The final stage in the design of the room is the arrangement of furniture elements. For bathrooms, spacious and ergonomic storage systems are selected, in which all the necessary accessories can be placed. A wooden shelf in the bathroom will look beautiful, noble and prestigious. Such furniture is always comfort, nobility of tones and a pleasant atmosphere.

Wooden shelf in the bathroom: the personification of genuine beauty and sophistication

Wooden furniture and finishes look especially harmonious in the bathrooms located in the attic

Features of using natural wood in the bathroom

A feature of the bathroom is the constant presence of high humidity, which should be taken into account when choosing furniture. Today, natural wood products are very popular, which can transform the boring look of a room and recreate a cozy atmosphere. Despite the fact that natural wood deteriorates when exposed to moisture, there are certain types of wood that are resistant to the aquatic environment. In addition, modern technologies make it possible to reliably protect products from the negative effects of water.

Natural wood looks beautiful and noble in the bathroom

Natural wood looks beautiful and noble in the bathroom

For the manufacture of wooden shelves in the bathroom, monolithic or spliced ​​sheets are used. In the first case, natural wood is used, while the quality of the product will depend on the strength of the breed and the hardness of the material. The spliced ​​material consists of glued bars using a special composition, which are covered with veneer.

Since natural wood is susceptible to moisture, due to which it can swell, swell and crack, products are manufactured taking into account the characteristics of the sauna room, which is characterized by high humidity. The technological process provides for the treatment of wooden shelves in the bathroom with special water-repellent impregnations.

Exotic woods for bathroom furniture

Exotic woods such as gavea, merbau, bamboo and teak, which are saturated with a natural water-repellent impregnation, are best suited for making bathroom storage systems.The first variety is represented by a rubber tree, which has the ability to repel water and not rot. The density of gavea is similar to oak. Furniture attracts attention with originality, thanks to the uniqueness of the texture and color of the surface.

Teak has traditionally been used in shipbuilding, which is characterized by excellent moisture-resistant qualities. The wood has a unique color that includes many shades, ranging from gold to reddish brown. Teak wooden shelves in the bathroom are ideally combined with snow-white bathroom fixtures.

Contrasting dark shelves against a background of white tiles

Contrasting dark shelves against a background of white tiles

The density of teak and oak exceeds the tropical inhabitant of merbau. The wood is not subject to decay. Merbau furniture is resistant to mechanical stress. No scratches remain on the surface of the products. Wooden shelves on the wall in the bathroom will go well with modern sanitary equipment. Bamboo has good moisture resistance. Furniture made of woody material is considered one of the most budgetary.

A practical solution for the bathroom is rosewood shelves. The wood is very hard and resistant to moisture. The deep color of the rosewood will be ideally combined with both a calm finish and a snow-white bathroom, as well as with bright decorative elements. Such furniture has a unique color scheme, thanks to which the interior will turn out to be lively and dynamic, which is clearly demonstrated by photos of wooden shelves in the bathroom.

Domestic wood species for bathroom shelves

Domestic woods such as beech, ash, oak and elm are also widely used for the manufacture of bathroom furniture, with proper processing. The oak shelves are reminiscent of a true masterpiece of carpentry. They make the indoor environment respectable and sophisticated. Such products will harmoniously fit into the classic interior of the room. They will also look organic in a modern style.

Shelves for cosmetics and other accessories made of light beech wood will not overload the space. They seem to brighten it, visually increasing the dimensions of the room. Ash bathroom furniture stands out for its pronounced texture, warm color and natural shine. It fits perfectly into both classic interiors and modern room designs.

The color of the shelves contrasts with the furniture and the mirror frame

The color of the shelves contrasts with the furniture and the mirror frame

Solid and durable elm wood has an attractive texture. The pieces of furniture created from it look unique and unusual. As the photos of the shelves in the bathroom prove, elm products can become the main accent of the room.

Useful advice! If the bathroom storage system is made of dark wood, the lighting should be soft and the room with light furniture should have bright light.

