wood, for example, the family name, are especially relevant. The decor element, made in the same color scheme as the photo frames, perfectly complements and decorates the wall composition.

Decorations based on wooden saw cuts will help you get a unique design that matches fashion trends in interior decoration with natural materials.

The panel can be created manually. To do this, a small log is cut into thin discs. They can be of different sizes and thicknesses. The thick bark should be removed and the thin bark left. It is better to grind the bars and cover with a special solution that will protect against insects. Finished parts are coated with varnish or paint. If the choice fell on bright colors, then it is important not to overdo it with variegation. The resulting elements are fastened together with a wire and hung on a long branch.

Using wooden log cabins for wall decoration

Using wooden log cabins for wall decoration

How to decorate a wall with your own hands using appliques, crafts and volumetric paintings

Paper, fabric, beads, leather, and even dry branches and flowers - everything will go well for creating an unusual interior decoration. 3D canvases are especially popular now. You can make them yourself. There are a lot of corresponding master classes on the Internet. To create the simplest paintings, only paper and cardboard are needed.

An ordinary candy box can serve as a frame for a picture. We cover the bottom with colored background paper. The secret to creating volumetric parts is that they are bent and it is with the bending point that they are attached to the base.

Paintings with pasted butterflies, flowers, animal figurines and bouquets look very cute and elegant. Elements made using the quilling technique can be a good addition to the applique.

Paper applications can be a good decor element.

Paper applications can be a good decor element.

An excellent wall decoration in the living room will be paper flowers on the wall. It is also easy to create them with your own hands by following the step-by-step instructions.

To create a rose, you need red cardboard, a template, a pencil, scissors and glue. A pre-drawn spiral is cut out of the cardboard. Its ends are wrapped outward and twisted to the end, gradually loosening the tension. The base is fixed with glue, the circle in the center of the flower is folded back and a bud of folded paper is attached there.

Helpful advice! The buds are made using the quilling technique. Wire can be used for the stem. It is preliminarily greased with glue and wrapped in paper.

Dried natural flowers on the wall can also create a three-dimensional picture - the decor is original, but short-lived.

With the same success, the subject of decoration can serve as a herbarium in frames or individual dried plants on wooden planks.

You can call a professional to decorate the wall with paints

You can call a professional to decorate the wall with paints

For people with certain artistic abilities, it is easy and pleasant to create wall decorations with their own hands. As a result, a unique design is created in the room without special financial costs, but requiring a certain amount of time.

How to decorate a wall with shelves and plants

Elegant country-style shelves cannot be an independent decor item, but in combination with flower pots, figurines or collectibles - will be an excellent interior decoration. The shelves fit perfectly into virtually any room, they are appropriate everywhere - in the living room, kitchen, nursery or bathroom.

The shelf is a harmonious combination of beauty and practicality. They do not take up much space, while being quite roomy. With their help, you can create a mini-library. Particular benefit from shelves in the kitchen... So spices, bottles and glasses will always be at hand.

Shelves of non-standard shape will add uniqueness to the interior. Trapezoidal, hexagonal cells or honeycomb look original.

Shelves perfectly diversify the interior

Shelves perfectly diversify the interior

It is with the help of the shelves that the decor performs a masking function. They will help hide the wires coming out.

Helpful advice! Fantasy and improvised tools will also tell you how to hide the wires on the wall. Décor based on cables is a great way out. Just use them to create a homemade piece of art, for example, as a plant stem in a 3D painting.

The original decor can be created from various objects, for example, using an old guitar as a basis, on which flowers are placed in small pots.

Indoor plants serve as an excellent decoration, create special coziness, enliven the atmosphere of the room, purify the air and bring a special flavor. Plants look especially beautiful on the wall in special cells or on shelves.

Landscaping is often used in decor

Landscaping is often used in decor

Vertical gardening is one of the types of modern design. The idea can be realized with the help of a wooden rack on which plants are placed. Several lines of potted boxes will create a green corner. Ideal for climbing plants - special pots.

