The bathroom is a special space that is small in size and is replete with an abundance of accessories for daily use. Therefore, furniture elements must be selected with special care. They must provide a competent organization of space, convenient storage of personal hygiene products, household chemicals, textiles and fit organically into the interior. Bathroom shelves are capable of coping with this task.

Bathroom shelves: types, materials and style

The presence of shelves in the bathroom makes the room more functional and comfortable

Bathroom shelves: purpose and general requirements

The bathroom is predominantly small in size. Despite this, in such a room it is necessary to conveniently and harmoniously arrange a huge number of different objects. As storage systems for bathrooms, shelves that are ergonomic and highly functional will be the best option.

Wide shelves allow you to store towels and large household items in the bathroom

Wide shelves allow you to store towels and large household items in the bathroom

Such furniture is presented in a wide variety of species. Models differ in design, material of manufacture, size, shape and design. The use of shelves in the bathroom when decorating a room allows not only to rationally use the space, but also to refine the overall atmosphere, setting a certain tone for the entire design.

Helpful advice! With the help of a shelf, you can organize a storage system in any confined area, for example, between a wall and a plumbing fixture.

Bathroom shelves must meet certain requirements. Such furniture elements must be durable, safe, resistant to moisture and corrosion, biostable, functional, practical, and at the same time be distinguished by ergonomics and ease of installation.

Storage systems are selected taking into account the dimensions and layout of the premises, and must correspond to the general style of the interior. To decorate a small room, it is better to give preference to open shelves, which will not clutter up the common space. They must be equipped with protective bumpers, which excludes the possibility of accidental falling of cosmetics, containers and personal hygiene items.

The functional arrangement of shelves in the bathroom - near the mirror and under the sink

Functional arrangement of shelves in the bathroom - near the mirror and under the sink

Varieties of bathroom shelf designs

Bathroom shelves are presented in a wide variety. Based on the design, the products can be stationary attached, corner tiered, open, closed and combined. The first type of structures is located on the floor. Corner shelves make good use of space in the corners.

Open shelves have no doors or side panels. They are more often made of glass or metal and mounted on the wall. Some models of shampoo shelves in the bathroom can be additionally equipped with racks and racks for washcloths. Closed designs are represented by compact cabinets with side walls, a bottom and a top cover. Some models can be equipped with sliding or hinged doors.

Open shelves for shampoos and other personal care items are convenient to use and easy to clean. The closed structure protects the accessories from splashing water, soap suds and limescale.

Helpful advice! Those who like to take a bath will appreciate the tray shelf, which is a small board that is installed on the sides of the bathroom.

Installation of the installation will allow you to have an additional surface in the bathroom for storing things

Installation of the installation will allow you to have an additional surface in the bathroom for storing things

By type of installation, shelves are hinged, built-in and floor. Based on the material of manufacture, they produce wood, glass, ceramic, plastic and metal products. In addition, the shelves differ in size, shape, color, design and the presence of additional structural elements in the form of mirrors, grills, towel racks.

Features of floor structures

Floor structures are stationary add-on pieces of furniture that are located on the floor and look like racks. They can be rectangular, triangular and square.

A distinctive feature of floor-standing systems for storing bathroom accessories is their ability to hide free space due to their massiveness, so they are more appropriate for large rooms. Such structures are distinguished by their large capacity and are presented in the form of multi-tiered furniture elements, which allows you to conveniently arrange bath and household accessories of different shape and height. Some models can be additionally equipped with racks and towel racks.

Note! With the right organization of the space, a small-sized bath with floor-standing shelves will not seem cluttered.

Floor-standing side shelf in a modern bathroom

Floor-standing side shelf in a modern bathroom

The floor structure can consist of open-type shelves with a common frame, which can be conveniently placed near the washbasin for storing hygiene items and towels. A straight-line cabinet can look like a cabinet with closed shelves, which can be conveniently placed under the sink. This will allow not only to hide communications, but also to use free space with benefit.

