Today, many simply cannot imagine their life without water filters. After all, the quality of the supplied water is far from ideal, and taking care of your own health requires efforts and financial investments. But there are those who just have to decide which flow-through main water filter to choose. Let's consider the advantages of each type of systems, the features of their installation and use.

Flow-through main water filter: how to choose and install the device

Powerful flow-through filter at the water inlet to a private cottage

Flow-through main water filter: advantages and disadvantages of the system

Trunk filters have a number of advantages, which may be indicative of their use at home:

  • As a result of the purification carried out by flow-through main filters, not only the technical characteristics of the water are improved, but also its taste. In particular, the smell and taste of bleach disappears;
In-line filter with additional tap for drinking water

In-line filter with additional tap for drinking water

  • filtration makes the water not only tastier, but also healthier. Its direct use, as well as cooking food on it, has a positive effect on health;
  • all household appliances that come into contact with water will last much longer if the water is pre-purified;
  • in-line filters are small and do not take up much space, and replacement of cartridges is very easy and quick;
  • With proper handling and regular maintenance, these filters have a long service life.

It is difficult to talk about serious disadvantages associated with the use of flow-through main filters. Rather, we are talking about some subtleties or nuances:

  • maintenance of the cartridges, namely cleaning in case of clogging or replacing the element with a new one, will be done by you manually;
  • It is very difficult to install such a filter yourself.Most likely, you will have to start looking for a master of the appropriate qualifications who can carry out this procedure with high quality. This, of course, will require some financial investment from you.

However, these modest disadvantages in no way diminish all the positive aspects associated with water filtration with devices of this type. Maintenance is extremely easy, and the long term of use more than pays for all the money spent on the purchase and installation of the filter.

Various options for household flow water filters

Various options for household flow water filters

Is there a real need to install filters for water purification in the apartment

Long-term use of low-quality water can provoke the appearance and development of many different diseases. However, for some reason it is not accepted to talk about the quality of the water that flows in our water pipes. But its additional cleaning is not just a whim, but a real necessity.

In order to understand exactly what type of filter you need, you should start with a chemical analysis of water. In a special laboratory, research is carried out, establishing the presence and amount of certain impurities in a particular sample. This is necessary because, depending on the region of residence, city, and sometimes microdistrict, the chemical composition of the water can vary greatly.

Among the impurities that have an adverse effect on human health, but are present almost everywhere - calcium, magnesium, iron and chlorine. Often one has to deal with the spread of pathogenic bacteria through the water. In addition, the water supplied is often found to be contaminated with pesticides. Although this is more common in private homes than in apartments.

Neither the appearance of the water, nor its smell or taste allow us to establish what kind of impurities are filling the sample. Therefore, laboratory analysis is a mandatory procedure that must be carried out before deciding which water filter to choose for the house.

Main filter for cold water

Main filter for cold water

Also, please note that the impurities found in water in an apartment and in a house can be completely different. So, for a house, a lime filter in water is a common phenomenon, while in the water supply system of apartment buildings such an admixture is quite rare.

Useful advice! If you live in an apartment building, you can ask your neighbors if someone plans to install a filter and pay for the water analysis by clubbing.

Main filter for water purification: features of installation and operation

The main feature of this type of device is that it is installed directly into the water main. More precisely, the device cuts into the pipe, creating a kind of barrier through which water flows into the house or apartment. The filter retains all mechanical impurities, and also purifies water from some chemical compounds.

Another feature is the high filter capacity. The standard indicator in this matter is considered to be from 20 to 50 liters per minute. As a rule, this is more than enough under operating conditions in an ordinary apartment or house. Another issue is that certain requirements are imposed on the pressure in the system. So, for normal operation of the main flow filter, it should remain within 0.1-0.5 bar.

Main filter for water purification in a private house

Main filter for water purification in a private house

Water filters for a private house and apartment: types of devices

Main filters for water purification in an apartment or house are divided into several types, depending on what main function they perform. We will briefly consider each of the options and try to determine in what operating conditions it will be most appropriate.

Coarse water filters in front of the meter

It is worth buying a coarse water filter if, as a result of the examination, it was found that the water contains a high level of mechanical impurities. Such a device is mounted directly at the point of entry of the system, which makes it possible to provide all household appliances with purified water. And this significantly extends their service life.

The principle of operation of such filters is as follows: a special mesh (and in some models several at once) traps particles of impurities, preventing them from passing further along the pipe. It is convenient that the service life of such devices is practically unlimited, but it should be borne in mind that the meshes themselves require regular cleaning. Otherwise, they will clog and the water will stop flowing normally.

Coarse water filters for an apartment are also divided depending on whether they are intended for cold or hot water. The main difference is that the hot water in-line filter must be made of heat-resistant material. Most often, stainless steel, special plastic or polymer materials are used for this purpose.