Wooden shelf in the bathroom: advantages and disadvantages

Wooden furniture is environmentally friendly and distinctive. She is able to make the environment in the room natural and natural. The interaction of wood and water can have a herbal medicine effect. The natural scent of wood calms the nervous system and has a relaxing effect on the body.

Wooden shelves are characterized by strength, wear resistance and durability, provided they are properly treated with moisture-repellent impregnations. They are able to withstand significant weight, are resistant to mechanical stress and shock loads. It should be remembered that wooden shelves need special care. The protective moisture-resistant coating must be periodically renewed, at least once every 2-3 years.

Shelves-boxes in the bathroom

Shelves-boxes in the bathroom

Wooden products go well with ceramic tiles, acrylics, glass and contrast with the shine of the chrome of the sanitary ware.They blend harmoniously into romantic Provence, strict minimalism, extravagant loft, original oriental or restrained Scandinavian style. The photo of the shelves in the bathroom shows different design options and their location in the room.

Important! A bathroom with wooden furniture should be well ventilated.

The main disadvantage of wooden furniture is its high cost. However, there are original interpretations from MDF or chipboard. Also, wooden storage systems are massive and large. They will fit most organically into a spacious room. For small rooms, it is better to choose corner shelves on the wall in the bathroom, or arrange a storage system under the sink or bath bowl. In addition, wooden shelves have a significant weight, therefore they need solid fastening. Suction cups and Velcro are not suitable as fasteners for such products.

Varieties of storage systems made of wood

Wooden bathroom shelves can be:

  • floor-standing;
  • hinged;
Wooden shelves and wooden worktop

Wooden shelves and wooden worktop

  • angular;
  • built-in.

Floor structures are represented by racks, pedestals or bookcases. They are distinguished by their spaciousness and dimensions at the same time. On them you can have the necessary accessories, from household chemicals to towels. These storage systems are best installed in spacious bathrooms.

Hinged products are located on the wall in any area of ​​the room where certain accessories should be functionally placed. On the wall-mounted wooden shelves in the bathroom, near the mirror, you can store cosmetics, above the bathroom - personal hygiene products and shower accessories, under the sink - powders and household chemicals, above the washing machine - towels, above the door - items of rare use.

Helpful advice! Hooks for bathrobes and towels can be attached to the wooden shelves.

For rational use of internal space, especially in confined spaces, corner wooden structures for storing various accessories will be the best option. They take up a minimum of space, but are quite roomy. Wooden corner shelves in the bathroom can consist of one or more tiers. In the second case, the products are connected to each other using racks or side walls made of different materials.

Triangular shelf made of wooden planks

Triangular shelf made of wooden planks

Built-in storage systems are located in wall niches. This is usually the space above the bathtub or cistern. For spa treatments in your own bathroom, an indispensable attribute is a sliding shelf that rests on the ends of the bathroom bowl.

Floor Wooden Bathroom Shelves

Floor-standing storage systems look more organic in spacious rooms. They can be represented by closed cabinets, pencil cases, shelving with open shelves and combined structures.

Helpful advice! A wooden rack can serve as a screen that zones the space of the combined bathroom.

Open shelving does not overload the space. They can be located against a free wall, in a corner or in a niche. You can place not only bathroom accessories on them, but also put boxes or organizers for storing cosmetics, personal care products and other little things.

Wooden bathroom shelf chair

Wooden bathroom shelf chair

Wooden floor shelves in the bathtub can have various configurations. For a small bathroom, a narrow and high rack or pencil case is suitable. It will be possible to rationally use the confined space if you install an angular structure. Also, in a small room, a stationary wooden shelf in the bathroom under the sink or bathtub will organically look, which will also hide communications.

The structure resembling a staircase looks unusual. She leans against the wall shelves at the same time they will have different depths. Also, in a spacious room, you can arrange a floor stepped structure. You can store various accessories in the internal niches, and arrange decorative items or flowerpots on open shelves, which will significantly transform the overall environment.

