Modern pumping equipment of domestic production is practically not inferior in performance to foreign analogues. At the same time, it allows you to significantly save money. For example, instead of an expensive foreign pump, you can use the Malysh pump: the technical characteristics, ease of connection and use of this type of equipment have gained wide popularity in the market.

Pump Kid: specifications and features of use

The main advantage of the Kid vibration pump is simplicity and ease of use.

Scope of application of the pump

The use of the Malyshok pump is possible for solving a wide range of tasks; this equipment is used in garden plots, in subsidiary plots, on farm lands and in summer cottages. Given the pump's versatility, it can be used for the following purposes:

  • arrangement of an irrigation and irrigation system in a garden plot, irrigation of fields and irrigation of plantings, in addition, the equipment can be effectively used to pump water out of an artificial reservoir or, conversely, to fill it;
  • pumping water from a well or a well into a water supply system or special containers, with the help of this pump, you can easily provide water to all points of intake in a medium-sized summer cottage;
  • pumping water from basements and utility rooms in case of flooding. Compact dimensions, easy connection and operation of the equipment are excellent for these purposes.
Submersible vibration pump Kid is in great demand in the market - this is one of the best value for money

Submersible Vibration Pump The kid is in great demand in the market - this is one of the best value for money

Depending on the specifics of use, you can choose the version of the Kid pump with a lower water intake or with an upper one. The version with the bottom fence is most effective when used in wells or boreholes with a diameter of more than 100 mm. Also, such equipment is well suited for pumping water from small reservoirs, that is, it is useful when flooding premises or pumping water from lowlands. The disadvantage of the lower intake is a high risk of dirt and various small particles, therefore it is recommended to install on the inlet of equipment with a lower intake filter.

The pump with a top intake not only prevents debris from getting inside, but also has more efficient cooling and is practically not afraid of overheating. Such a pump can be safely left running unattended, which allows it to be used in order to ensure the continuous operation of an autonomous water supply system.Also, this type of equipment is used to lift water from wells and wells.

Useful advice! When choosing a pump for a summer cottage or gardening farm, pay attention to the purity of the water in which the equipment will need to be used. For polluted reservoirs and containers, it is better to purchase a model with an upper fence, in order to avoid the risk of accidental breakdowns.

The principle of operation of the pump Kid with the upper intake of water in the reservoir: 1 - pump, 2 - protective ring, 3 - clamp, 4 - nylon cable (cord), 5 - bundle, 6 - hose, 7 - power cord, 8 - spring suspension, 9 - crossbar

The principle of operation of the pump Kid with the upper intake of water in the reservoir: 1 - pump, 2 - protective ring, 3 - clamp, 4 - nylon cable (cord), 5 - bundle, 6 - hose, 7 - power cord, 8 - spring suspension, 9 - crossbar

The principle of operation of the pump Kid

Like any other vibration pump, the Kid works on an inert principle - this means that there is a vibrator in its body, which gives the fluid vibrational movements. The vibrator is an anchor to which the stem is attached. When the pump is connected to the network, the armature is attracted to the magnet, then the magnet is turned off, and a special spring returns the armature with the rod to its original position. These vibrations occur approximately 50 times per second.

According to the characteristics of the Malysh pump, it is clear that such a simple design, nevertheless, can provide a sufficiently high fluid pressure in the water supply system.

What parameters to consider when choosing

At a relatively low price, the technical characteristics of the Malysh submersible pump quite satisfy the needs of a modern user:

  • operating voltage - 220W;
  • productivity - 432 l / s;
  • the presence of upper and lower holes for water intake;
  • working depth - up to 40 m;
  • power - 245 W.
Varieties of pump models Kid

Varieties of pump models Kid

The price of the baby water pump varies from 1,000 to 2,000 rubles, while it has good performance characteristics that allowed it to gain trust among users. In modern versions, a built-in automatic protection system is additionally installed. Automation protects the pump from overheating as a result of dry running, and also allows the engine to quickly respond to voltage surges in the network. This is very important for suburban areas, which cannot always boast of a stable power supply.

Water pump automatics The kid cuts off the power to the mechanism when the water level in the tank is low. The level is determined using a float system. When the water rises to a certain level, the pump motor starts again. The protection system operates from the same power source as the pump itself.

It should also be understood that on the modern pumping equipment market there are several modifications of this unit.

Examples of submersion of the pump Kid with upper and lower water intake into a well or well

Examples of submersion of the pump Kid with upper and lower water intake in well or well

Classic Pump Kid

The peculiarity of this model is that it is designed to supply water over a long distance. Classic Kid effectively pumps water to 100-150 m, therefore it is often used for watering large summer cottages. The size of the hose diameter for the Malysh pump is 18-22 mm.

This model is not intended for operation in a polluted environment, the permissible concentration of impurities should not exceed 0.01%. There are also requirements for the temperature of the pumped water - no higher than 35 ° C.