A festive approach to decorating walls: decorating with garlands

The main attribute of decorating during the New Year and Christmas holidays after the tree is garlands. They are also the most versatile type of fancy decor. Small lights will help create additional coziness and mood at any time of the year, but especially in winter and autumn, when sunlight is in short supply.

There are various options for decorating walls with garlands. In this case, the main thing is not to overdo it: sometimes one shimmering thread is enough to create an atmosphere of magic. Lanterns look especially elegant on a white or brick wall.

You can decorate the wall with garlands

You can decorate the wall with garlands

With the help of a garland, you can illuminate the door or window hole, mirror or home photo gallery.

Important! When buying electric garlands, remember about safety. Buy certified products that will last longer and help keep your home safe from fire.

There are many more tips on how and what to decorate the wall with. The modern market offers many items. For example, dragonflies on the wall will help create a light summer atmosphere in the room. The decor is a set of 20 polypropylene glitter insects in different sizes. They are attached to the wall with Velcro, which does not leave marks.

Another type of wall decor is wallpaper stickers. They will give the house individuality and fill the strictest interior with life. The subject of vinyl stickers is very diverse. She can bring humor or romance, tenderness or hi-tech.

DIY wall decoration in separate rooms

A private house or apartment usually has one or several living rooms and a number of separate functional rooms. The main ones are living room, bedroom, nursery, kitchen, bathroom. Projects may also include dedicated guest rooms, dining rooms, verandas and terraces. Any room requires a special design, depending on the functional purpose, the tastes of the owners and the style of decoration.

Using only available tools, you can easily decorate the wall

Using only available tools, you can easily decorate the wall

Before decorating the wall of the room, you need to consider:

  • room size;
  • functional areas;
  • matching the selected style.

When choosing the color of the walls, a special approach is also required, you should also pay attention to the sunlight, the number and size of windows, the color of upholstered furniture and the tone of the cabinet.

The blue color and shades will help create a cool effect in the living room with access to the sunny side. Warm and light colors will bring more light into the room on the north side.

Placing old felt hats on the wall can be an original and unusual solution.

Placing old felt hats on the wall can be an original and unusual solution.

Helpful advice! Before painting, you must first prepare the walls: ideally align them and make them smooth. It is better to use special paints that are almost odorless and contain special substances that protect the surface from blooming. Decorating with wallpaper will hide small defects in the wall. It is best to choose non-woven or vinyl. Wallpaper can become an independent decor in the room.

When choosing materials for decoration, you need to proceed from the desired result, taking into account the texture and color of the walls and furniture. Decorative plaster will help smooth out all the irregularities in the walls. Such a design will look beautiful and unique.

With the help of mirrors, you can visually significantly expand the space

With the help of mirrors, you can visually significantly expand the space

Wall decor in the living room: designs for different zones, ideas and materials

The living room is a key room in any home and apartment. Households meet guests here and spend time together. Therefore, the design of this room is important not only in terms of functionality, but also in terms of aesthetics.

The walls in the living room can be decorated with wood, decorative stone and using soft panels. The latter option will hide defects and create sound insulation. Panels made of leather, leatherette, fur or fabric with padding polyester are ideal for creating wall decor above the sofa. Photos clearly demonstrate this type of wall design in the living room.

In the living room, you can give free rein to imagination and experiment in space zoning.

For example, to decorate the reception area, use stone or laminate, for the recreation area, paint, and cover the walls with liquid wallpaper in the banquet.

The main advantage of photo wallpaper for walls is that you can choose any texture.

The main advantage of photo wallpaper for walls is that you can choose any texture.

At the same time, do not forget about the stylistic basis of the room design. The classic allows for the presence of fabric upholstery, skirting boards, moldings, carpets and framed mirrors.

Country and Provence require embroidery, clay plates, woodwork and wickerwork, retro style - antiques.