Azud disc filter for cold water

Azud disc filter for cold water

Useful advice! Be sure to consider when installing in an apartment: filters for hot water can be used for cold water, but vice versa - in no case.

Fine water filters for apartments and private houses

Filters for fine water provide for more thorough cleaning using not one, but several technologies at once. For this purpose, sorption cartridges are used, which allow you to remove even very small particles of impurities.

You can also buy a fine water filter that works under ultraviolet radiation. This technology makes it possible to make purified water from polluted tap water, suitable for drinking, as well as cooking.

Softening filters for water in an apartment or private house

The term "emollient" refers to the use of a chemical such as sodium polyphosphate. As a result of contact with such a filter, the water is purified, but it cannot be used for drinking or cooking. Such devices are used as a preventive measure against the occurrence of scale in household appliances and are mounted only immediately in front of the connection point with household appliances or on the main line immediately after the coarse filter.

Water softening filter New water

Softening filter for water "New water"

The most modern models of such filters are equipped with magnetic pulse technology. And according to reviews, a magnetic water filter eliminates the need for regular maintenance. Moreover, most of these models are universal and can be used for both hot and cold water.

The resulting magnetic field copes well with the appearance of scale, which occurs as a result of the increased content of calcium and magnesium in the water. But this reaction does not have any negative effect on the devices themselves.

Granular main filters for water in an apartment and a private house

The most versatile of all the existing options is considered to be grain filters. They purify water better than others and allow it to get rid of chlorine, various salts, metal and other mechanical impurities that may be contained in it. Thus, in-line granular filters combine the ability to both purify and soften water, serving as the most versatile device.

Outwardly, the body of such a device looks like a balloon. At the same time, powerful devices are also quite large. Therefore, it is better to install them in technical rooms where pipes have a sufficiently large diameter. The average productivity of such a filter is 25 cubic meters per hour.This amount is enough to provide clean water not only for an apartment or house, but also for a small enterprise.

Popular manufacturers of main filters for water (cold and hot)

Having decided what the main function you assign to the water filter, you have to solve no easier task and choose the best manufacturer. Here, the best guideline for you will be customer reviews who are already using a particular model of the device. Most of the users today prefer Geyser, Aquaphor, Honeywell. Perhaps, today they can be called the most popular.

Filters manufactured by the Geyser company gained their popularity due to their universal characteristics and the ability to install the device on both cold and hot water mains. Geyser water filter cartridges are capable of efficient cleaning from all kinds of impurities, including iron, salts, etc.

Useful advice! The filter cartridges need to be replaced regularly if you want to keep the cleaning performance at its original level. Therefore, do not exceed its recommended usage period.

Of course, it is much better to opt for a company that already has a certain name and reputation. This applies not only to domestic manufacturers, but also to those who have held leading positions all over the world for many years. A similar characteristic can be attributed to the Honeywell company.

Flow line filter Honeywell

Flow line filter Honeywell

When it comes to mechanical cleaning devices, Honeywell is the undisputed top choice. Their cartridges do not require replacement and can be easily cleaned with plain water. So you won't have any additional expenses in the future. Moreover, the filters of this company provide for special protection of the water supply system from pressure surges. Although it is worth noting that such devices are not too cheap.

As for the well-known manufacturer "Aquaphor", their main water filters for the home are rather modest in size, but at the same time they are in no way inferior in the level of purification to their foreign competitors. According to the developers, after passing through the filter, the water is completely suitable for cooking and drinking. In addition, due to thorough cleaning of impurities, its taste becomes much better.

How much is a water filter for an apartment for a water supply

The cost of water purification devices is a separate issue that also requires attention. After all, not everyone is ready to spend serious money on the purchase of a filter. And someone, on the contrary, is ready to invest once in order to receive high-quality purified water in the future. For this reason, the prices for such devices have a fairly wide range in which everyone can find a suitable option for themselves.

Prices for coarse water filters start from several hundred and can reach several thousand rubles. First of all, it depends on the material that was used for the manufacture. It also takes into account the way the filtering is done as well as the brand.

Aquaprom range of water filters

Aquaprom range of water filters

Useful advice! Please note that installing a hot water filter in your apartment will cost you much more. This is due to the fact that the manufacture of such devices requires the use of special heat-resistant materials.

The simplest filter that can be installed on the cold water main will cost you about 500 rubles, while the same device designed for hot water will cost you from 1,500 to 1,900 rubles. Of course, these are the simplest and cheapest options available on the market. Higher quality models from renowned manufacturers will cost you about 5000-7000 rubles.As a rule, the most expensive devices are made of stainless steel.

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Geyser water filter: reviews and device features

You can buy main water filters manufactured by Geyser almost everywhere. Therefore, as an example, consider their model. The most popular today is the Geyser 3 water filter. Cartridge replacement in this device is made individually, allowing you to independently select the most suitable combination for you.

According to experts, the three-stage system makes the filtration process as efficient as possible, eliminating all impurities and unnecessary microelements from the water passing through the device.