Helpful advice! The area under the bathroom can be used for practical purposes by organizing a storage system there with the installation of shelves that will be hidden behind sliding screens.

There are options for attached structures in the form of stacks up to 1 m in height with open shelves, which are connected by a common metal frame. It is convenient to place them along the wall or in the corner. Practical and easy-to-use models with short pull-out shelves, which lend themselves to transformation, acquiring different sizes and designs, which allows you to place furniture anywhere. Such products are often complemented by wheels.

Corner bathroom shelves

For small-sized rooms, a corner structure consisting of several shelves will be the best option as a storage system.It can be one-, two-, three-tiered and more. Corner shelves in the bathroom are connected into a single structure using racks or walls. They are equipped with small guards to prevent the bottles and bubbles from slipping and falling. The shelves are triangular.

Corner shelves are great for small rooms

Corner shelves are great for small rooms

The corner structure is attached to two vertical surfaces. There are models with one vertical bar, on which the shelves can be fixed with the same pitch or at different distances from each other. The advantage of this option is the ease of fastening. The bar is fixed at the top and bottom or held by a stop in the wall. There is a spacer type of product that is attached with a special clamp.

Corner shelves can be hung above the bathtub, washbasin, washing machine, providing free and convenient access to the necessary accessories. Structures can be fastened with screws or suction cups. In the first case, the shelves can support significant weight. The structures on vacuum fasteners ensure the safety and integrity of the wall. In addition, they are distinguished by their mobility, which makes it easy to move them to a new location.

Helpful advice! There are also wall-mounted corner shelves that are equipped with awnings for fixing to the wall.

Telescopic corner-type bathroom shelves are especially convenient in use, which provide free access for a person even to the very top of the structure. This product expands between the top of the bathtub and the ceiling surface, or between two adjacent walls. Here you can adjust the height of the shelves to your liking. It is most convenient to place such a shelf in the bathroom above the bathroom.

Beautiful corner shelf in a laconic design

Beautiful corner shelf in a laconic design

Corner storage systems can be stationary or wall-mounted. Floor furniture has a maximum capacity, but requires free space. The wall-mounted version is more popular, since the structure does not take up much space and is suspended in any free corner. Corner shelves are open and closed. Products of the first type are in the form of a rack or whatnot, and the second type is represented by mini cabinets with or without doors.

Variety of shelves in the bathroom: wall and wall models

A fairly popular solution for small rooms is the installation of wall shelves, since they leave free floor space where you can place plumbing equipment or a basket for dirty laundry. Most often, hinged shelves are mounted in the bathroom above the washing machine.

The hinged structure can be open or closed. A wall cabinet with shelves hidden behind the doors looks more massive and dimensional, so it is more suitable for spacious rooms. This storage system provides things with reliable protection from dust. Open wall shelves look lighter, do not take up much space and do not clutter up the space.

A column wardrobe looks interesting and practical, in which open and closed shelves are combined with each other. It is most convenient to place it above the washing machine, keeping everything you need in one place. The wall shelves are available in square or rectangular designs. Such structures are attached with special clamps to the wall, and are installed above the sink, bath, washing machine or toilet.

Neat two-tier shelf with towel holder

Neat two-tier shelf with towel holder

There are mounted and built-in options. In the first case, they can be placed in any free space, even on partially occupied walls. Such products include various organizers for toothbrushes and pastes, full-fledged multi-tiered structures with many shelves, hooks and grates.A two-tier or multi-tiered shelf-rack with a fixed frame or a rotating base looks interesting. A good space-saving option is a swing-out shelf that locks to the wall and folds out when needed. Hanging shelves can be attached with dowels, spacers, suction cups or Velcro.

Built-in bathroom shelves in the wall

The built-in shelves in the bathroom are located in a niche in the wall, which allows you to effectively use the recess for storing accessories. Such structures are not equipped with doors, which provides free access to any object. In addition, built-in shelves with original decor can become the main stylistic accent of the room.