Wall decor in a living room in a modern style implies experimentation in color, texture of materials, allows for the synthesis of styles, the use of various types of finishes and decorations.

Wall decor in the bedroom: features of the choice of style and materials

The bedroom is an intimate corner of privacy, rest and relaxation. Decorating the interior of this room requires a competent approach and taking into account even the smallest details. However, you can do it yourself without involving designers.

Not a single cozy interior is complete without minimal use of decor items.

Not a single cozy interior is complete without minimal use of decor items.

A peaceful atmosphere should prevail in the bedchamber. Warm, calm and neutral shades in the wall decoration in the bedroom will help to achieve what you want: beige, peach, mint, all shades of pink and classic white.

Various paintings look great as a decor, which contribute to the creation of an atmosphere of warmth and comfort in the interior. You can independently make art canvases from the remnants of fabric. These can be abstract collages. Such a modern patchwork looks quite impressive.

The idea of ​​decorating the walls in the bedroom

The idea of ​​decorating the walls in the bedroom

Embroidered paintings and accessories will add special tenderness and sophistication to the design of the bedroom walls. Both paintings with a complex color scheme and fairly simple works, where the accent are delicate color tones, are equally suitable. Even a novice embroiderer can independently embroider a picture according to a special pattern, of which there are plenty on sale.

An original and modern way of decorating the walls in the bedroom is with framed paintings, where the background is old newspapers or wallpaper. They are lavishly decorated with coffee beans, buttons or beads. Compositions made from natural elements can be glued directly onto the wall.

Helpful advice! Cute family photos and memorable trinkets will help create a more cozy atmosphere in the bedroom.

It is better to decorate the walls in the bedroom in gentle colors.

It is better to decorate the walls in the bedroom in gentle colors.

Decoration of rooms for teens and children

A girl's room should be filled with accessories and delicate details. The walls can be decorated with paintings of flowers and pets. For a youthful room, a sporty style is suitable, with photographs of famous idols and plot compositions. In the design of the room for teenagers located on the top floor of the house, it is ideal chalet style.

You can do the decoration of a children's room together with your children.

You can do the decoration of a children's room together with your children.

In the children's room, decoration should be competently and harmoniously combined with the planning of functional areas. The main thing is the psychological comfort of children. Wallpapers with bright patterns are not desirable for the little ones. An excellent decoration - vinyl stickers in the form of butterflies and flowers, which will create an atmosphere of summer, joy and warmth.

The walls of the children's room can be covered with special chalk wallpaper. With the help of an original type of decoration, they solved the age-old problem associated with the artistic inclinations of children. Now you can draw directly on the wall, which will become not only a canvas for creativity, but also a kind of notebook.

Creative idea for decorating walls in a boy's room

Creative idea for decorating walls in a boy's room

Wall decor in the kitchen: simplicity, coziness, convenience and comfort

The kitchen is often the favorite place for the family. It is quite simple to create coziness and warmth in the kitchen.

The most common way to decorate is with paintings. Landscapes or mouth-watering still lifes will be logical. It is best to place them above the dining table. An original thematic panel can be created with your own hands using materials at hand. For this, branches, leaves, dried fruits and even cereals and pasta will do.

You can decorate the walls with dishes. Plates, dishes, trays are suitable for this. You can hang silverware or a collection of spoons and forks of various shapes in special frames.

An example of an interesting wall decoration in the kitchen

An example of an interesting wall decoration in the kitchen

Houseplants are also a great decoration in the kitchen.Flower pots can be placed not only on windowsills, but also on walls. To do this, use pots, shelves and holders.

Decorating is the last and therefore the most enjoyable step in the interior decoration process. The decoration of the walls can be entrusted to experienced designers who will create a beautiful environment. But, having free time, minimal arts and crafts and handicraft skills, you can decorate the walls yourself. Such decor will create coziness, comfort, help to unite the family and bring self-satisfaction from the work performed.