Geyser-Bio flow-through water filter

Geyser-Bio flow-through water filter

Another argument in favor of buying a Geyser 3 water filter is rave reviews from users who note ease of use, an extremely high level of purification, and a long operating period. This filter model can be used for ten years.

Consider the positive reviews you can find online:

“For a long time they used a jug filter, but since the children came to the family, they thought about a more serious water purification system. We chose carefully, and in the end settled on one of the most modern models - Geyser 3. We are very satisfied with the quality of cleaning. An excellent device that fully justifies all the money spent on its purchase. "

Elena Topoleva, Saratov

“The only thing that stopped my husband and me from purchasing Geyser 3 is that this device is of domestic production. They had nothing against it, but still thought that foreign models should be better. But it turned out not at all. We have been using this three-stage cleaning system for six months now, and we are extremely satisfied. Excellent filtration at a very reasonable price. "

Nikolay Popanov, Bryansk

“We bought a main flow-through water filter for our summer cottages, as we spend a lot of time there in the summer. We were told that in a private house main water filters are an ideal option, since you can't get off with any jugs. The device works well, the water is tasty and drinkable. "

Stanislav Korotkov, Voronezh

Filter with a three-stage cleaning system Geyser-3

Filter with a three-stage cleaning system Geyser-3

Do-it-yourself installation of a water filter in an apartment

In most cases, people who do not have the appropriate education prefer to leave the installation of a main filter to a professional. However, there are those who are not averse to trying to do it on their own. Consider the features of such work, as well as step-by-step installation instructions.

Features of installing a flow-through main water filter for an apartment

Before proceeding directly with the installation of the device, you must make sure that this filter is intended for use on a specific line, that is, cold or hot water. It is also worth paying attention to the dimensions of the selected device.

All large-sized devices should be located in a special room. But smaller devices fit perfectly under the sink or directly in front of the meter or appliance that receives water.

Before starting work, you must prepare and find in advance an unnecessary rag, drill, screwdriver or screwdriver, as well as sealed adhesive tape. Of course, it is worth making sure that the water supply is shut off for the entire duration of the work.

Mounting kit for installing the main filter

Mounting kit for installing the main filter

Useful advice! Before starting work, be sure to release the pressure in the system by opening any of the valves.

Stages of installing a flow-through main water filter

All further installation consists of several simple steps, which, if the algorithm of actions is followed, can guarantee a high-quality result, even if this is the first time you are doing such work yourself.

First of all, it is necessary to mark the points where the fasteners will be located. This is done over the junction with the main line using a drill. Then dowels are installed in the holes, which are included in the kit for each filter.

The device cuts into the main system using a coupling or flexible hose. In this case, the external valves must be properly reinforced with a sealed tape.

Useful advice! When installing the filter, do not forget to make sure that you do it the right side: the one that should be located on the side of the water flow inlet is indicated by the letters IN.

DIY installation of a flow-through water filter

DIY installation of a flow-through water filter

After that, the holes that are in the upper part of the filter and are intended for fasteners must be adjusted to fit those that were previously made in the wall and tighten the screws with a screwdriver or screwdriver. If the filter is not attached to the wall, it will put pressure on the line, which over time is fraught with negative consequences.

After you are convinced of the reliability of the fastening, you can start testing the system. To do this, open the water supply valve and see if there is a leak anywhere. If everything is in order, then you can turn on the tap in the kitchen or bathroom. Allow the water to flow for a few minutes to allow any excess air to flow out of the system and to flush the cartridges.

Even if you do not find a leak, it is recommended to leave a dry cloth on the floor under the place where the filter was installed. This will protect your flooring if a leak does occur.

Be sure to note for yourself the date of installation of the filter, as this is also the date of the beginning of use of the cartridge, which will require service or replacement after a period that is set by each manufacturer individually.

Arrows on the filters indicate the direction of water movement

Arrows on the filters indicate the direction of water movement

Replacing cartridges for main water filters

Another point that cannot be ignored is the periodic replacement of cartridges. This procedure is performed with the frequency indicated on the package. The standard life of one household cartridge is 1.5-2 months. Let us consider the replacement procedure step by step:

  1. Like any other intervention in the water supply system, replacing the cartridge begins with shutting off the water supply.
  2. Then the flask in which the cartridges are located is unscrewed. At this stage, it is important not to forget to substitute an empty container so that the remaining water that will flow out does not fall on the floor.
  3. The flask is untwisted using a special wrench, which is included with the filter.
  4. The used cartridge must be removed, and a new one must be installed in its place, after which the system must be completely assembled and tested again.
Varieties of replaceable filter cartridges

Varieties of replaceable filter cartridges

When deciding which water filter to choose for an apartment or house, many indicators must be taken into account. But once you pay due attention to this, you can provide yourself with purified water, which will definitely not harm your health. Pay attention to the technical characteristics of the device, as well as the specifics of its purpose.