Note! Built-in racks look most attractive when structural elements do not protrude beyond the niche.

Storage systems in the wall are finished with tiles, artificial stone, mosaics, porcelain stoneware or other material that is used to tiled the bathroom. A mirror can be placed on the back wall of the niche, which will visually expand the space. Built-in shelves in the bathroom facilitate safe movement around the room without fear of hitting a corner of a stationary structure or touching accessories on a wall.

Built-in shelves save space in the bathroom, yet they are very practical

Built-in shelves save space in the bathroom, yet they are very practical

Helpful advice! If the layout of the room did not imply the presence of a deepening, it can be done independently at the stage of repair using plasterboard sheets and a metal profile, and shelves can be built into the resulting niche.

Built-in storage systems cannot be purchased at retail outlets, they are made to order according to an individual project. Moreover, the thickness of the shelves, their size and number depend on the size of the niche. Drywall shelves most often they are installed in a niche during the repair phase. For bathrooms, an extremely moisture-resistant material should be chosen, however, even it is subject to the influence of an aggressive environment, which reduces the duration of the structure's life. Over time, the product swells and gives in to deformation changes.

Wall-mounted shelves are finished with the same material as the bathroom wall structures. Most often these are ceramic tiles. Such a surface will be durable, wear-resistant, durable and easy to clean. The main disadvantage is the accumulation of dirt and mold in the seams, to remove which it is necessary to embroider the seams and treat the places with special compounds.

Bathroom Glass Shelves

To give the interior lightness and ease, the best solution is to use glass shelves that seem to float in the common space. Thanks to modern technologies, hardened materials are used in the process of manufacturing elements, so such products are durable and safe. Glass shelves on the bathroom wall fit in best with modern interiors, such as minimalism and hi-tech. The material can be combined with wood and metal to create original and unusual products. Backlit models are especially attractive.

The glass shelf requires more care than other materials

The glass shelf requires more care than other materials

Glass shelves in the bathroom are impervious to moisture, which gives them an undeniable advantage over other types. Such structures not only perform the function of storing things, but also decorative, since various decorative elements can be placed on them, decorating the overall atmosphere. They also contribute to the visual increase in the space of the room.

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Glass shelves can be transparent, frosted or mirrored. Colored products look interesting. The surface of the glass shelves can be painted or engraved, which will give the design originality and uniqueness. Different options can be seen in the photo of the shelves in the bathroom.

Note! Glass shelves are fixed with metal fasteners, so the final cost is determined by the quality of the holders.

The main disadvantage of mirrored shelves is the need for frequent cleaning and maintenance of an aesthetic appearance, since splashes of water, soap and other cosmetics instantly leave marks on glass surfaces. It should also be noted that the products are somewhat fragile, which implies careful handling. Plus, such products are of high cost.

Narrow glass shelf above the bathroom sink

Narrow glass shelf above the bathroom sink

Plastic bathroom shelves

Due to its practicality, you can often find plastic shelves in the bathroom. The products are distinguished by their practicality, wear resistance, durability and low cost. They are not afraid of moisture, but chemicals can spoil the appearance of the product. The material is lightweight, so it doesn't need a solid fastening mechanism. Corner plastic bathroom shelves are often fixed to the wall surface with suction cups.

Helpful advice! Plastic organizers can be attached to the partition of the shower stall, placing shampoo, shower gel and other accessories on them.

No splashes of water are visible on plastic shelves. This is especially true for light products. The surface does not need special care, any dirt can be easily removed from it. Plastic shelves in the shower are made in different designs, shapes, sizes, colors and textures, which allows you to choose a product for any interior design.

Helpful advice! To prevent the formation and development of fungus, it is worth choosing shelves made of plastic with perforations, on the surface of which moisture will not accumulate.

Plastic mobile shelf-pocket

Plastic mobile shelf-pocket

The disadvantage of plastic shelves is their ability to turn yellow and lose their attractiveness over time. Mold can form on their surface. They are also susceptible to mechanical damage. In addition, such designs look quite simple in the interior.