The basic model is not equipped with overheating protection, filter and pressure switch. And if the filter can still be installed on your own, then you will have to do without other modifications. Of course, all this directly affects the price of the unit, because it is much lower than that of other models. The base model can submerge a maximum of 5 m, and water is drawn through the bottom valve.

Table of technical characteristics of pumps Kid

Table of technical characteristics of pumps Kid

Pump Malysh-M

In terms of its technical characteristics, this model practically does not differ from the classical one, except that the water intake is carried out through the upper valve.Therefore, this modification of the Malysh well pump is recommended to be used where the bottom intake is impossible due to the high contamination of the bottom.

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Has the same features as the base model, but boasts built-in overheating protection. This model can be effectively used for long-term continuous work without supervision.

Nansos device Malysh-M and Malysh-K with upper water intake

Arrangement of nansos "Malysh-M" and "Malysh-K" with upper water intake


The submersible pump for the Malysh-3 well is the most relevant for use in small wells. It is characterized by slightly more expensive than the base model, but it boasts significant structural differences:

  1. The pump itself and the electric motor are enclosed in a monolithic sealed unit, which completely excludes the ingress of water into the interior.
  2. The rated power of work is lower than that of the base model and is only 165 W. This is quite enough for working in a small well.
  3. The unit produces 0.432 m³ / hour at a head of 20 m.
  4. The device weighs less than 3 kg.

Also, the pump of this model has a compact size, and it comes with a water-proof cable. Water filter is not included in the basic delivery set, but it can be easily purchased and installed on your own.

Useful advice! When choosing a model of the Kid pump, consider the features of the tank in which you plan to use it. Sometimes it is enough to purchase the simplest basic model, and sometimes it is better to immediately buy the version with built-in modifications.

The power of the vibration pump Kid, depending on the model, ranges from 185 to 240 kW

The power of the vibration pump Kid, depending on the model, ranges from 185 to 240 kW

Pump operating rules

It is logical that most of the pumping equipment is operated in difficult conditions. Because of this, the risk of breakdowns significantly increases, which can be reduced if you follow a number of elementary operating rules and carry out preventive maintenance work on time.

Most often, equipment breaks down due to debris entering the mechanism. Also, over time, clogging of pipes, erasing of parts, the formation of silt deposits on the walls of the inlet and outlet can occur. The best method of dealing with pump clogging is to install special filters for the Kid pump. They trap solid particles and prevent them from entering the mechanism. The filter EFVP-St-38-125 is considered the best option. It not only prevents particles up to 150 microns from entering the pump mechanism, but is also very easy to install.

Useful advice! Do not assume that a filter is not needed for the Kid with an upper water intake pump. Debris can enter the mechanism not only from the bottom of the tank, but also simply from the water, so the installation filter will be useful for any model.

Pump device Kid with lower water intake

Pump device "Malysh" with a lower water intake

The financial costs for the purchase and installation of the filter will be about 100 rubles. Such measures will significantly extend the life of the equipment and increase the efficiency of use, and you will be provided with clean water from any body of water.

Installation and connection of equipment

Before proceeding with the installation of pumping equipment, you should take into account the specifics of different models:

  1. When installing the pump for the Kid well, the equipment must be fixed at least at a distance of 1 m from the bottom of the tank. This will keep debris from the bottom of the mechanism to a minimum.
  2. Equipment with a valve in the upper part can be installed on the bottom of the tank, as such a device excludes the ingress of debris from the bottom.

In order to reduce the number of vibrations of the operating mechanism, you need to fix one end of a strong nylon cord in a special hole on the pump body, to the other end you need to attach a special elastic suspension, which can be a medical tourniquet or an elastic rubber hose.

Malysh pumps are produced with aluminum or plastic housing

Malysh pumps are produced with aluminum or plastic housing

When operating in a confined space, such as a well or borehole, the pump may bounce against the tank walls, causing premature failure.To prevent this from happening, it is recommended to put on a wide ring of dense rubber on the body, which will serve as a shock absorber during impacts.

Remember that the equipment must be installed in an upright position, horizontal installation can lead to premature failure. The immersion depth of the unit must be greater than the lower dynamic water level. Before starting the installation of a submersible pump for the Malysh well, preparatory work should be carried out, that is, to determine the depth of the position of the pump in the tank and purchase a hose of the appropriate diameter. It is very important that the diameter of the hose fits the device so that it can work as efficiently as possible.

Mismatched hose and pump inlet cross-sections can lead to overloading and premature component wear. In no case should the device be connected to the mains during the installation process; this can be done only after all installation work has been completed. If the electrical cable is too short, it can be lengthened, but the connection must be outside the well.