A suitable option for any interior are combined multi-tiered structures in which the vertical elements are made of metal or plastic, and the shelves are made of wood or MDF.

Floor wooden shelving in the bathroom

Floor wooden shelving in the bathroom

Compact and functional built-in shelves in the bathroom

A unique structural element of the bathroom is a niche that can be used as a storage system. Such a recess in the wall, equipped with shelves, can replace a small open pencil case or bedside table. The niche is traditionally finished with the same material as the walls of the room. You can experiment and connect different cladding options. The main thing is that they fit into one stylistic direction.

Built-in shelves in the bathroom wall allow you to make the most efficient use of the free space in the niche, getting a spacious and aesthetic storage system. If the room does not have recesses for shelves, you can arrange a niche in the bathroom yourself - from plasterboard, plywood or chipboard and a metal profile to create a frame. For the manufacture of built-in shelves in the wall, you can use natural wood or its imitation.

Helpful advice! Using a niche with wooden shelves, you can adjust the dimensions of the room: in a room with low ceilings, a vertical depression will be the best option, and in a narrow one - a horizontal one, which will visually expand the space.

Built-in narrow shelves in the bathroom

Built-in narrow shelves in the bathroom

A horizontal niche in the bathroom wall with shelves will organically look above the washbasin or above the bathroom, thanks to which the means for hygiene procedures will be literally “at hand”. A vertical recess is usually equipped with three or more shelves. This storage system can be arranged over a washing machine, toilet or on an existing free wall.

Helpful advice! Above the washbasin, you can create a hidden niche hidden behind a mirrored door.

The most attractive in the interior look like wooden shelves in a niche in the bathroom, complemented by warm lighting, which best emphasizes the sophistication of wood.

Wooden shelves for towels in the bathroom

A must-have accessory for any bathroom is a towel holder. There are many varieties of such a device. Particularly noteworthy is the wooden structure, which is distinguished by its aesthetics and spaciousness. Despite the fact that wooden hinged shelves on the wall in the bathroom can make the situation heavier, they at the same time ennoble it.

The design of the models can be very different. For storage of dry towels, the best option is a multi-tiered system with several compartments that can be open or closed. It is convenient to place such a structure above the washing machine. Alternatively, there are options for wall-mounted shelves or floor-supported storage systems.

Original design towel shelf

Original design towel shelf

Helpful advice! The most practical are multifunctional models of wooden pencil cases, on the open shelves of which dry towels are located, and wet products hang on hooks.

In the spacious bathroom, a stationary wooden rack will organically look, on the shelves of which you can place not only towels, but also various bath accessories. The design can have a standard geometric design, or bizarre shapeless outlines.

For a small space, a corner hinged wooden shelf in the bathroom for towels, which is ergonomic, is suitable. Carved products that stand out for their grace will look original. A niche in the wall can also be used as a storage system for towels by equipping it with several wooden shelves.

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Mirror with shelves in the bathroom

The mirror is a multifunctional accessory. With its help, daily cosmetic procedures are carried out. The mirror allows you to visually expand the boundaries of space. Most often, such an element is located on the wall above the washbasin. The most common model is the mirror with built-in wooden shelves, which combines practical function with stylish design. This option is compact and does not overload the space, plus it allows you to easily arrange all the necessary accessories.

Round mirror in wooden frame with shelf

Round mirror in wooden frame with shelf

Wooden shelves under the bathroom mirror come in various configurations and sizes. There are many models equipped with a multi-level structure of shelves with or without sides, which are located along the edge of the mirror sheet. Mirrors with mini-shelves located on the sides of the accessory in a symmetrical or asymmetrical position are distinguished by their large capacity. A practical solution is a wall-mounted mirror cabinet, which is represented by closed-type shelves hidden behind a glass surface. This design can be horizontal, vertical or angular.