Features of metal shelves in the bathroom

In addition to the products indicated above, shelves made of stainless steel, enameled, chrome-plated, forged or powder-coated models are widely used in the organization of bathrooms. The first option is the highest quality and most expensive. Chrome products are in the middle price category. If the products are of poor quality, soon the dust will peel off the surface and corrosion will appear. An economical option is enamelled shelves and powder-coated elements, which have a short service life.

Stainless steel shelves in the bathroom are practical, ergonomic, functional, resistant to moisture and mechanical damage, wear resistance and durability. They are distinguished by their noble appearance, which makes them fit into modern design styles. For the classic trend, Provence and country, the best suited bronze products "antique", which can be seen in the photo of the shelves in the bathroom. Metal structures on the surface texture can be polished, polished, chrome and matte.

Important! Cheap items of poor quality can rust or become white.

Metal shelf with hooks for towels and bathrobes

Metal shelf with hooks for towels and bathrobes

To maintain the aesthetic appearance of metal shelves, certain rules for surface care should be followed.If there is limescale on the product, the first step is to soak it with warm water. After that, the surface must be wiped with a soft sponge or cloth dampened with a special compound. For cleaning metal products, do not use products containing chlorine, soda or acid, as they contribute to the destruction of the protective layer.

Wooden bathroom shelves

For connoisseurs of eco-style, the best option is natural wood bathroom shelves. The material must be treated with special impregnations in the form of oil, varnish or wax to give it moisture resistance. Products complemented by openwork metal elements look the most respectable and attractive.

Helpful advice! Shelves made of durable bamboo or thermowood look fashionable, original and noble.

Wooden shelves are made rectangular, triangular or semicircular. They are fixed to the wall surface with metal fasteners. Such structures are capable of withstanding significant loads. A bath with shelves in the wall made of wood looks original and original. In addition to natural wood, you can also use MDF or chipboard in the bathroom. The material is characterized by strength, light weight, durability and respectable appearance. However, such products are susceptible to moisture and therefore are short-lived. The shelves are attached to the walls with brackets, corners or hinges.

Wooden shelf with high sides

Wooden shelf with high sides

Tiled bathroom shelves

Thinking about what to make a shelf that will be unique and unrepeatable, it is worth considering options for a tile product. The design itself involves the creation of a base, which is finished with ceramics. This is a fairly large-scale event, which is best done during the renovation phase. However, with a strong desire, you can build a homemade tile shelf at any time. The basis for such a design is most often waterproof drywall. You can also use moisture resistant chipboard or ordinary wooden blocks. A more complex option involves creating a base of plaster or concrete.

Shelf tiles are usually chosen of the same type as the material used in the bathroom. However, you can combine different options by choosing ceramics of a different size or shape. It should be borne in mind that the color scheme of the tiles is selected taking into account the general style of the room. Tiled shelves can be built-in or hinged. The first option is recessed into an existing or specially created wall opening. Hanging shelves are installed on metal supports.

Tile shelves are strong, reliable and durable structures that fit organically into any room design. The tile surface is easy to maintain. It is enough to wipe the surface with a soft sponge without using any special products.

The disadvantages of tile shelves include the presence of a slippery surface, which can contribute to falling objects. Mold can form at the seams and give the shelf an unkempt appearance. To remove it, you will need to join the seams and use a special agent against the fungus. Self-creation of a tile storage system requires construction skills, and the size of this structure requires laborious dismantling.

Tile shelves - the most practical option for the bathroom

Tile shelves - the most practical option for the bathroom

Mirror with shelves in the bathroom

The mirror is one of the main attributes of the bathroom. The most functional solution is to combine it with shelves. Such structures are hinged and built-in. Mirror shelves can be stationary and retractable. There are models in which the storage system is hidden behind a mirrored door.