The pump is connected to the mains only after the completion of all installation work

The pump is connected to the mains only after the completion of all installation work

Features of pump repair Kid do it yourself

The need to repair the pump The kid most often arises due to the fact that small debris gets into the mechanism from the water, and silt deposits are formed. Therefore, to prolong the life of the equipment, it must be regularly disassembled and cleaned. DIY pump repair video A kid can be easily found on the Internet. It clearly demonstrates that repairs are carried out in the following sequence:

  • before you start disassembling the water pump for giving the Kid, you should make notches on the body, which will mark the relative position of the parts. This will facilitate assembly after the repair is complete;
  • then you need to loosen each of the screws in turn that connect the parts of the case to each other. Regular screws can be replaced during assembly with perpendicular slotted bolts or hexagon head screws. In order to make it easier to loosen the screws, the body can be squeezed with a vice in the places of the ledges for the screws;
  • after removing the housing of the submersible vibration pump Kid, it is necessary to install the piston disc - this is a very important point, since the installation must be carried out strictly parallel to the seat.

Useful advice! Use a vernier caliper to accurately control the parallelism of the piston disc installation.

Built-in automatic protection system helps the pump to cope with voltage surges

Built-in automatic protection system helps the pump to cope with voltage surges

When the pump is disassembled, you can start cleaning and repairing it. In addition to blockages, one of the most common causes of unit breakdowns can be the detachment of the epoxy compound as a result of expansion of the housing during temperature extremes. It is quite simple to repair the Kid's water pump with your own hands with such a breakdown. To begin with, you should tap the body with a small hammer to determine where the compound is peeling. Where he left, the sound will be thinner. Then you need to remove the assembly with the compound, and use a grinder to apply notches to the body. The same notches in the form of a grid should be applied to the knot.

Then a sealant is applied to the assembly and to the inner surface of the case; glass glue or other similar composition is best suited. The assembly with the applied sealant is inserted into the body, a force of about 300 kg is applied to it. After the sealant hardens, the pump must be reassembled in the reverse order.

A sealant may be included in the repair kit for the Kid's pump, but sometimes it is more reliable to use additional means.

One of the important points when assembling the pump is the alignment of the holes that are located in the center and top of the rubber gasket of the device. These nodes are symmetrical, so their relative position can be confused.The functionality of the device can be easily checked by placing it in a bucket of water. The height of the water jet from the outlet without hose should be approximately 30 cm.

Overall dimensions of electric pumps Kid

Overall dimensions of electric pumps "Kid"

Common problems and solutions

One of the most common problems with this device is that it works, but does not pump water. There may be several reasons for this:

  1. Loosening of the lock nut in the pump device Kid. If the nut on the adjusting screw, which is located at the point of water intake, is loosened, then it is enough to simply tighten it, thus adjusting the efficiency of the unit.
  2. Failure of the pumping rod. One of the most serious malfunctions, since the stem is in an adjacent unit and it is very difficult to replace it without specialized equipment. You can fix such a breakdown either in a specialized service center, or by having at your disposal a second broken pump with a different type of malfunction. In the second case, you just need to remove the serviceable unit from the donor pump and install it on the original device.
  3. Broken pump cuff. To detect this type of malfunction, you need to completely disassemble the unit. The pumping cuff looks like two small saucers, which are located with their bottoms towards each other. This spare part is quite inexpensive and can be easily replaced on your own.
You can repair the pump yourself, the main thing is to understand the principle of its operation

You can repair the pump yourself, the main thing is to understand the principle of its operation

If the water pressure switch for the Malysh pumps or other complex equipment has failed, then it is better not to risk it and seek qualified help. Despite the simplicity of the unit, improper repairs can lead to the complete failure of all parts.

Pump Malysh: technical characteristics that allow you to create a pumping station

One of the reasons for the popularity of this type of equipment is that it can be used to create a full-fledged pumping station that can be included in an automatic water supply system. To do this, you just need to add a pressure switch, a check valve and a hydraulic accumulator to the pump design. With the help of a relay, it is possible to maintain the required level of liquid in the tank, since it automatically turns on or off the pump when the water level rises or falls, respectively.

With a sufficient diameter of the pump, the Kid can give out a good water pressure, which is suitable not only for watering a personal plot, but also for creating an autonomous water supply system in a small country house. This allows not only to greatly simplify the organization of water supply, but also to significantly reduce costs. The unit itself costs about 1-3 thousand rubles, and the installation of a relay and other additional equipment will cost you another thousand. This is much cheaper than installing an autonomous water supply system based on a centralized pipeline.

Water supply scheme of a private house using a submersible pump

Water supply scheme of a private house using a submersible pump

Useful advice! If you want to use the pump to create a full-fledged pumping station, then it is best to purchase a model with all the additional features, that is, with automatic protection, a relay and a check valve.

If we talk about the Malysh pump, user reviews on the Internet indicate that this unit is very popular not only in Russia, but also abroad. Many users also confirm the high reliability of the device, ease of installation and operation, ease of maintenance and other positive qualities of the pump.