The most successful choice for a bathroom is a bathroom mirror with wooden shelves, equipped with lighting. Such a tandem is primarily an additional source of light in the room, plus it has a practical and aesthetic function. The backlight turns the mirror into a stylish and original decor element. The mirror can be equipped with an external lamp or a point light source, or built-in lighting in the canvas, which looks especially impressive and expressive.

Helpful advice! An unusual and practical solution is a heated mirror, which eliminates the fogging of the accessory and makes it possible to clearly see yourself, regardless of the temperature and humidity in the bathroom.

Wooden bar shelf with mirrors

Wooden bar shelf with mirrors

Interesting options for do-it-yourself hanging shelves in the bathroom

Working with wood involves certain skills and abilities. The first step is to decide on a design option. The simplest in execution is an ordinary home-made shelf attached to the wall with brackets. To do this, an element of a rectangular, square or triangular shape of a given size should be cut from the board.

To maintain performance and protect wood from moisture and destruction, the finished product is coated with special compounds. The first layer is the impregnation against mold. The second layer is a primer that fills all the pores of the wood. Finally, the surface is opened with varnish, which creates a water-repellent protective film on the surface of the product.

An unusual solution is to create a glowing wooden shelf in the bathroom with your own hands. To make it, you will need a relief board with notches, knots and cracks of an unusual shape. It is also necessary to purchase a mixture of polyester resins and luminescent pigments. The composition is poured into the cracks in the wood, which are sealed with tape. After complete drying, the tape is removed, and the surface of the shelf is sanded. The finished product is fixed with varnish in several layers.

Near one of the sides of the mirror, you can place a wooden shelf in the bathroom with your own hands, consisting of open shelves and a common back wall that connects all the elements. The necessary parts are cut from the board. Shelves attached to the back surface with metal corners.

Simple DIY Shelf

Simple DIY Shelf

Helpful advice! Small hooks can be attached to the bottom of the structure, on which jewelry, hair accessories and other small accessories can be hung.

Thinking about how to make a corner shelf with your own hands, it is worth considering an option for a product that has an L-shaped design. The structure of several tiers will give the room a clear outline, and at the same time will not overload the overall space.

Helpful advice! Bathroom shelves can be made from wooden pallets and pallets.

Also, a hanging shelf on decorative cords with knots will look quite unusual in the bathroom interior.

Floor and wall shelves in the bathroom from MDF

Natural wood shelves for the bathroom are characterized by a high cost, so there are alternative options made of MDF. This material is represented by structural wood made from composite wood elements and fibers, bonded with polymer or wax adhesive. The composite board is finished with a decorative layer.

MDF is a worthy budget replacement for natural wood

MDF is a worthy budget replacement for natural wood

The most popular for bathrooms is enameled MDF furniture. A closed or combined wardrobe with a glossy front in a variety of colors can become a stylistic accent to any interior. The maximum effect can be achieved when using spraying, photo printing or milling on its surface. Such a storage system will look most advantageous over a washing machine, which will differ not only in spaciousness, but will also decorate the room. Various design options can be seen in the photo of the bathroom shelves.

On the open MDF shelves, which are located above the washbasin or bathtub, you can place personal care products and cosmetics. For storage of household chemicals and other accessories, a stationary structure under the sink or under the bathroom, hidden behind the doors, will be the best option. At the same time, it allows you to hide communications that can spoil the aesthetic appearance of the room.

Helpful advice! Combined models of floor-standing or hinged storage systems do not clutter up the common space, where all the items necessary in the bathroom are hidden on shelves, and decorative elements are placed on open shelves.

White, pale green, cream and pale blue open shelves in the bathroom wall are ideally combined with sanitary ware in the bathroom, the photo clearly confirms this, which act in tandem with an original mirror.

Wood treated with special moisture-repellent impregnations will last much longer

Wood treated with special moisture-repellent impregnations will last much longer

Wood is a unique material that will never go out of style. Furniture made of natural wood organically fits into a room of any style, filling it with warmth and comfort.