The shelves can be located on the side or at the bottom of the mirror. There are combined models.An interesting look is a mirror in a bathtub with shelves on both sides. They can be attached to metal fittings or directly to a mirror sheet. Mostly they are made of metal or glass. Rectangular or semicircular shelves are available. Models with floating lines in the form of different images look original.

The mirror design with shelves is often equipped with lighting. It can be presented in the form of an LED strip, which is laid along the perimeter of the sheet, or a mini-sconce, which is located in the middle of the upper edge of the product. Small lights can be placed symmetrically around the edges of the mirror. A structure illuminated from the inside produces an incredible effect. Mirrors with shelves on the wall in the bathroom can be classic and angular. The second option is preferable for small rooms, where such a design will contribute to a visual increase in space.

Round illuminated mirror with storage shelves

Round illuminated mirror with storage shelves

Stylish design of classic and corner shelves in the bathroom

The shelf should not only provide convenient storage of accessories, but also harmoniously fit into the overall style of the room. Each interior has certain features that should be reflected in the furniture elements. For bathrooms in a classic style, you should choose laconic storage systems made of natural wood, glass or stone. Tiled bathroom shelves look appropriate. They can be supplemented with carved and forged elements, gilded fittings and uprights. Rectangular, trapezoidal and square designs fit perfectly into classic interiors.

For a modern design, bathroom shelves can be made from different materials. For high-tech style, preference should be given to multi-tiered structures and metal racks, combined products using chrome and glass surfaces. For minimalism, shelves made of MDF and glass of simple geometric shapes are suitable. Glass structures will organically fit into Art Nouveau rooms.

For romantic destinations such as country or Provence, oversized glass or wooden shelves in an oval, semicircular or round configuration would be the best option. In rooms decorated in an oriental theme, built-in shelves in a niche in a bathroom made of tiles or mosaics will look most organic.

Beautiful wrought iron shelf with mirror and towel holder

Beautiful wrought iron shelf with mirror and towel holder

Accessory storage options

Bathroom shelves are not just for storing accessories. Their use should help to unload space. To do this, you should most rationally use free space, while the structures should not be overloaded with objects, which will make the environment chaotic and sloppy. For small rooms, it is better to choose narrow hinged shelves or shelves, which can be located from the floor or plumbing fixture to the ceiling. This technique will contribute to the visual increase in the room. For spacious bathrooms, wide structures, higher than the middle of the wall, will be the best option.

It is better to place hooks or shelves for towels near the bathtub or washbasin at a height of 60-70 cm from the plumbing fixture. The organizer for toothbrushes and toothpaste should be fixed near the sink at a distance of at least 30 cm. For storing household chemicals, the space under the bathroom is best suited, which can be equipped with small shelves and a protective screen. The shelf above the bathroom should be of an open type, on which accessories for bathing procedures will be located. It is important that it does not interfere with the person when getting up, eliminating the possibility of hitting the bottom or corner of the shelf.

Above the washing machine, you can install a rack with open shelves, the racks of which will rest on the floor. If there is an empty space under the washbasin, you should arrange the space with a base cabinet with shelves. In a spacious room, it is advisable to install a wide cabinet, and in a cramped room, it is better to give preference to a vertically oriented structure. Here you can also organize an open storage system, complemented by a heated towel rail.

Helpful advice! To avoid the effect of clutter in the bathroom, you should combine open and closed shelves.

Country-style bathroom with solid wood shelves

Country-style bathroom with solid wood shelves

It is best to hang a mirror over the washbasin, which can frame small shelves. It is convenient to store cosmetic accessories on them. Nearby, you can attach a hook or glass for a hair dryer. In a small room, it is rational to hang an open shelf above the door, where you can remove rarely used items. For combined bathrooms, a compact shelf or shelf above the wall-hung toilet is a good solution.

Bathroom shelves should be selected taking into account the size of the room, stylistic design and personal preferences of the owner. Among the wide variety of species, preference should be given to ergonomic, practical and functional designs that will create the most comfortable and convenient indoor environment.